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Pressed ham cannelloni

Pressed ham cannelloni

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Peel an onion, finely chop and lightly fry in oil. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. tomatoes and boil without a lid until the juice decreases and it becomes a thick sauce. Then take it off the heat and add the finely chopped mushrooms, kapia pepper, capers, salt, pepper and basil to taste. Mix well and set aside to cool.

Boil the tagliatelle according to the instructions on the package. Drain the water and mix with a little oil.

Take two slices of pressed ham (or if you have larger and better slices) spread on a plate, slightly overlapping and put the following: tagliatelle, a teaspoon of tomato sauce, a few grated cheese and roll. in a pan greased with butter or oil.

Put the white sauce made of butter, flour, nutmeg and milk on top of the rolls. And at the end, grated cheese.

Bake on low heat until golden brown on top.

Rolls with ham and celery

A bit difficult after these holidays:) & # 8230 I start the year with something simple, namely an appetizer recipe. I'm just writing that I didn't do anything special this year, traditional food, cakes and some appetizers. But instead I had the best house wine, own production :)).

Ingredients for 8 rolls:
8 slices of ham
250g celery
a little lemon juice
2-3 tablespoons sour cream

Put the celery on the small grater (of course after cleaning and washing it), add a few drops of lemon juice, so that it doesn't oxidize, then add the sour cream with a teaspoon, stirring lightly.

We jump and fill the rolls, then we decorate them according to our imagination (I miss them this time :)). I replaced the mayonnaise with sour cream because my husband doesn't like mayonnaise, very good because I don't eat it either :)).

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. I hope I post well here (anyway I didn't dare go to & # 39recipe in pictures & # 39 with these fragile attempts of. school repeater).
Today, as I was cooking, I remembered Alexandra's potato roses. I also played with a piece of turkey breast, imagining a rose.

. it's an attempt, in fact - for me it's a way to relax and unwind by combining or & # 39inventing & # 39 something (like making sweets, not to mention & # 33 & # 33 & # 33) - and because I'm not happy with the result, I'm still waiting for suggestions.

How does the bottom edge work? I wrapped it in a salad leaf and tied it with a string of green onions. it's a bit thick at the bottom, how does it look & # 39thin & # 39; look better like a rose?

. a simple attempt, I didn't even know how to put the petals, now I realized that I didn't look carefully at the ones made of sugar. ptiiii & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 I had roses in the house, why didn't I look at them? I did not realize.

. Finally, I put some pictures, maybe he has some other ideas, to look like a rose in the end, what do you say, would it work?
. I put all the images I have, I only made a few and in play (for me), I didn't think then that I would post them.

Pressed ham cannelloni - Recipes

The pressed ham, onion, garlic, boiled eggs and parsley, all finely chopped, are placed in a large bowl. Add the butter and melted cheese - at room temperature, cut into cubes and mix well all the components.

Boil water in a pot. When it boils, put the piece of cheese in the water. Take the pot off the heat, cover with a lid and let the cheese melt for about 20 minutes, depending on the type of cheese. That is why it is recommended to do a fork test after 10-15 minutes. If the fork penetrates the piece of cheese well and you feel that it is soft, it is ready!

When the cheese is soft, drain the water from the pot,
turn it over on cling film and spread a sheet of about 30 x 40 cm with the twister.

Grease this sheet with the paste above.

Roll with foil.

Let cool for 2-3 hours. Cut slices 5-7 millimeters thick.
It is served as an appetizer accompanied by fresh vegetables. It goes well with red peppers,
with tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. It also goes with pickles.

You can also fill the peppers with this paste, then cut them into slices.

or tomatoes.

Meat Rolls with Melted Cheese and Pressed Ham

Chicken breast is cut into thin slices and beaten as for snacks. Take a piece of chicken breast, season to taste, put a slice of pressed ham and a slice of melted cheese.
The three components are rolled in a piece of aluminum foil, such as biscuit salami, tightening the ends well.

After I have made them all, they are fried in a pan with a lot of oil, at the right heat.
At first they will be on the bottom of the pan, and in time they will float on top of the oil. When they start to float, leave them for a while and take them out on a plate.
Leave for a few more minutes and unwrap the aluminum foil.
Place on a plate with the desired garnish. I put pickle cucumber next to it.
Serve hot.

Simple and quick recipes

A salad recipe made from: potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, parsley, anchovy fillets, olives, capers, vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 2 potatoes 150 g green beans 3 ripe tomatoes 1 bunch of parsley 6 anchovy fillets, preserved in salt 100 g black olives 2 tablespoons capers in & # 8230

Cheese cake with cherries

A Cheese cake recipe with cherries from: butter, biscuits, sugar, cherry compote, starch, sugar, cinnamon, cloves, gelatin sheets, cottage cheese, sugar, lemon juice and whipped cream. Ingredients: top: 75 g butter 300 g wholemeal biscuits 50 g sugar cherry icing: 425 ml cherry compote 1 tablespoon starch 30 g & # 8230

Recipe of the day: Taitei Yakisoba

A recipe for Yakisoba noodles from: noodles, garlic, cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, shrimp and chicken breast. Ingredients: 1 pack of garlic noodles white cabbage carrots shiitake mushrooms shrimp chicken breast Preparation: Cut the mushrooms into thin slices, as well as carrots and white cabbage. Heat some oil in a pan and put the garlic & # 8230

Shrimp with chilli, lemon and parsley

A recipe for shrimp with chilli, lemon and parsley from: extra virgin olive oil, shrimp, garlic, chilli flakes, lemon peel and parsley juice. Ingredients: 2 teaspoons extra virgin olives 300 g large shrimp, raw 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped 1 teaspoon grated chilli flakes peel and juice from & # 8230

Strawberry, mint and lime tartar

A recipe for strawberry, mint and lime tart from: strawberries, lime, brown sugar and mint leaves. Ingredients: 10 strawberries 2 limes 2 tablespoons brown sugar 5-6 mint leaves Preparation: Wash the strawberries very well under running cold water and clean the stalks. Dry them with paper towels and cut them & # 8230

Culinary recipes: Eggplant bite

An eggplant nutmeg recipe from: olive oil, onion, garlic, lamb, tomato paste, sea salt, pepper, tomatoes, cinnamon, spices, wine, oregano, eggplant, butter, flour, milk, cheese cheddar and eggs. Ingredients: 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil, plus an extra amount for greased 3 large onions, cleaned and & # 8230

How to prepare chicken with barbeque sauce (video)

A video recipe on how to prepare chicken with barbeque sauce, a very delicious and tasty dish, fast and healthy. How to prepare chicken with barbeque sauce Good appetite!

