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Is This the Most Controversial Food on Our Site?

Is This the Most Controversial Food on Our Site?

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We have a lot of feelings about getting creative with hummus.

A simple Google search for hummus will bring about swirls of chickpea spread drizzled with olive oil and dusted with paprika. At Cooking Light, we love hummus. In our September 2017 issue, we even developed a recipe for perfect Creamy Hummus with Spiced Ground Beef. Hummus has a rich, centuries-old history, so we definitely understand some of our readers expressing discomfort with us taking artistic license.

We've taken hummus and spun it entirely on its head in recipes like Edamame Hummus with Miso and Sesame. We also recently developed a recipe for Apple Pie Hummus, a dip that masks navy beans in spiced apple goodness, and people had a lot of feelings about it. So we wanted to answer the burning question that seems to be on everyone's mind: What makes hummus, well, hummus?

Eating healthy should still be delicious.

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The Cambridge Dictionary defines hummus as "a soft, smooth food made from crushed chickpeas, oil, and lemon juice". So, is our latest hummus recipe really a hummus? Maybe not. But tons of readers love the idea of reinventing old recipes into something fun, healthy, and delicious. If calling this dish hummus ensures your family will eat something that's truly delicious and healthy, by all means call it hummus. If you want to refer to it as bean dip, that's fine too.

Even experts in the field, like Israeli chef Michael Solmonov wrote in his book Zahav: A World of Israeli Cooking that the traditional Middle Eastern dish has a chickpea base, because both the Arabic and Hebrew words for hummus translate to "chickpea".

But everything is questionable when it comes to the hummus we have learned to love in the United States. In 2014, news broke that the Food and Drug Administration has no "definition" for hummus, and technically there are no naming rules when it comes to labeling the dip. Top hummus brands, like Sabra, even petitioned the FDA to add stricter guidelines to what can and can't be called hummus, similar to rules the FDA has on products like peanut butter and ketchup. Hummus' definition has been stretched since before 2012, and will most likely continue to.

We like to consider "hummus" more of a technique than a dip confined to using a list of specific ingredients. To us, hummus means mixing a creamy bean with a nutty paste to make something healthy and delicious, sweet, or savory. In this case, we took the liberty of blending navy beans with cashew butter instead of traditional chickpeas and tahini, but the inspiration is still there.

Even Solmonov also knows that the recipe for hummus is fluid. He references tons of hummus variations in his book, including Israeli hummus that is heavy on the tahini, Greek hummus that includes tons of garlic and lemon, and Turkish hummus that uses butter in place of tahini entirely. He even offers recipes for additional toppings to add, just like our spicy ground beef. His versions use fava beans, braised lamb, and stewed mushrooms — all more modern takes on the classic dip.

Take another widely-used sauce, for example. Pesto is traditionally made with basil, garlic, oil, grated cheese, and pine nuts, but has recently expanded to include varieties like roasted red pepper, spinach, kale, and even pea. Today, "pesto", like "hummus", is almost used as a verb.

At Cooking Light, we love blending up tons of flavors in the kitchen, and we know that we only provide recipes that are absolutely healthy and delicious — whether it's a white bean dip or a true chickpea hummus, we're still digging in.

Potato salad recipes are sacred scripture in most families. But nobody agrees what it should say.

If the American "civil religion" has a side dish, it is potato salad: From Memorial Day to July Fourth to Labor Day, if we're celebrating our soldiers, our freedom, our workers or, really, just the fact that we get a damn day off from work and grill, potato salad is there for us.

Unfortunately, as with actual religion, nobody can agree on the tenets. The ideal version of potato salad looks different almost everywhere because region, economic class, ethnic origin, family preferences and history define what your potato salad looks like. Some like it hot, some like it cold some like it white, some like it yellow some like it with mayo and others without and nobody but nobody likes Karen's version with the raisins . or do they?

Potato salad, you can say, is the most controversial summer dish known to American culture. (With apologies to the ongoing nonsense about whose barbecue is better, real or the tastiest.)

Like a child raised to believe that my church is the only true one, I have had to suspend the idea that I or my culture owns the sole, true potato salad.

Like many people, potato salad is the one dish that, done wrong, can ruin an entire meal for me. The experience of it is so weighted with memories of my mother's painstaking dedication to selecting red potatoes from the farmer's market, one by one, boiling the eggs perfectly — no greenish yolks for her — and then painstakingly dicing bell peppers, onions and celery. She selected just the right mustard and only ever used one brand of mayonnaise (Duke's), while adding dashes of salt, celery seed, garlic powder, paprika and black pepper, fresh lemon juice, and other things I can't reveal lest I get attacked by flying cast iron animated by the spirits of my family's matriarchs.

To be honest, my mother's potato salad was more than just summer get-together food like many African American and Southern families, potato salad was a year-round accompaniment, a life cycle food, a family reunion food, a celebratory food and a get-each-other-through-it food. It was also a test of my ability to passably execute a family recipe. It's one of the 25 recipes my mom felt she needed to write in her own hand with minute instructions like "I know you're not going to listen to me, Michael, but. "

Now that I hold the mantle, making the potato salad feels sacred.

