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What’s For Lunch? City Lunch Club Makes Takeout Easier

What’s For Lunch? City Lunch Club Makes Takeout Easier

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Order from a variety of 8 different classic lunch spots in Manhattan with City Lunch Club.

Too lazy for Seamless? You may want to try out the new City Lunch Club subscription service for New York City workers and residents, that does all of the work for you. After you sign up for City Lunch Club (for anywhere between one and five days a week), you will receive a menu of three different lunch items from a favorite Manhattan lunch spot. Just pick your lunch and the food will be delivered sometime between 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. to your desk.

The website launched in February in beta mode, and right now features a rotation of 25 different restaurants, including Tommy Lasagna, Bocca, and Bite. The subscription comes at a pretty hefty price (prices vary between $10.99 and $12.99). But The Daily Meal has tried City Lunch Club for a week and each meal comes hot and with more food than most people could handle for lunch.

“We all know New Yorkers move at a fast pace, often leading to working at our desks and grabbing a salad from the closest/fastest corner deli,” said a representative from City Lunch Club. “Well, now you can try something new and exciting for lunch every day without having to even think about it.”

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