Caramelized onion tortilla

A tortilla recipe with caramelized onions from: onion, olive oil, potatoes and eggs. Ingredients: 2 large onions, cut in half and sliced ​​5 tablespoons olive oil 800 g potatoes, peeled and cut into slices 2.5 cm thick 6 large eggs Preparation: Heat the oven to & # 8230

Sos Pesto

When it comes to the delicate blend of fresh basil, olive oil and garlic that make up the pesto sauce, pasta lovers become downright poetic. Basil grows in abundance in all gardens and fields on the hills of the province of Liguria, in northern Italy. With its light flavor, it matches & # 8230

Spicy chicken skewers

A recipe for spicy chicken skewers from: chicken legs, olive oil, fennel seeds, cumin, smoked paprika, garlic, red wine vinegar and aioli. Ingredients: 6 upper legs of chicken, boneless, skinless (about 500 g) 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon fennel seeds, crushed 1 teaspoon cumin & # 8230

Dessert with ice cream and biscuits

A dessert recipe with ice cream and biscuits from: biscuits, ice cream, strawberries, liqueur and whipped cream. Ingredients: 200 g champagne biscuits 1 box (600 ml) commercial ice cream 300 g strawberries or raspberries 150 ml liqueur or brandy 200 ml liquid cream Preparation: Wash the fruits in a strainer and after they are & # 8230

Bean and apple salad

A bean and apple salad recipe from: apples, beans, onions, yogurt, turmeric, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, sugar, coriander, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 2 red apples 250 g large white beans 1 onion 2 jars of plain natural yogurt 1/2 teaspoon turmeric 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder 1/2 & # 8230

Spicy chocolate sauce

A recipe for spicy chocolate sauce from: milk, sour cream, chocolate, sugar, hot peppers, cinnamon and cloves. Ingredients: 100 ml milk 100 ml sweet cream 100 g household chocolate 100 tablespoons sugar 1 dried red hot pepper 1 cinnamon stick 1 cuisor Preparation: Heat a little milk and add sugar, a & # 8230

Squid stuffed with rice, tomatoes and greens

A recipe for squid stuffed with rice, tomatoes and greens from: squid, olive oil, red onion, garlic, white wine, rice, tomatoes, caster sugar, sea salt, pepper, mint and parsley. Ingredients: 10 young squid, clean the tentacles set aside olive oil, for seasoning Rice filling: 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 & # 8230

Peasant mashed potatoes

A recipe for peasant mashed potatoes: potatoes, turkey ham, red onions, thyme, milk, butter, pepper and green onions. It's a delicious garnish. Ingredients: 675 g fragrant peeled potatoes and cut 4 pieces of turkey ham cut into larger pieces 1 small chopped red onion 1 teaspoon & # 8230

Batavia cocktail

A simple Batavia Cocktail recipe from: white rum, triple dry curacao, pineapple juice, pear juice, apple juice and bitter lemon. Ingredient: 4 cl white rum 4 cl Curacao Triple Sec 10 cl pineapple juice 10 cl pear juice 10 cl apple juice 1 l Bitter Lemon & # 8230

Fruit scones

A recipe for scones with fruits from: flour, salt, baking powder, butter, fine sugar, milk, strawberries, strawberry jam, meringues and sour cream. Ingredients: 400 g flour with crest, plus extra for powdering 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon baking powder 100 g butter, diced 3 tablespoons sugar & # 8230

Cake on the tray with cherries and sour cream icing

A cake recipe on the tray with cherries and sour cream glaze from: flour, yeast, sugar, salt, lemon peel, milk, butter, egg, cherries, sour cream and sugar. Ingredients: cake top: 375 g flour 1 sachet dry yeast 50 g sugar 1 powder salt grated peel from a lemon 175 ml milk 75 & # 8230

Carrot and grapefruit salad

A recipe for carrot and grapefruit salad from: grapefruit, carrots, peanuts, peanut oil, parsley, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 2 grapefruit 3 carrots 1/2 cup roasted peanuts 1 tablespoon peanut oil 1 tablespoon parsley salt pepper Preparation: Peel and wash the carrots, slice them into julienne and set aside. Wash & # 8230

Asparagus with vinaigrette

An asparagus recipe with vinaigrette from: asparagus, peppers, green onions, thyme, chicken soup, white wine vinegar and pepper. Fresh asparagus used to be found only in spring, but now it can be bought all year round. The unique, sweet aroma of asparagus is even more pleasant when combined with a light vinaigrette & # 8230

Married bananas

A banana recipe from: bananas, melon, pineapple, walnut, cottage cheese, lemon juice and whipped cream. Ingredients: 2 bananas 1/4 melon 150 g pineapple compote 3 tablespoons ground walnuts 150 g cottage cheese 1 teaspoon lemon juice 100 ml liquid cream Preparation: Drain & # 8230

Raspberry and vanilla sauce

A recipe for raspberry and vanilla sauce from: raspberries, vanilla pods, water and sugar. Ingredients: 250 g raspberries 1 vanilla pod 100 ml water 2 tablespoons sugar Preparation: Put water, sugar and vanilla pods in a saucepan and simmer over low heat for 5 minutes.

Recipe of the day: Baked chicken meatballs

A recipe for baked chicken meatballs from: bread, milk, bacon, onion, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, egg, chicken, tomato paste and parsley leaves. Ingredients: 3 slices of bread broken into small pieces 1/3 cup milk 3 slices of pancetta / bacon 1 small onion, finely chopped 1 clove of garlic & # 8230

Grilled sardines with tzatziki

A recipe for grilled sardines with tzatziki from: sardines, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, cucumber, garlic, yogurt, lemon juice and mint leaves. Ingredients: 12 very fresh sardines, cleaned of scales and eviscerated olive oil, for seasoning sea salt and black pepper Tzatziki: 1 cucumber 2 puppies of & # 8230

Mini shrimp cocktails

A recipe for Mini Shrimp with Shrimp from: sour cream, ketchup, lettuce, radish, peas, shrimp and lemon. Ingredients: 140 g sour cream 50 g ketchup 2 lettuce hearts, broken into strips 140 g radishes, finely chopped 140 g peas, thawed 200 g small shrimp, peeled, thawed 1 lemon, cut into 12 slices & # 8230

Pasta salad with cucumber salsa

A recipe for pasta salad with cucumber sauce from: pasta, parsley, mint, green onion, green tarragon, swarm, pepper, yogurt, avocado, celery, pepper, cucumber, watercress and apple. Ingredients: 225 g pasta in the shape of shells or other concave pasta 4 tablespoons chopped parsley 4 tablespoons chopped green mint 4 tablespoons chopped onion & # 8230

Cottage cheese and saffron sauce

A recipe for cow's cheese and saffron sauce from: milk, sour cream, cow's cheese, saffron, vanilla and sugar. Ingredients: 150 ml milk 500 ml sweet cream 120 g cottage cheese 1 saffron knife tip 1/2 vanilla pods 2 tablespoons sugar Preparation: Heat the milk. Split & # 8230

White bean and vegetable soup

A recipe for white bean and vegetable soup from: white beans, olive oil, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, sea salt, pepper, tomatoes, tomato paste, oregano, parsley and feta cheese. It's very easy to prepare - just be sure to soak the beans the night before and let & # 8230

Fruit tiramisu with ice cream

A fruit tiramisu recipe with ice cream from: blueberries, red icing, cranberry juice, sugar, grated lemon peel, rum, biscuits and ice cream. Ingredients: 250 g blueberries (if you don't have fresh ones, you can also use frozen ones) 1 sachet red cake icing 250 ml cranberry or blackcurrant juice 2 tablespoons sugar & # 8230

Salad with apples and dates

A salad recipe with apples and dates from: hazelnuts, apples, dates, bell peppers, celery, grapes, endives, yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, caster sugar, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 55 g chopped hazelnuts 2 dessert apples with peeled and coarsely chopped green peel 170 g fresh peeled and coarsely chopped dates 1 & # 8230