But outside of my family, bad potato salad seems all but ubiquitous — runny, overly sweet, with mushy, overcooked potatoes, generic condiments (Hellman's, a blasphemy) and absolutely no flavor or soul. It is, often, nearly as white as the bowls in which it is served, as though if a red potato skin or pepper touched it would be a mortal sin. My Lord, deliver us all from a potato salad that matches a polar bear's fur!

And yet, there are a ton of people who would disagree with my family recipe, who might not have embraced the gospel of Duke's or the communion with fresh vegetables. My fiancé likes my potato salad . as long as I make him a separate batch of his.

And so, like a child raised to believe that my church is the only true one, I have had to suspend the idea that I or my culture owns the sole, true potato salad. It may have its place in African American and Southern cultures — do your own Venn diagram — but it is not exclusively of my worlds. Boiled root vegetables tossed with oils and vinegars have a European pedigree the potato — the world's favorite Andean tuber — now stands in for turnips, carrots and parsnips of the dish's European ancestors, and together they danced well with the pantry staples of many cultures.

‘Passion of the Christ’ is most controversial

Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” ranks as the most controversial film of all time, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The magazine ranks the 25 films that have most shocked, disgusted and divided moviegoers, in its June 16 issue, on newsstands Monday.

EW writes that Gibson’s grisly depiction of Jesus’ betrayal and crucifixion ignited “a culture-war firestorm unrivaled in Hollywood history.” Despite — or to some degree, because of — the religious uproar, the 2004 film grossed over $370 million at the U.S box office.

Coming in second is Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange.” Kubrick’s 1971 futuristic film is famous for a violent scene during which “Singin’ in the Rain” is played. Reports of copycat crimes led to the movie’s withdrawal from distribution in Britain.

Oliver Stone has the unique distinction of landing twice on the list: 1991’s “JFK,” ranked at No. 5, and 1994’s “Natural Born Killers,” at No. 8.

“The Da Vinci Code,” now in theaters, charts at No. 13 for the debates spawned by its tale of a Catholic cover-up. Another recent film, “United 93,” ranks at No. 16 because of concerns that it came too soon after the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Also among the 25: “Fahrenheit 9/11,” “Deep Throat,” “The Last Temptation of Christ,” “The Deer Hunter,” “Basic Instinct,” “Do the Right Thing” and “Kids.”

This Controversial Food Became 689 Percent More Popular This Year

Grubhub revealed the top takeout and delivery trends of 2020.


Not a moment too soon, 2020 is finally coming to a close. It has definitely been a year to remember, or maybe it’s one you’d rather forget, but either way, Grubhub is offering us all a chance to look back on the “Year in Food.”

With 2021 rising fast on the horizon, the online and mobile food-ordering and delivery service has analyzed order data from more than 30 million diners to release its annual report on the top trends of 2020, revealing what we ate, ordered and obsessed over during an unusual, if not downright tumultuous, year.

Some key takeaways from the report:


Photo by: Image courtesy of Grubhub

Image courtesy of Grubhub

While in recent past years, vegan and vegetarian food choices trended upward, 2020 was a year we shifted toward comfort food, caffeine and cocktails more than before — as if we all didn’t know that through personal experience! Those foods ranked super high in popularity across categories on Grubhub’s list.

The spicy chicken sandwich trend, which arguably hit peak pop-culture visibility in 2019, did not let up in terms of menu-item popularity. In fact, the spicy chicken sandwich was 318 percent more popular in 2020 than in 2019, making it the “top trending dish of 2020,” according to Grubhub. The delivery service notes that one diner, in 2020, “really dove in headfirst [to] the chicken sandwich trend with a single order of 135 chicken sandwiches,” which is definitely nothing to cluck at.

Actually, chicken seems to be a thing we’ve craved in various forms this year. The chicken burrito bowl and chicken wings took the second and third slots on Grubhub’s list of items that increased the most in popularity in 2020, with a 299 percent and 287 percent increase, respectively.

Fried foods were also among our go-to order items, with waffle fries (221 percent more popular) and fish and chips (146 percent more popular) appearing on this year’s top 10 trending items list. Underscoring that trend, French fries and onion rings ranked number one and number two on the list of top side dishes, surging 629 percent and 566 percent, respectively, in popularity.

When it came to desserts, comfort and nostalgia were king this year. With apple pie (330 percent more popular) and hot fudge sundaes (273 more popular) emerging as the top two desserts of 2020.

No surprise — we Americans drank a lot of coffee this year ready-to-drink coffee orders rose 30 percent overall. Pumpkin spice lattes still reigned supreme, landing atop Grubhub’s coffee order ranking with a 487 percent increase in popularity vanilla latte (249 percent), flat white (131 percent), cold brew (123 percent) and nitro coffee (32 percent) rounded out the top five.