Fondue valdostan

A Waldostan fondue recipe from: emmentaler, milk, yolks, butter, salt and white pepper. Ingredients: 400 g Emmentaler 200 ml milk 4 yolks 35 g butter salt and white pepper Preparation: Cut the cheese into very small cubes and keep it in the milk for about 3 hours to soften, then strain it, keeping and & # 8230

Turkey salad with grapes and pecans

With its wonderful contrast of tastes and textures, this filling salad serves as the main course, without containing too much saturated fat. It is the perfect recipe for leftover turkey steak. Ingredients: 225 g fusilli pasta 150 g low-fat yogurt 3 tablespoons low-fat mayonnaise 1 teaspoon wine vinegar & # 8230

Punch Amaretto

A simple Punch Amaretto recipe from: rose wine, amaretto, lemon juice, orange juice, candle syrup and currants. Ingredients: 1 bottle of rose wine 8 cl Amaretto 9 cm lemon juice 6 cl orange juice 6 cl candle syrup 50 g currants Preparation: Pour into a cup of Bleeding & # 8230

Cups with avocado and shrimp

A cup recipe with avocado and shrimp from: potatoes, sunflower oil, red onion, garlic, hot peppers, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, avocado, shrimp, lime, pepper, yogurt, coriander and salad leaves. Ingredients: 450 g new peeled potatoes and cut into cubes 2 tablespoons sunflower oil 1 onion & # 8230

Mesh with greenery

A Romanian recipe with hasmatuchi and sour sauce from: green onions, oil, soup, apple cider vinegar, sour cucumbers, mustard, capers, salt, pepper, sugar, watercress, vinegar and eggs. Ingredients: 1 bunch green onion 6 tablespoons oil 125 ml soup 3-4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 60 g sour cucumbers 1 teaspoon mustard 1 tbsp & # 8230

Weekend Recipes # 12

We present a series of recipes for the weekend so that you can cook easily and quickly. Enjoy these recipes for the weekend and we expect you to always watch our recipes for the weekend! Salad with cottage cheese and peaches A salad recipe with cottage cheese and peaches from: beans, green beans, & # 8230

Recipe of the day: Radicchio salad with apples and pears

A recipe for radicchio salad with apples and pears from: egg yolk, grape seed oil, onion, lemon, sour cream, whipped milk, apples, pears, radicchio, mint, parsley, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 1 egg yolk 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons grape seed oil 2 tablespoons chopped onion & # 8230

Watercress soup

A watercress soup recipe from: potatoes, fennel, garlic, butter, soup, watercress, sour cream, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Ingredients: 500 g white potatoes 1 fennel bulb 1 clove garlic 1 tablespoon butter about 750 ml soup 2 hands watercress 100 g cream salt pepper grated nutmeg Preparation: Se & # 8230

How to prepare salmon in dough (video)

A video recipe on how to prepare salmon in dough, a very delicious and tasty dish, fast and very healthy. How to prepare salmon in dough Good appetite!

Spring vegetable salad

A recipe for spring vegetable salad from: carrots, green beans, asparagus, peas, soybeans, kale, butter and sugar. Ingredients: 200 g carrots with leaves, peeled 200 g green beans 200 g asparagus, without the woody part 200 g peas, fresh or thawed 200 g beans or green soybeans 200 g of & # 8230

Rose cocktail

A simple rose cocktail recipe from: rose petals, sugar, wine and champagne. Ingredients: 20 g rose petals 1 cl sugar 1 bottle of dry Riesling 1 bottle of champagne Preparation: Leave the rose petals mixed with the sugar and half an hour of room temperature at room temperature.

Cake with nuts, cherries and cocoa

A cake recipe with nuts, cherries and cocoa from: butter, powdered sugar, cocoa, yolks, cherries, candied orange peel, walnut kernels and whipped cream. Ingredients: 200 g butter 150 g powdered sugar 3 tablespoons cocoa 4 egg yolks 100 g fresh frozen cherries or sour cherries 1 tablespoon candied orange peel 50 g & # 8230

Pasta and beans soup

Delicious dishes are prepared in all countries, but the Italians are proud of the fact that they have reached perfection through a culinary preparation: bean soup. Cannellini beans or white beans are traditionally used to prepare this hearty food, with countless regional variations. Most Italian dishes are simple but well made. In & # 8230

Sos bolognez

A bolognese sauce recipe from: tomatoes, pork, beef, kaizer, vegetable soup, butter, carrot, onion, celery, red wine, tomato paste, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 250 g tomatoes 100 g pork pulp 100 g beef pulp 80 g kaizer 400 ml concentrated vegetable soup 50 & # 8230

Grilled haloumi with eggplant salad

A grilled haloumi recipe with eggplant salad from: eggplant, sea salt, pepper, tomatoes, olives, mint, haloumi olive oil, flour, red wine vinegar, oregano and peanut oil. Ingredients: 1 large eggplant sea salt and black pepper 6 cherry tomatoes, ripe 40 g of Kalamata olives, pitted 1 & # 8230

Yorkshire mini-pancakes

A Yorkshire Mini-Pancake recipe from: milk, eggs, flour and sunflower oil. Ingredients: 450 ml milk 4 eggs 250 g flour 2 tablespoons sunflower oil Preparation: In a food processor mix eggs, milk, flour and two teaspoons of salt, three to four hours before & # 8230

Sweet corn salad and whole grains

A salad recipe with sweet corn and whole grains from: cereals, water, bay leaf, corn, sunflower oil, peppers, nuts, mushrooms, cucumber, mint, egg, dijon mustard, orange peel, orange juice , sunflower oil, walnut oil and pepper. Whole grains have a distinct sweetness and a consistent & # 8230

Couscous with parsley and lamb fillets

A Couscous recipe with parsley and lamb fillets from: peppercorns, sesame seeds, lamb fillets, onion, garlic, olive oil, couscous, cinnamon, paprika, turmeric, cayenne pepper, soup, raisins, salt, apple cider vinegar, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber and parsley. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons black peppercorns 2 tablespoons seeds & # 8230

Baked potatoes and parsnips with mustard and honey

A recipe for baked potatoes and parsnips, with mustard and honey from: potatoes, parsnips, butter, flour, milk, mustard with grains, honey, white wine vinegar, bread and parmesan. Ingredients: 800 g potatoes, cut into 2.5 cm cubes 800 g parsnips, cut into 2.5 cm cubes 85 g butter 85 & # 8230

Spaghetti with parsley-based pesto

A recipe for spaghetti with pesto based on parsley from: spaghetti, salt, garlic, pine nuts, parsley, olive oil, parmesan and lemon juice. Ingredients: 400 g spaghetti salt 2 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons pine nuts 1 bunch parsley about 120 ml olive oil 30 g grated Parmesan juice & # 8230

Shrimp with dill sauce

A recipe for shrimp with dill sauce from: rice, peel and lime juice, sunflower oil, sesame oil, soy sauce, pepper, broccoli, green beans, shrimp, peppers, green onions and dill. Ingredients: 250 g Basmati rice mixed with wild rice peeled into thin strips and juice from & # 8230

Ice cream cake with biscuits

An ice cream cake recipe with biscuits made of: yolks, sugar, milk, whipped cream, raspberries, chocolate, lemon and biscuits. Ingredients: 3 egg yolks 4 tablespoons sugar 200 ml milk 400 ml liquid cream 200 g raspberries 200 g chocolate 1 lemon 400 g biscuits for champagne Preparation: Rub the bain-marie egg yolks with sugar & # 8230