Amidst a lift, in some places, on restrictions on alcohol delivery, our thirst for cocktails, beer and wine shot up almost 300 percent. What were we drinking more than ever? Mangonadas, mostly, which saw a 278 percent popularity rise — here’s our take — but so did pina coladas (223 percent more popular), hard seltzer (196 percent), Mexican beer (161 percent) and rosé (150 percent more).

One random finding from the Grubhub report: The top trending pizza for 2020 was … Hawaiian. The controversial pineapple-and-ham-topped pizza rose 689 percent in popularity in 2020. We won’t say on which side of this divide we come down. But whichever side of the Hawaiian pizza debate you’re on, we sincerely wish you and yours a healthy, happy 2021, filled with your favorite foods.

The Most Frustrating Food Debates Of All Time

It's not a secret that people really, really care about their food. That was more evident to me than ever after I wrote about disliking mac and cheese (and the subsequent trolling that followed on every. single. social media platform), and again to my colleagues when they started arguing about whether you should salt white rice and if loading or unloading the dishwasher was best. No final consensus could be made. Which lead us to making a list of all the most heated culinary debates of all time. Enjoy the ride!

1. Where to store ketchup.

Are you team fridge? Or do you swear by the pantry? Twitter users went wild earlier this month, debating on every topic from what restaurants swear by to not wanting cold sauce on their fries to whether bacteria would grow in the bottle. But both a microbiologist and the Good Housekeeping Institute's food director agree that ketchup is best kept in the fridge for safety's sake.

If you keep ketchup in the pantry you're an animal and there's no room for you in civilized society

&mdash luke (@lukelton) February 2, 2017

The kind that doesn't like his French fries cold because of condiments. It's stable at room temp, think of restaurants.

&mdash Von Hertzog 🔪🖤 (@Von_Hertzog) February 5, 2017

DFB Video: The Most CONTROVERSIAL Disney World Snacks!

Hey DFB friends! We’re back with another DFB Video and today we’re talking about the MOST controversial Disney World snacks!

Outpost Mix at Kat Saka’s Kettle

Disney World has come out with some AMAZING snacks in the past, but they have also come out with some snacks that not everybody loves.

It’s time to VOTE! People on both sides of the snack aisle have some SERIOUS thoughts about these Disney World Snacks. We talk about the Pongu Lumpia, Pistachio and Cherry Soft Serve, along with many more. Do you LOVE them or HATE them? Find out what we think in out latest DFB Video.

And if you love this video, there’s plenty more for you to enjoy over on our DFB YouTube Channel!

By the way, have you subscribed yet? If you hit the button below, you can subscribe to the channel and never miss a single episode!

So check out the video and then let us know: Your must-do at Disney World.


Fireworks are coming back to Disney World! Check out all the details here.

We're stopping by a recently opened Portillo's for a peek inside!

Disneyland is offering some BIG hotel discounts for 2021! Get details here.

We're putting YOU on alert so you know the toughest dining reservations to try for.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge will be reopening soon! Check out the details here.

We've got some BIG Disney discounts to share with ya from Amazon! Check 'em out.

Review: We’re Trying Disney’s Most Controversial Snack!

All right guys, we’re doing it. We’re headin’ to Downtown Disney to try a SUPER controversial snack.

A few days ago, we told you allll about the Panko Crusted Pickle Corn Dog (yes, you heard that right!) at Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs. Now, we’ve had our fair share of the ordinary Panko Corn Dogs at this spot, and they’re pretty tasty! But would the pickle make our break this classic snack?!

Well, we’re gonna give it a try for ya and let you know! But first, let’s break down the snack itself. You’ll get a hot dog inside of a pickle inside a corn dog. The whole thing is then coated in panko! Phew. And if you want another flavor thrown in there, you’ll also get a packet of peanut butter and some chips on the side.

So…what do all these layers look like on the INSIDE? Well, here ya go!

That’s a lot of different ingredients!

And with that, it’s time to taste! Now, we’re gonna say right off the bat that this is NOT for those who dislike pickles. In fact, if you’re not too sure about this kinda weird combo of ingredients, you’ll probably want to pass. But if you’re a pickle fan — and especially if you love the pickles in Disneyland — you’ll likely really enjoy it.

And if you don’t shy away from the strange combination of flavors, you’ll find that they work together surprisingly well! The peanut butter adds a nice of element of sweetness, and at least in our experience, the pickle juice didn’t make the breading all soggy. However, you won’t get the same proportion of ingredients in every bite. And the hot dog had the faintest taste of all!

Would YOU give this a try?!

If you’re ambitious and wanna try this snack for yourself, you can snag it for $13. Pro tip: cut it open BEFORE you start chowing down. It’s much easier to eat it that way than trying to munch on it straight off the stick! So…what side of the pickle corn dog debate are you on?! Would you try this or not? Let us know, and stay tuned to DFB for more Disney news!

Green Bell Peppers

The Endorsement: "It is a phenomenal vegetable with such unique flavor, and it's part of the holy trinity in the Cajun flavor family. It's holy. You can get incredible green bell peppers when you go to the farmers market, in the late summer season. They’re delicious. Home run." — Brad Leone, test kitchen manager

The Opposition: "This is all you need to know: They use the scent of green bell pepper to describe wines that suck. That smell is terrible. That flavor is terrible. They’re the single worst ingredient on the face of the earth." — Andrew Knowlton, deputy editor


by CHAN LEE PENG (Health Consultant & Writer)

While looking at these bloody delicacies, do you still feel hungry?

Each culture has their own traditional foods that they enjoy, although occasionally, certain foods that appeal to a person in one place, but may not be appealing to someone in another part of the world.

These following foods from the world cuisine are not only peculiar in their ingredients, but they also appear to be very violent in their preparation and inflict great suffering on animals. Some of the following pictures and videos are pretty graphic, and should be approached with caution. They are included to present visual examples of these types of foods, and to show that these kinds of dishes are not rare in the world, but instead exist daily in many cultures.

1. A Monkey’s Brain

The following dish is actually quite a murderous scene, and the ensuing feast can be quite gruesome. A captured monkey is first forcibly pulled to the dining table. The monkey is tightly held with hoops over its hands and legs. One of the diners uses a hammer to knock hard enough to actually create a hole in the live monkey’s head. Its cracked skull opens from its head and the diners use a stick of iron rod to extract the monkey’s brain. The monkey usually screams terribly before dying near the table.

Some of the more aggressive and “hungry” diners may actually use their spoons to scrape through the bloody monkey’s brain, eating in a greedy manner as though they have not eaten in a long time. The diners continue to eat the raw brain completely, often with their fingers and hands covered with smelly blood. Others may prefer to dip the raw brain into a traditional herb soup in order to add to the aroma while eating.

Comment: I personally cannot understand how these people swallow this bloody delicacy with no apparent regret and without nausea. I think that it is unbelievably disgusting to see how they chew hungrily on the bloody brain. While researching this article, I found many videos on this popular custom but I decided that they were just too violently graphic to use, and I decided to spare you the trauma of these painful scenes.

2. A Baby Rodent

This apparent delicacy consists of a newly born rodent, a small selection of seasonal vegetables, and a traditional eating custom. The diner initially uses a special skewer to stab the live rodent. The first “chi” sound is apparently heard as the rodent, who cannot bear the pain of being pierced, squeals as it is impaled on the skewer. As the diner dips the still-live rodent into the boiling oil, the second “chi” sound is said to be heard.

As the well-fried rodent is finally placed into the diner’s mouth, the third “chi” sound is allegedly heard one last time. Such a delicacy is actually quite simple, but the diner obviously needs to have certain degree of courage, energy, and very possibly, a real culinary open-mindedness to try it.

Comment: It is perhaps not as disturbing for those who eat this delicacy as compared with those who enjoy preparing this extremely graphic type of food. Maybe they should be put in jail instead for abusing these animals in such a terrible manner. How strange it is to see people laughingly enjoying this cruel delicacy in such a happy mood!

3. Turtle Flesh

This dish begins with a live turtle being covered with appropriate seasonings and herbs, while a pan of water is being heated. As the water begins to warm, the turtle is then put into the water. Due to the extreme heat, the turtle will actually begin to drink the water as its body begins to become cooked by the hot liquid. The cook then allows the turtle to remain alive in the herb soup in order to create a good flavor. As the water gradually becomes hotter, the turtle will begin to struggle helplessly in pain.

Comment: It is really quite disturbing to see a live turtle struggling hopelessly in the extremely hot water. Do humans really have to torture the helpless animal in this manner just to satisfy their own eating instincts?

4. Roasted Duck Legs

Here is another popular food that begins with a live animal. A live duck is placed on a slightly hot frying pan. Prior to this, an appropriate amount of seasonings is rubbed all over the duck’s body. Due to the heat of the hot-plate, the duck will obviously try to make every attempt to get off of the hot metal, and from time to time, it will try to jump out of the pan.

Finally, the legs will become fully roasted, while its body is still actually alive. The cook will then cut off the duck’s legs for them to be placed on a plate to be ready to serve hot to the diner. The remaining part of the duck is then put in the freezer for other future.

Comment: This is an extremely disgusting and cruel delicacy when it is viewed from the initial moment of preparation until it is finally served to the diner.

5. Donkey’s Meat

This queer delicacy involves eating fresh donkey meat, where the flesh is actually eaten raw without cooking. The diner uses a special fork and spoon to scoop out some of the flesh from the donkey. The meat is then totally dipped into the fresh red blood before it is eaten. According to tradition, the more the diner heard the screaming of the donkey, the more excited they will then be to dine on this delicacy.