A recipe for ketchup from: tomatoes, onions, celery, carrots, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, mustard, cinnamon, brandy, bay leaves, salt and pepper. Ingredients: 350 g tomatoes 1 onion 1 celery stalk 1 carrot 1 clove garlic 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 1 glass vinegar 1 teaspoon mustard 1 teaspoon & # 8230

Cocktail Cofee Egg Nogg

A simple recipe for Cocktail Cofee Egg Nogg from: coffee liqueur, brandy, eggs, sugar, milk, cream and nutmeg. Ingredients: 12 cl coffee liqueur 8 cl brandy 4 eggs 4 cl sugar 0.5 l milk 0.3 nutmeg liquid cream Preparation: Mix the ingredients with crushed ice in the mixer at & # 8230

Quiche with cheese

A Quiche recipe with cheese from: butter, flour, milk, cottage cheese, baking powder, mustard, eggs, cream cheese, cheese, parmesan, green onions, bacon and cherry tomatoes. Ingredient: 50 grams butter 50 grams flour 150 ml milk 200 grams cottage cheese 5 grams baking powder 5 grams mustard 5 eggs & # 8230

Beef steak with onion sauce

A recipe for beef steak with onion sauce from: berries, mustard powder, thyme, celery seeds, oil, beef pulp, flour, beef concentrate, onion chutney and pots. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon black peppercorns 1 tablespoon mustard powder 1 tablespoon dried thyme 1 teaspoon celery seeds & # 8230

Salad with cottage cheese and peaches

A salad recipe with cottage cheese and peaches from: beans, green beans, butter, peaches, cottage cheese, almond flakes, hot pepper powder, dill, olive oil, lemon peel and juice, dijon mustard, honey and pepper. Ingredients: 250 g wide frozen beans 175 g green beans torn in half & # 8230

Sos pesto genovez

A Genoese pesto sauce recipe from: basil leaves, garlic, smoked cheese, parmesan, extra virgin olive oil and coarse salt. Ingredients: 25-40 basil leaves 3-4 cloves garlic 2 tablespoons smoked cheese 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese 8 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil coarse salt Preparation: Crush the leaves in a mortar & # 8230

Ice cream cake

An ice cream cake recipe made of: biscuits, rum essence, eggs, butter, sugar, whipped cream, peel and lemon juice, vanilla sugar, sugar, whipped cream, chocolate icing and strawberries. Ingredients: for the top you need: 500 g large biscuits 1 ampoule of rum essence 2 eggs 200 g butter 100 g sugar for your cream & # 8230

Steak and pancake cake with spring greens

A recipe for steak and pancake cake with spring greens from: flour, eggs, butter, milk, salt, pepper, oil, cottage cheese, green onions, hasmatuchi, macris, pork steak, oil, onions and black olives. Ingredients: 100 g flour 2 eggs 50 g melted butter 125 ml milk salt pepper 2 tablespoons oil 300 & # 8230

Thai salad of carrots and radishes

A recipe for Thai salad of carrots and radishes from: sweet chilli sauce, peel and lime juice, fish sauce, lettuce, carrots, radishes, green onions and coriander. Ingredients: 4 tablespoons sweet chilli peeled sauce from 1 lime and 2 tablespoons juice 1 teaspoon fish sauce 1 & # 8230

Basil tart

A tart recipe with basil from: wheat bran, wheat flour, salt, egg, butter, basil, eggs, sour cream, parmesan, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Ingredients: 100 g wheat bran 100 g whole wheat flour 1 powder salt 1 egg 130 g extra butter: 2 link basil 5 eggs 325 g sour cream & # 8230

Salad with pieces of steak

A salad recipe with pieces of steak from: red peppers, beef fillets, garlic, green beans, pepper, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, shallots, lettuce leaves. Ingredients: 4 medium red peppers 280 g beef fillets cleaned of any skins 1 clove garlic 450 g green beans pepper to taste & # 8230

Recipe of the day: Apple cake

An apple cake recipe from: apples, cinnamon, sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, vegetable oil, sugar, orange juice, vanilla and eggs. Ingredients for the filling: 6 apples 1 tablespoon cinnamon 5 tablespoons sugar Ingredients for the dough: 2, 3/4 cups flour, sifted 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon salt & # 8230

Mosaic pie with pork

A mosaic recipe with pork from: pork, potatoes, yolks, bell peppers, butter, breadcrumbs, oil, butter, flour and sour cream. Ingredients: 400 g pork 700 g potatoes 2 egg yolks 1/2 bell pepper 75 g butter 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs oil for sauce: 1 tablespoon butter 1 tbsp & # 8230

Fasting recipes: Leek tart, mushrooms and potatoes

A tart recipe with leeks, mushrooms and potatoes from: flour, margarine, yeast, salt, water, potatoes, leeks, mushrooms, onions, vegetable cheese, salt, pepper and oil. Ingredients: 300 g flour 200 g margarine 10 g yeast 1/2 teaspoon salt 150 ml water for the filling: 200 g potatoes 1 sprig of leek 400 g mushrooms & # 8230

Mexican rice and bean salad

A recipe for Mexican rice and bean salad from: rice, bean mix, green onion, bell pepper, avocado, lime juice, spice mixture and coriander. Ingredients: 175 g of basmati and wild rice 400 g mix of canned beans, drained and rinsed 1 bunch of green onions, chopped 1 bell pepper & # 8230

Apple tart, cinnamon and whipped cream

A tart recipe with apples, cinnamon and whipped cream from: flour, sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, egg, butter, apples, sugar, lemon juice, cinnamon, dry white wine and apple juice. Ingredients: dough: 200 g flour 50 g sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar 1 salt powder 1 egg 100 g extra butter: 8 apples & # 8230


Fassolada is one of the tastiest peasant dishes. It is made only from beans, vegetables, herbs and olive oil. To prepare fassolada, white beans, usually cannellini, are used. It is left overnight in water to soften, then boiled in a pot with onions, & # 8230

Stuffed roll

A roll recipe filled with: spinach, bun, potatoes, garlic, feta cheese, pine nuts, salt, pepper, minced meat mixture, eggs, mustard, oregano, bell peppers, olive oil and rosemary. Ingredients: 300 g frozen spinach 1 day old bun 750 g small potatoes 1 clove garlic 100 g feta cheese & # 8230

Traditional recipe: Chili with meat

A recipe for chili with meat from: onions, garlic, hot peppers, celery stalks, bell peppers, beef, oil, soup, corn kernels, red beans, tomatoes, salt, pepper and cumin. Ingredients: 1 onion 1 clove garlic 2 chili (hot peppers) tomatoes 2 celery stalks 2 green bell peppers 750 g of & # 8230

Potato dumplings with cabbage and kaizer

A recipe for potato dumplings with cabbage and kaizer from: cabbage, kaizer, onion, oil, soup, potato dumplings, sour cream, mustard, larch, salt, pepper, cumin, cheese and green onions. Ingredients: 1 small cabbage (1 kg) 400 g boneless kaizer 4 onions 2 tablespoons oil 200 ml soup 500 g frozen potato dumplings & # 8230