Comment: What types of human being are these? They appear to be quite inhumane as they show no benevolence towards the donkey’s painful screaming. This unusual eating behavior is among the cruelest in the world’s delicacies that I encountered.

6. A Dried Chicken

To make this dish, the cooks need to work fast in order to create it. With the chicken completely alive, they quickly peel off the chicken’s feathers, taking out the heart in an astonishingly short time. Later, they fill the chicken’s abdomen with seasonings before sewing it up. Finally, they hang it up to dry it out before serving to the diner.

During the preparation, the chicken is still alive, and it will keep on making a noisy sound. It will often struggle violently to get away from the cooks. The cook’s hands eventually become totally bathed in large amounts of red blood.

Comment: This chicken has to bear an extremely painful torture as first its feathers and then its heart are removed. The diner eats this dried-alive chicken with apparent pleasure. Indeed, the one time I saw this personally, it caused me to me vomit while looking at the other diners eating it in such a high-spirited mood.

7. A Flesh of Live Shrimp

This seafood dish is not only raw, but served while the shrimps are still alive. First, a cup of Brandy, Whiskey or Vodka is poured onto the live Shrimps. Then, the diner eats these live shrimp, apparently with great excitement.

Comment: This seems simply disgusting, and although it looks harmless, I was still shocked and disgusted by this peculiar eating habit.

8. Grilled Unborn Lamb

First, an entire pregnant female goat is butchered and thrown onto a charcoal fire to burn until it turns a golden brown color. When it is entirely baked, the cook will then cut through its abdomen to take out the cooked, unborn lamb from inside its mother’s body. It is said that in this manner, the softness of the young lamb can offer the diner an especially pleasing taste.

Comment: This is another delicacy that just seems tasteless.

9. Baby Herbal Soup: The most horrifying, cruel and disgusting delicacy ever

This is an even more horrid nightmare when people are eating human foetuses or preborn babies for a nutritional value and to boost sexual power, overall health and stamina. Now, though, the world is encouraging and at times tolerating with abortion issues and ignorance which has allowed the selling of and consumption of human foetuses. What on earth is going on in this world?

There is a growing trend of eating humans in a town located in the Southern province of Canton (Guangdong), China. This delicacy is called “Spare Rib Soup” in the local jargon and it is said to be a nutritional food to help boost stamina, improve overall health while enhancing sexual performance (potency). Allegedly, this human foetus dish is claimed to gain popularity in Shenzhen, China.

This disgusting herbal soup uses human foetus (or pre-birth babies) as its main ingredient. It is then boiled with pieces of chicken ribs/chicken meat along with other Chinese expensive herbal ingredients which include Chinese Angelica, ginger pieces, Melina officinalis, Qi Zi and Codonopsis pilosula for at least 8 hours of steaming/boiling. This bowl of Spare Rib Soup is not cheap, but costs around 4,000 Yuan, currency in China (or US $600). Even though this cruel food is accepted in certain regions of China, it is not accepted by the majority of Chinese, either those who live in China or those living outside China. This delicacy has stirred a controversial debate as it involves human life and an issue of the existence of cannibalism. Definitely, it against human rights!

This so called exotic delicacy is not available on a daily basis. According to the local people, one has to order the dish ahead of time and then have to wait for a couple of weeks when the baby is available there for cooking. They may have to wait longer depending on the availability of the babies being sold to the restaurant. Usually, there is no shortage of babies as several pregnant foreign workers who are working there are willing to sell their unborn children and are contacted for their pre-birth babies in case there is an increase demand of this delicacy. Sometimes, babies which were already dead from miscarriages are sold to serve as the main ingredient of this delicacy. This is without conscious, disgusting and deplorable ways to make money and run a business!

The price the restaurant owner pays to purchase a baby depending on the baby’s age. It will also depend on whether the baby is dead or alive while selling to the purchaser. The one aborted close to 9 months costs around 2,000 Yuan (or about US $290), and those aborted earlier than 9 months cost several hundred Yuan. Even the placenta alone can be sold for about US $30. Of course, the paying price is higher for boy foetuses.

Blog Comments:

I would like two say thanks for these two fantasic article’s combined by Chan Lee Peng. I utterly agree with him and find it disturbing and completely wrong. I believe no animal should be subjected to such suffering nor should be take advantage of those of lesser power (look up speciesism). It’s a scary world and I genuinly believe we will kill of the majority of the animal species and eventually our own species with our destructive powers.

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91 Comments (+add yours?)

Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
This ruthlessness has positive sides. East-Asians don’t invite asylum seekers to rape their daughters.

Daniella White
Oct 04, 2014 @ 18:26:17

I was disgusted at the torture and ingestion of these poor innocent animals! Such terrible ways to be killed! But when I read about the killing for food of unborn human babies I was absolutely horrified. I literally vomited and got this feeling like doom come over me! How awful, what IS this world coming to. God, help us please!