Glasses with apples and cornflakes

A recipe for glasses with apples and cornflakes from: sour apples, fine sugar, honey, butter, cornflakes and sour cream. Ingredients: 800 g sour apples 3 tablespoons fine sugar 2 tablespoons honey 25 g butter 85 g cornflakes 200 ml sour cream Preparation: & # 8230

Biblical fricassee

A recipe for biblical Fricassee from: bibilica, carrots, onions, parsley, black pepper, chicken broth, olive oil, mushrooms, spread, white flour, lemon peel, yogurt, salt, pepper and parsley. Ingredients: 1 cleaned biblica, about 1.25 kg 35 g carrots, cut into slices 60 g onion, cut into quarters 1 rich thread & # 8230

Puff with carrots and minced meat

A recipe for soufflé with carrots and minced meat from: buns, eggs, carrots, onions, garlic, parsley, a mixture of minced meat, salt and pepper. Ingrediente: 2 chifle vechi de 1 zi 4 ouă 3 morcovi de dimensiuni medii 1 ceapă 1 căţel de usturoi 1 legătură de pătrunjel 500 g de amestec de carne tocată…

Cocktail Citrus Red

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Citrus Red din: campari, vodca citron si sirop catina. pahar: rocks garnitura: orange zest Ingrediente: 40 ml Campari 40 ml vodca citron 25 ml sirop catina Mod de preparare: Se toarna ingredientele in pahar peste gheata cuburi, amestecandu-se continutul cu lingurita de bar.

Retete de post: Cartofi mozaic

O reteta de cartofi mozaic din: catofi, fasole verde, morcovi, ardei capia, telina, dovlecel, broccoli, porumb fiert, ceapa, usturoi, zeama de lamaie, sare, piper si ulei. Ingrediente: 4 cartofi medii 200 g fasole verde 3 morcovi mari 2 ardei capia rosii 1 telina mica 1 dovlecel 1 broccoli 200 g porumb fiert (conserva) 1…

Cannelloni umpluţi

O reteta de cannelloni umpluti din: morcovi, usturoi, sunca, ulei, rosii, amestec de carne tocata, sare, piper, oregano, mozzarella, lapte, supa, smantana, faina, parmezan si cannelloni. Ingrediente: 500 g morcovi 1 catel de usturoi 100 g sunca 1 lingura ulei 1 cutie de rosii (420 ml) 200 g amestec de carne tocata sare piper…

Supa Faki

Lintea este un ingredient important în alimentaţia grecilor, fiind în acelaşi timp o sursă ieftină de proteine şi un aliment foarte gustos, în Postul Mare, când credincioşii nu consumă carne, din linte se poate prepara o faki soupa simplă şi săţioasă. Faki soupa se mai numeşte şi fakes soupa. Este o mâncare deosebit de…

Perişoare cu sos de capere

O reteta de perisoare cu sos de capere din: paine alba, ceapa, sardele, unt, coaja de lamaie, ou, amestec de carne tocata, sare, piper, nucsoara, faina, supa, smantana, galbenus, capere si suc de lamaie. Ingrediente: 60 g de paine alba mai veche 2 cepe 4 sardele 45 g unt 1/2 lingurita de coaja rasa…

Cartof umplut

O reteta de cartof umplut din: cartofi, ceapa rosie, bacon, smantana, branza de vaci, unt, patrunjel verde, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 cartofi mari 1 ceapa rosie 200 g bacon 250 g smantana 200 g branza de vaci 150 g unt patrunjel verde sare piper Mod de preparare: Incinge cuptorul la 180 de…

Crevete cu crusta crocanta

Preincalzeste cuptorul la semnul 7/220C. Unge 300 g crevete, curatate de coaja si sterse cu prosop de hartie, cu 2 linguri de sos iute de chilli si apoi da-le prin pesmet. Asaza-le in tava tapetata cu hartie de copt si da-le la cuptor 6-8 minute. Crevete cu crusta crocanta Pofta buna!

Chiftele de somon şi broccoli cu salată de roşii, avocado şi năsturel

O reteta de chiftele de somon si broccoli cu salata de rosii, avocado si nasturel din: cartofi, broccoli, fileuri de somon, zeama de lamaie, marar, ulei de floarea soarelui, mustar dijon, avocado, rosii cherry si nasturel. Ingrediente: 500 g cartofi, taiati in bucati 85 g broccoli, desfacut in buchetele 2 fileuri de somon, fierte…

Prepeliţă pe pat de rozmarin

O reteta de prapelita pe pat de rozmarin din: prepelite, lamaie, rozmarin, vin alb sec, ulei de masline, piper negru, coniac, coacaze, ghimbir, cimbru verde si mere. Ingrediente: 4 prepelite curatate 1 lamaie, taiata in sferturi 4-5 crengute bogate de rozmarin pentru marinata: 300 ml vin alb sec, cu aroma de fructe 1 lingura…

Cum se prepara file de somon (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara file de somon, un preparat deosebit de gustos si delicios, rapid, sanatos si nu in ultimul rand elegant. Cum se prepara file de somon

Garnituri: Cartofi gratinaţi

O reteta de cartofi gratinati din: usturoi, cartofi rosii, smantana, lapte, emmentaler, sare, piper si nucsoara. Ingrediente: 1 catel de usturoi 1 kg cartofi rosii, circa 300 g smantana 250 ml lapte 100 g Emmentaler ras sare piper nucsoara rasa Mod de preparare: Se încinge cuptorul la 180°C. Se curata usturoiul, se taie…

Reteta zilei: Creveti cu orez

O reteta de creveti cu orez din: creveti, amidon de porumb, sare, piper negru, ulei, oua, ceapa verde, morcovi, mazare, sos de soia si ulei de susan. Ingrediente: 700g creveti nefierti si decojiti 1 lingurita amidon de porumb 1/4 lingurita sare 1/4 lingurita piper negru 3 linguri ulei pentru gatit 4 oua batute 2…

Dovleac cu ardei iute şi amestec de legume asiatice

O reteta de dovleac cu ardie iute si amestec de legume asiatice din: dovleac, ulei de floarea soarelui, boia iute, amestec chinezesc de cinci condimente, bok choi, sos de soia, otet din vin de orez, miere, lamaie verde si frunze de coriandru. Ingrediente: 1 dovleac mic sau 1/2 dovleac de placinta, taiat in bucati…

Sufleu de paste cu sunca de Praga

O reteta de sufleu de paste cu sunca de Praga din: macaroane, sare, sunca de praga, branza emmentaler, unt, faina, lapte, supa, smantana, piper, nucsoara, cimbru, mazare, ceapa, usturoi, ulei, rosii pasate, foaie de dafin si zahar. Ingrediente: 350 g macaroane sare 150 g sunca de Praga 100 g branza Emmentaler 3 linguri unt…

Cocktail Paradiso

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Paradiso din: vodca vanilla, sirop de pin, piper negru, scortisoara, fresh lemon juice si portocala. Pahar: lowball sau collins garnitura: pepene galben si phisalis Ingrediente: 50 ml vodca vanilla 20 ml siropd e pin 1 praf de piper negru 1 praf de scortisoara 20 ml fresh lemon juice…

Sufleu de paste cu brânză de vaci şi legume

O reteta de sufleu de paste cu branza de vaci si legume din: paste, sare, rosii cherry, sunca de praga, oua, branza gouda, piper, cascaval si mazare. Ingrediente: 250 g paste scurte spirale sare 125 g rosii cherry 100 g sunca de Praga 3 oua 500 g branza de vaci (branza gouda) piper 100…