Nov 08, 2014 @ 08:25:54

Live uni is a dish served at my sushi restaurant. It consists of a live sea urchin being shipped to us and placed in the refrigerator. When a customer orders it (24 bucks) then the sushi chef will hollow out the middle of it to serve the meat to the customer, while the animal is still moving! I’m a server at the sushi bar and have seen the sea urchin move frantically while half of it’s core is being exhumed, til it finally dies and the rest of it is thrown out. I’m Native American and was always taught to use everything from the sacrifice of an animal. It’s so horrible to watch, and although the uni does not scream, they still feel pain I’m sure.

Thank you for your comment. I’m sure they do feel pain and I sympathise with your view on this matter. It’s a horrible world out there and I find it difficult to understand why animals and live beings are purely used as objects in this world, used and trashe. I am with you on your belief that we should use every part of an animals body for benefit.

Tim Ko
Jan 11, 2015 @ 01:33:22

Invertebrates don’t feel pain, or feel nearly the amount of pain vertebrates do. Search it up.

Also, when these animals are killed, I do believe we’re opposing some of our humanity into them. Yes they are living beings, but they’re not humans. Humans have an incredible sense of self-consciousness and are thinkers. If we were to be treated this way, because of our self-consciousness and since we’re thinkers, profound thoughts of death, life, and philosophy would probably pop up. For these animals, they don’t know they exist. They’re not self-conscious. Their body just reacts that way in order to survive. It’s not necessarily torture.

To Tim Ko, Apparently either do Chinese people. Which means they are psychos

Contact the local humane society or PETA. This type of violence and unnecessary suffering cannot continue! ! Please contact someone to help these animals!!

Nov 11, 2014 @ 02:34:59

Nov 15, 2014 @ 16:48:19

Having a turtle I am disgusted by people eating them however eating humans or living animals that are alive while the eat the power thing’s brain is wrong in every way shape and form.

I wonder how they would have liked that being done to them, they get to watch as people eat their brain alive?

Marlin Rando
Nov 02, 2015 @ 08:48:47

Turtle is delicious, though.

Nov 18, 2015 @ 23:35:37

People gotta eat. In most cultures there is always a weird or disgusting food people enjoy. How can u judge others if u have not tried it yourself. I used to think that eating Rattle snakes was wrong. But after hunting for your own food, things aren’t as bad as they seem.

Mar 11, 2016 @ 20:35:38

The problem here is that you don’t have to torture them in such a cruel way to eat them!! Eat chicken? Yes. But not TORTURING IT!! U UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN?!

May 16, 2016 @ 17:01:37

You don’t really understand the point made here or you are ignoring the truth that we are talking about animal torture here. You sound brainless, should i eat you?

Nov 28, 2014 @ 13:29:35

Many of these are true. But the human babies is false. Please check the validity of your sources. It has been proven to be a hoax. It is appalling that even today ignorance like yours exist

Dec 04, 2014 @ 08:36:31

Wellllllll… Not saying this about vertebrates but the idea of pain in “lower” organisms is a cloudy topic with reaearch that are not exactly… conclusive. If results aren’t repeatable in next experiment I question the
credibility of the research and their margin of error. Reaction to stimuli vs OMG-IT-HURTS-OW. Both are rather unpleasant but still, those are kinda different, right D. And the whole blood/raw food thing. People may find those gross and bizarre but to others (like myself) it’s very normal. Does anyone eat cured ham? Oysters (ALIVE)? Some people don’t realize what they’re eating, hehe. And monkey brains. Gawd what the heckkkk. China is huge and the food is incredibly diverse. Lotsa chinese people (or the ones I know) think raw brains are incredibly freaky. As I read the words of Peng Chanlee I am quite shocked actually. I think much livestock raised here have miserable lives only to die with no one to care except crazy PETA. Also you know the alcohol stuns the living seafood anyway. I dunno, people do some sick things to animals but when those observing are rather ignorant… All sorts of disturbing hate comments and rasist shit pops up. Specially with the asian + rawseafood combo. This writing looks kinda old (necro necro

) but I still feel the need to post this. Because some people believe the first thing they read on the internet ( ;´Д`) Never heard about the dried chicken/duck leg thing though… I thought most people roast the whole duck…

-“lower” said because had no better word. I suck at word choice D: BECAUSE LESS COMPLEX ORGANISMS ARE STILL BEAUTIFULLY COMPLEX
-my english is long winded and bad. Hehe

Jan 28, 2015 @ 18:21:01

You should rather research further about your country and its delicacies. Its not about what you eat but the way people put cruelty on animal is way beyond “our” imagination. Just to feed own’s tiny stomach do we really have to put living being in such pain? Like seriously! Animals can feel pain, they are also sentient being. They have five sense just like us human being. In my country we have butchers who slaughter but definitely not that painful. I pled people to please have some feeling! God bless all living being!

Conscious human
Jun 23, 2015 @ 22:37:25

You are incredibly ignorant. “Most people don’t know what they are eating, hehe” wtf. So be conscious and know what you’re eating. It’s not that hard. Making that excuse for yourself and others is exactly why this world suffers unimaginable turmoil.

Dec 08, 2014 @ 04:26:34

can you give me some insight as to how lobsters are cooked? i have never eaten one but, i kind of have the idea that they are cooked alive. am i wrong to think its just as sadistic as the whole duck thing?

Jun 03, 2015 @ 03:41:17

i live in the lobster capital of the world it’s trademarked. they are cooked alive. they will put up a small scream when entering the steamed water. a humane approach to this is to massage the lobsters back just behind the head. the lobster will fall asleep and won’t know what hit him ,female lobsters are thrown back into the ocean. you have to get the right balance of salt in the water. serve cold no spices with hot butter. it sounds simple but it,s an art.. buy atlantic lobster and hard shelled. meaning cold water environment.. the smaller the lobster is determines it has the sweetest meat. small lobsters are called canners, illegal in some places. if unsure go for a small market size. . .

Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

Dec 30, 2014 @ 03:44:50

Omg :(….. I remember my dad telling me about the monkey brain trend (he was once stationed in China and witnessed this while walking by a restaurant and was HORRIFIED) but I didn’t actually think they killed the monkey AT the table one by one! That one killed me on the inside because I adore primates. Then I saw the last one…I almost lost control of my stomach when I saw the photos…

Jan 04, 2015 @ 10:36:29

Nice Blog, thanks for sharing this kind of information.

Jan 28, 2015 @ 07:59:38

The best evidence I’ve ever heard for proof of demonic possesion in humans. .Sadistic. Psychopathic. All things vile and evil. God help us to learn from the animals and to treasure each one!!

Jan 28, 2015 @ 08:15:27

I have no words to convey the pure horror I am feeling right now. I’m so overwhelmed it’s smothering. Is there absolutely no limit to the evil mankind is willing to do? So sadistic and selfish! My spirit is simply CRUSHED. God, please help us see ourselves as we are so we will change our hearts. Help us treasure the gift of every animal!!

Have you noticed that 90 percent of these dishes, most importantly human soup, are from Asian countries. Live cooked or live eaten animals, and cannibalism are popular with these disgusting cultures. They say it is tradition and tradition can never be changed. Anyone who excuses this behavior for any reason deserves extermination.
A shipment of powdered human flesh pills from china was seized on import in Washington state 2014. It was a type of knock-off viagra. Make sure the medication you take dose NOT come from China. If you have a problem with what I have said, leave a reply and I will check back tomorrow, the 20th, with my e-mail address. I am not hiding what is the truth. Respond if you wish.

Hi Markus, can you elonorate on these human flesh pills please? I have never heard of this. Thank you

Pretty cruel way to eat, more and more I ‘m thinking of becoming a vegetarian.

Aug 09, 2015 @ 04:55:19

China is the most disguting nation in the world. Genocide is only solution. Kill all, even innocents. They should stop giving birth.

No and NOT even close….I know that it is 100 % less cruel. ..first off, the water is boiled FIRST not while the lobster is in it waiting for it to boil.. secondly, the lobster is dunked head first, and the heat from the boiling water kills it instantly. ..DO NOT compare any of what Canadians do to animals in terms of cooking and eating..we have regulations and do not consider cruelty placed on an animal to be something that is watched with ” delight ” and all sit around and watch while a poor innocent defenseless animal is eaten alive. How atrocious!! How cruel a species can be when they can watch and participate in the torture and death of an animal…it is disgusting to think that it is acceptable anywhere in the world and animals themselves will try to “KILL” their prey first…Shame on anyone who can do this. ..I am sure God us screaming as he watches one of his beautiful creature, NO matter how small, scream in anguish as they are enduring such torturous pain..shame shame shame. ..

I am an Indian and most of us are vegetarians. Not all Asians eat this stuff.

May 16, 2016 @ 17:15:37

Yes. But we are not mongoloids like them. I am Indian too. Our culture is pure and logical.

Feb 18, 2017 @ 03:57:19

“Our culture is pure and logical.”

Why haven’t you figured out how to use toilets yet?

Mar 24, 2017 @ 21:39:52

Ugh, do you people had to offend Chinese people? Im Chinese, innocent and humane (I nearly vomited at this article. But most of the Chinese things are fake), and you dont know how offended I am. And its not only the Chinese.

Hello. I am happy someone out there is listening. To Nothingornothing, I have done some digging for you, and the first reported case pre-dates the WashingtonState incident by 2 years. BBC news / ABC news/ Huffington post reported may 7 2012, that over 1,700,000 pills containing powdered HUMAN FLESH were seized in south Korea, FROM CHINA. Aborted fetuses (1,000,000 plus per year) are reported to be the source of the flesh in question, sites BBC news. Shocking, I know. I do not hide the truth.