Reteta zilei: Piersici cu crema chantilly

O reteta de piersici cu crema chantilly din: piscoturi cu vanilie, compot de piersici, smantana, zahar pudra si esenta de vanilie. Ingrediente: 10 piscoturi de vanilie 1 compot de piersici pentru crema chantilly: 200g smantana 4 linguri zahar pudra 1 lingurita esenta de vanilie Mod de preparare: Intr-un castron se mixeaza smantana, zaharul…

Porc prăjit cu ghimbir şi miere

O reteta de porc prajit cu ghimbir si miere din: taitei cu ou, amidon, sos de soia, miere, ulei de floarea soarelui, muschi de porc, ghimbir, ardei rgas verde, fasole mangetout si seminte de susan. Ingrediente: 2 gheme de taitei cu ou 2 lingurite de amidon 2 linguri sos de soia 1 lingura de…

Limoncello cu pricomigdale

O reteta de limoncello cu pricomigdale din: limoncello, suc si coaja de lamaie, smantana, zahar pudra si pricomigdale. Ingrediente: 75 ml Limoncello sucul si coaja razuita de la 2 lamai 300 ml smantana grasa 100 g zahar pudra 12 pricomigdale Mod de preparare: Amestecă Limoncello cu sucul şi coaja de lămâie. Toarnă smântână…

Fursecuri parfumate

O reteta de fursecuri parfumate din: migdale, zahar tos, zahar pudra, faina, scortisoara si albusuri. Ingrediente: 200 g migdale macinate fin 100 g zahar tos 50 g zahar pudra 160 g faina 2 lingurite de scortisoara 2 albusuri Mod de preparare: Intr-un vas se amesteca cele doua tipuri de zahar, migdale macinate, faina…

Peşte cu ghimbir

O reteta de peste cu ghimbir din: file de cod, zeama de lamaie, sos de soia, ardei iute, ceapa verde, tulpini de telina, ghimbir, rosii, orez basmati si sare. Ingrediente: 500 g file de cod zeama de la o lămâie 4 linguri sos de soia 2 ardei iuţi roşii mici o legătură ceapă verde…

Frigarui cu orez

O reteta de frigarui cu orez din: piept de pui, ardei gras, ceapa rosie, rosii, ciuperci, orez, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 2 piepti de pui 1 ardei gras 2 cepe rosii 4 rosii 4 ciuperci 300 g orez sare piper Mod de preparare: Pune orezul la fiert in multa apa cu sare si…

Bucataria Libaneza

Bucătăria libaneză este şi ea caracterizată de interferenţele mai multor culturi. In raport cu bucătăria marocană, cea libaneză pre­zintă însă mai puţine influenţe, fiind rezultatul întâlnirii, în principal, a bucătăriei arabe cu cea italiană şi mediteraneeană, petrecută în timpul colonizării ţării de către italieni. Şi în Libia se mănâncă diverse tipuri de cuşcuş, dar…

Minitort de clatite

O reteta delicioasa de minitort de caltite cu: faina, lapte, oua, zahar, unt, zahar vanilat, praf de copt, crema de vanilie, ciocolata cu lapte, sare. Ingrediente: 450 g făină 450 ml lapte 3 ouă 6 linguri cu zahăr 3 lin­guriţe cu unt 2 pliculeţe cu zahăr vanilat 2 pliculeţe cu praf de copt 200…

Sote de conopidă cu morcovi

O reteta delicioasa de sote din: conopida, morcovi, unt, supa de legume, vin alb, patrunjel, boia, sare. Ingrediente: 1 conopidă 4 morcovi 2 linguri cu unt 1 ceşcuţă cu supă de legume 3 linguri cu vin alb 1 legătură de pătrunjel boia sare Mod de preparare: Curăţă morcovii, taie-i rondele sau cubuleţe şi trage-i…

Salată chakchouka

O reteta de salata chakchouka din: ardei gras verde, rosii, usturoi, ulei de arahide, boia iute, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 800 g ardei gras verde 1,2 kg roşii 4 căţei de usturoi 4 linguri ulei de arahide (sau de floarea-soarelui) 1/2 lingură boia iute sare piper Taie ardeii în jumătate, pe lungime şi…

Supă de varză şi cartofi

O reteta de supa de varza si cartofi din: varza, cartof, dovleac, ceapa, morcov, supa concentrata de legume, ulei de masline extravirgin, usturoi, paine toast, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1/2 varză 1 cartof alb mare 1/4 dovleac cu coaja verde 1 ceapă albă 1 morcov 2 1 supă concentrată de legume 4 linguri ulei…

Prajitura cu mascarpone

O reteta de Prajitura cu mascarpone din: foid e pandispan, mascarpone, frisca, zahar fin, gem de caise, ciocolata de menaj. Ingrediente: 1 pachet cu foi de pandispan 250 g mascarpone 50 ml frisca 3 linguri cu zahar fin 1 borcan cu gem de caise 100 g ciocolata menaj neagra 100 g ciocolata menaj alba…

Sunca serrano ocupa un loc de cinste intre nenumaratele feluri de carne conservata care se prepara in Europa, alaturi de sunca de Parma si cea de Bayonne. Pentru serrano se foloseste pulpa din spate, de la diferite specii de porc din rasa Marele Alb. Carnea se sareaza, pentru a elimina umezeala, apoi este agatata…

Pilaf copt cu ciuperci

O reteta de pilaf copt cu ciuperci din: ulei de masline, ceapa, sare, ciuperci, vin alb, orez, supa de pui si parmezan. Ingrediente: 2 linguri ulei de masline 1/2 ceapa medie, taiata marunt 1/2 lingurita de sare 450 g de ciuperci feliate 1/3 cana de vin alb 1-1/2 cana de orez cu bobul lung…

Cocktail Accent

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Accent din: tequilla, sirop de grenadina, amaretto, sirop de limeta si sifon. Ingrediente: 4 cl tequilla 2 cl sirop de grenadina 1 cl Amaretto 1 cl sirop de limeta sifon Mod de preparare: Se mixeaza in paharul de mixare ingredientele alcoolice si siropul de limeta, apoi se toarna…

Reteta zilei: Inghetata de ciocolata

O reteta delicioasa de ingheatata de ciocolata din: smantana, zahar, ciocolata, galbenusuri, albusuri, lapte si amidon. Ingrediente: 250g smantana 100g zahar 50 g ciocolata 3 galbenusuri 3 albusuri 150ml lapte 1 lingura amidon Mod de preparare: Intr-o cratita se pune laptele, amidonul, 50 g zahar si cele trei galbenusuri. Se fierb la foc…

Retete de post: Salata de fasole cu praz si gogonele

O reteta de salata de fasole cu praz si gogonele din: fasole rosie, praz, ardei iute, gogonel acre, ulei de masline, otet de mere, sare si piper Ingrediente: 500 g fasole rosie 4 fire de praz 1 ardei iute 4 gogonele acre 5 linguri ulei de masline 2 linguri otet de mere sare piper…

Prajitura aromata

O reteta de prajitura aromata din: oua, zahar, faina, praf de copt, smantana dulce, branza de vaci, zahar, foi de gelatina, esenta de lamaie, compot de visine si fulgi de migdale. Ingrediente: 5 oua 125 g zahar 4 linguri cu faina 1 pliculet cu praf de copt pentru crema: 200 ml smantana dulce 500…

Salată de morcovi cu chimen

O reteta delicioasa de salata de morcovi cu chimen din: morcovi dulci, ulei de masline, zeama de lamaie, usturoi, chimen, patrunjel, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 500 g morcovi dulci 3 linguri ulei de măsline extravirgin 2 linguri zeamă de lămâie 2 căţei de usturoi 1/2 linguriţă chimen 1 legătură pătrunjel proaspăt sare piper …

Şarlotă cu brânză şi zmeură

O reteta de sarlota cu branza si zmeura din: foaie de pandispan, zahar, apa, rom sau coniac, lapte, oua, gelatina, smantana, zmeura, zahar vanilat si zmeura. Ingrediente: 1 foaie (blat subţire) de pandişpan Pentru sirop: 100 g zahăr 150 ml apă 4 linguri cu rom sau coniac pentru sarlota: 200 ml lapte 2 ouă…

Bucataria Marocana

Deşi nu se bucură încă de aprecierea me­ritată, din pricina necunoaşterii ei de către europeni, bucătăria marocană este totuşi printre cele mai bogate şi variate din Africa şi una dintre cele mai imaginative din lume. Acest lucru este datorat, în primul rând, abundenţei de materii prime şi, în al doilea rând, puternicului melanj social…

Cocktail Grand Fruit

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Grand Fruit din: grand marnier, suc de portocale, suc de grepfrut si zeama de lamaie. Ingrediente: 4 cl Grand Marnier 8 cl suc de portocale 8 cl suc de grepfrut 1 cl zeama de lamaie Mod de preparare: Mixam bine Grand Marnier-ul cu gheata si cu sucurile de…

Supă de praz şi cartofi

O reteta de supa de praz si cartofi din: orez, cartofi, praz, slanina, ulei de masline extravirgin, apa, supa concentrata de legume, ulei de floarea soarelui, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 200 g orez 2 cartofi medii 1 fir de praz 2 felii de slănină 2 linguri ulei de măsline extravirgin 500 ml apă supă…

Taitei cu nuci

O reteta de taitei cu nuci din: nuci, zahar pudra, zahar vanilat, unt si taitei de casa. Ingrediente: 200 g nuci 200 g zahar pudra 1 praf de zahar vanilat 1 lingurita unt 1 punga taitei de casa Mod de preparare: Tăiţeii fierţi, bine scurşi de apă, îi treci prin untul topit. Pe…

Placinta crocanta cu sunca

O reteta de placinta crocanta cu sunca din: unt, praf de copt, faina, branza de vaci, sunca de praga, branza gouda, smantana, ou, galbenusuri, sare, piper, boia, zahar, parmezan si pesmet. Ingrediente: 150 g unt 1-1/2 lingurita praf de copt 150 g faina 150 g branza de vaci 250 g sunca de Praga feliata…

Salată de mango cu ton

O reteta de salata de mango cu ton din: ton, mango, rosie, ceapa verde, castravete, sos vinegrette, frunze de salata, branza feta si fasole neagra boabe. Ingrediente: 2 conserve ton 1 mango 1 roşie 1 castravete 4 fire ceapă verde sos vinegrette frunze de salată 50 g brânză feta 1 cutie fasole neagră boabe…

Reteta zilei: Ciorba de porc

O reteta delicioasa de ciorba de porc din: rasol de porc, coada de porc, morcovi, pastarnac, telina,c artofi, suc de rosii, condimente, oua, bors si sare. Ingrediente: 1 rasol de porc 1 coada de porc 2-3 morcovi 1 pastarnac ½ telina 3-4 cartofi suc de rosii/bulion cuburi condimente 2 oua bors sare Mod…

Ruladă cu peşte

O reteta delicioasa de rulada cu peste din: sunca presata, dovlecei, vinete si file de peste. Ingrediente: 300 g şuncă presată tăiată felii subţiri 3 dovlecei tăiaţi felii subţiri pe lung şi prăjiţi 2 vinete tăiate pe lung felii subţiri şi prăjite 1/2 kg file peşte prăjit Mod de preparare: Într-o tavă de…

Rasol de viţel cu sos de tarhon

O reteta de rasol de vitel cu sos de tarhon din: carne de vitel, morcov, patrunjel, ceapa, faina, smantana si tarhon. Ingrediente: 600 g carne de viţel 1 morcov 1 rădăcină de pătrunjel 1 ceapă 40 g făină 150 g smântână 1 legătură de tarhon Mod de preparare: Puneţi carnea la fiert în…

Placinta Jamaicana

Aceasta placinta coapta pe amandoua partite, cu margini ondulate si umplutura savuroasa, este originara din Jamaica, asa cum spune si numele, dar se prepara in multe alte insule din zona Caraibilor, de unde s-a raspandit pe tot continentul nord-american, devenind foarte populara. Asemanatoare ca aspect cu pateurile din Anglia sau cu empanada din America…

Borş de crap

O reteta de bors de crap din: crap, apa, bors, ceapa, patrunjel, ardei grasi, rosii, pastarnac, sare, piper, leustean, patrunjel si orez. Ingrediente: 1 kg crap 1 l apa 1/2 l bors 2 cepe 1 radacina patrunjel 2 ardei grasi 2-3 rosii sau un pahar cu suc de rosii 1 pastarnac sare piper leustean…

Inele cu vişine

O reteta de inele cu visine din: apa, ulei, sare, faina, oua, frisca, visine si zahar pudra. Ingrediente: pentru aluat: 250 ml apă 3 linguri ulei 1 praf de sare 150 g făină 5 ouă 1 lingură ulei 1 lingură făină pentru tavă pentru cremă: 500 ml frişcă lichidă 250 g vişine 50 g…

Cum se prepara friptura de miel in suc de rodie (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara friptura de miel in suc de rodie, un preparat delicios, rapid si gustos. Cum se prepara friptura de miel in suc de rodie

Pui la cuptor cu măsline şi cartofi

O reteta de pui la cuptor cu masline si cartofi din: pui, cartofi, masline, ulei de masline, sare, piper, usturoi, rozmarin si salvie. Ingrediente: 2 pui mici (a 800 g) 800 g cartofi mici roşii 100 g măsline negre (fără sâmburi) 4 linguri ulei de măsline sare piper 2 căţei de usturoi 1 fir…

Jambon cu glazura de rodie

O reteta de jambon cu glazura de rodie din: jambon si suc de rodie. Ingrediente: 3 kg de jambon feliat 1-1/2 cana de su de rodie Mod de preparare: Scoate jambonul din frigider cu aproximativ 40 de minute înainte de preparare. încălzeşte cuptorul la 170°C. Toarna sucul de rodie într-o oală mică şi…

Cocktail Batida

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Batida din: pitu, lime juice, miere si limeta. Ingredient 5 cl Pitu 4 cl Lime Juice 1 lingurita de miere o felie de limeta Mod de preparare: Mixam cu un mixer electric Pitu, Lime Juice si miere pana cand mierea se dizolva total, apoi adaugam gheata si mixam…

Retete de post: Ciuperci umplute

O reteta delicioasa de ciuperci umplute din: ciuperci, cuscus, morcov, ceapa, usturoi, ulei, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 500 g ciuperci de cultura 300 g cuscus 1 morcov 1 ceapa 1/2 telina 4 catei de usturoi 2 linguri ulei sare piper Mod de preparare: Curăţaţi morcovul, ceapa şi ţelina şi tocaţi-le mărunt, apoi puneţi-…

Tartă cu prune uscate

O reteta delicioasa de tarta cu prune uscate din: unt, faina, sare, prune uscate, marmelada, galbenus si esenta de rom. Ingrediente: pentru aluat: 200 g unt faina sare pentru crema: 700 g prune uscate fara samburi 200 g marmelada 1 galbenus 1/2 esenta de rom Mod de preparare: Aluat: Freci untul la temperatura…

Mezeluri - 13 retete culinare

Găsiți aici selecția noastră de rețete cu mezeluri (aperitive și mâncăruri).

Mezelurile se pregatesc de obicei prin sarare, uscare si/sau afumare, proceduri la care se mai adauga cateodata si fierberea sau coacerea. Mezelaria cuprinde toate preparatele de porc dar si altele pe baza de pasare, vita, oaie, peste, caprioara, mistret etc. Aditivii (E-urile) sunt utilizati pentru a asigura conservarea si stablizarea mezelurilor in deplina siguranta. Aditivii sunt necesari pentru a neutraliza proliferarea microbilor periculosi ca stafilococii. Polifosfatii (E450) sunt stabilizatori care fixeaza substantele, printre care apa si culorile. Acest tip de aditiv este facultativ. Majoritatea mezelurilor sunt bogate in proteine si sare (sodiu). Pentru femeile insarcinate si regimurile cu consum redus de sodiu, mezelurile sunt nerecomandate. După forma în care se utilizează materia primă se pot deosebi unele ce reprezintă anumite părţi din carcasă care după sărare se usucă (pastrama) sau se afumă (costiţă, garf, fileu etc), sau sunt supuse atît la acţiunea fumului, cît şi la fierbere (şuncă fiartă şi presată, muşchi ţigănesc, ruladă), şi preparate obţinute din tocătură de carne şi diferite subproduse de abator (viscere, sînge, urechi etc). In funcţie de natura materiei prime, de reţeta de fabricaţie şi de felul prelucrărilor ulterioare, se disting 60—70 de preparate de carne. După conţinutul lor în apă şi durata conservabilităţii, mezelurile pot fi împărţite în: prospături (parizer, cremvurşti, caltaboş, lebervurşt, carnăciori, debreţini, şuncă fiartă etc), care nu se păstrează decît 5 zile la 10° produse cu durată medie, 1—3 luni, în funcţie de temperatură (cracauer, salam italian, vînătoresc, rusesc etc.) sau lungă durată, care se conservă pînă la un an (salam de iarnă, ghiuden etc).

Unul din oua se pune la fiert pentru maioneza, trebuie fiert tare.Telina si morcovii se curata bine si se spala apoi se dau pe razatoarea mica. Marul se curata de coaja si se da si el pe razatoare.

Dintr-un galbenus crud si galbenusul fiert + o lingura de mustar si un praf de sare incepem sa preparam maioneza.

Se paseaza cu o lingura de lemn galbenusul tare si se amesteca pana se omogenizeaza cu cel crud pana devin ca o crema. Se adauga apoi ulei in fir amestecandu-se in acelasi sens, din cand in cand mai adaugati si putina zeama de lamaie si gustati maioneza, aceasta trebuie sa fie usor acrisoara nu ca la salata de boeuf.

Se adauga maioneza peste legume si se amesteca usor, nu adaugati toata maioneza dintr-o data ci in etape.

Dupa ce salata este gata incepem sa formam rulouri din sunca umplute asa cum este prezentat in poza. Se fixeaza cu scobitori si este gata.

Cornuri cu sunca si cascaval

Racoarea de-afara mi-a dat, zilele trecute, curajul necesar pentru a ma apropia de cuptor si a incerca o reteta pe care pusesem de multisor ochii, intr-o carte frantuzeasca de bucate. Si nu-mi pare deloc rau pentru ca mi-au iesit niste cornuri delicioase, pufoase si care ti se topesc in gura, cu o portie consistenta de umplutura. Nu de alta dar, la fel ca la pizza, nu-mi prea place sa fie coca goala, ci sa se simta umplutura. Iar in cazul acesta a fost vorba de sunca presata si afumata si de branza cedar. Branza cedar pentru ca aveam in casa, pentru ca are un gust foarte bun si consistenta potrivita si, nu in ultimul rand, pentru ca m-am gandit ca a sa culoare portocalie va da un plus de farmec cornurilor.

Evident ca puteti folosi cascaval romanesc, simplu sau afumat, sau alte branzeturi care se topesc si intind frumos odata molesite de caldura cuptorului (gen gouda). Mai trebuie sa va zic ca eu am mers pe formula unor cornuri mai mari, dar puteti face si cornulete, daca aveti timp si rabdare. Eventual sa le rumeniti un pic mai tare decat am facut-o eu :P. Aaa, puteti sa le presarati deasupra, daca vreti, mac, susan, chimen, etc.

Ingrediente (pentru 8-10 buc.):
– faina 280 g
– zahar pudra 1 lingurita (7 g)
– drojdie proaspata 15 g
– ou 1 buc.
– unt (80% grasime) 35 g
– lapte integral 125 ml
– sunca Praga 150 g
– cascaval/cedar/gouda 120 g
– un praf de sare

Amestecati faina cernuta cu zaharul pudra si praful de sare. Incalziti un pic 100 ml lapte si dizolvati drojdia proaspata. Topiti untul si lasati-l sa se raceasca. Incepeti sa incorporati in faina, putin cate putin, laptele cald, untul topit si albusul de ou, usor batut. Framantati, usor la inceput, apoi mai energic, circa 15 minute. Este mai usor daca aveti la dispozitie un robot cu functie de framantat aluatul. La finalul timpului, trebuie sa aveti un aluat omogen si nelipicios. Lasati-l, acoperit cu un servet curat, intr-un loc caldut, pana cand isi dubleaza volumul.

Incingeti cuptorul la 200 grade Celsius. Framantati aluatul inca cateva minute, dupa care intindeti-l intr-o foaie cu grosimea de 3-4 mm. Taiati ca un cerc si impartiti-l apoi in 8. Pe fiecare clin puneti o bucata de sunca si una de cascaval sau branza. Rulati. Asezati cornurile distantate intr-o tava tapetata cu hartie de copt. Procedati la fel cu aluatul ramas. Cand ati terminat aluatul, acoperiti tava cu un servet curat si lasati cornurile iar sa creasca, pana cand isi dubleaza volumul. Amestecati galbenusul pus deoparte cu laptele ramas (25 ml) si ungeti cornurile, cu o pensula.

Bagati tava in cuptorul incins si lasati cam 20-25 de minute sau pana cand cornurile au crescut frumos si au prins o tenta aurie. Eu, din teama de a nu le rumeni prea tare la fund si de a nu le usca, nu le-am lasat sa prinda prea multa culoare, dar data urmatoare schimb foaia :).

Iata cam cum arata cornurile in interior… A doua zi redevin la fel de pufoase ca in momentul scoaterii din cuptor dupa ce sunt incalzite un pic in cuptorul cu microunde.

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