To anyone out there who still doubts me. Look up a man named Zhu Yu. He deserves to be burned alive. He has popularized the so called art of cannibalism by, on film, eating cooked human fetuses. He justifies his actions by stating “they would only be incinerated otherwise”-quote. He is on film, in photos and clearly documented in doing these acts by such news outlets as: BBC world news (Jan.3 2013), Huffington Post (Jan. 8 2013), The Guardian (Jan. 5 2013) and the CBC (Jan. 7 2013). If you read what this man has said, is not uncommon for people in China to practice cannibalism for superstitious reasons.

Feb 18, 2017 @ 03:53:45

Zhu Yu is a performance artist. The “fetus soup” is a hoax that’s been circulating for close to 20 years concocted by him. There’s also never been any proof that there were actual fetus pills smuggled out of China (much less to Washington- the original story claimed South Korea.) You’re an absolute fucking liar, especially your claim that cannibalism is common in asian countries.

So beyond disturbing and I cannot believe these people can laugh while inflicting such horrible and unfathomable pain…How is this even considered to be acceptable? ?? How can we as human beings allow these atrocities to continue? Isn’t it our duty as humans to help these poor suffering and defenseless animals?? Please tell me how ad I will sign any petition, protest and support any thing that ends such cruelties. ..this goes beyond what is human. The people that partake in such dinning are monsters and enjoying watching the torture of anything so innocent is beyond cruel…it is evil..pure evil. ..

Aug 18, 2015 @ 18:38:35

You can go to and set up a petition

Apr 24, 2015 @ 01:13:21

I’m sure that Anthony Bourdain would probably try and love all of these, and ask for more, since eating is purely about personal enjoyment and at no point should you have any concern over the idea that anything is experiencing any pain.

Then i think I should tear your parts while you are alive and enjoy you eating.. I would love to cut in pieces to you.. And enjoy your yell in pain

What kind of humans they are…. Aaaaaaaaaa…. I can’t even imagine doing all this to the speechless animals… this is more than disgusting… My lord.. I swear they all will pay… I pray ALLAH show them no Mercy at all..and never bring them out of the hell… Aaameeen

Mar 08, 2016 @ 09:04:36

“at no point should you have any concern over the idea that anything is experiencing any pain.,” said no one, while being eaten.

The baby herbal soup story is actually from a hoax email. The images come from a 2000 art exhibit by Zhu Yu intended to protest cannibalism. The rest, sadly, are probably genuine.

May 17, 2015 @ 12:25:59

I feel sick…. What a fucked up world we live in.

We should kill these fuckin chinese bitches who get fucked hard to have a baby which they will sold to motherfuckers.

A Bipolar Guy
Jun 21, 2015 @ 05:14:42

Many of these (monkey brains and foetus to name two) are not real – originally from movies or internet hoaxes. Monkey brains myth for example is from the move “Faces of Death” where the monkey is brought in alive as described and killed with hammers. But the movie makers have admitted they faked the whole thing. Not saying they are ALL fake, but research is lacking here.

The Monkey brain thing is real. Other countries also do it.

Sandesh fernandes
Jun 28, 2015 @ 07:14:03

I hope people should come forward and ban these cruel killings

Jul 04, 2015 @ 12:43:43

Any coincidence that most of these are Chinese ?
Deplorable people when it comes to food, downright disgusting race of eaters.

Aug 09, 2015 @ 04:46:33

Why da fuq do chinese need to eat everything alive…So I have one wish. That all fucking Chinese die. I don’t care about innocent. Innocent give birth to cruel etc. Just fucking exterminate whole nation. Genocide is only solution.

Mar 24, 2017 @ 21:24:22

Its not only the fucking Chinese. Have you given a shit of how many Chinese people who were offended. Even the innocent? You shouldn’t be here. Many Chinese are buddhists who dont even eat meat. And its not only the Chinese. That fetus baby herbal soup is actually fake, and you believe it?

I hate these culture and people who does it… This world is really scary

Oct 02, 2015 @ 22:11:10

The Baby Herbal Soup is not real. The origins lie wth Chinese performance artist Zhu Yu, who staged a conceptual shock piece called “Eating People” at a Shanghai arts festival in 2000.
Read about it here:

Oct 05, 2015 @ 04:49:50

Henry Deng
Oct 10, 2015 @ 21:49:19

It’s sickening the way staff prepare turtles at one restaurant I dined at in China.
The guy literally cut the turtle limb from limb while the turtle was alive. Is there some reason for them not to put them out before they start preparing?

Mar 08, 2016 @ 09:08:05

I think it’s to keep the meat soft…

link:People like the idea for being able to be his or her boss and work through the comfort of their very own home

Jan 09, 2016 @ 06:39:01

Not only is this insane. But it takes cruel, cold hearted people to like and agree with such evil, disgusting and inhumane forms of practices. These are not dishes. These are a frankenstein meal.

Jan 20, 2016 @ 08:29:47

Jun 23, 2016 @ 06:45:34

Asian? Are you fking kidding me? Ppl of US also eat suckling pigs, along with Asia. Is that considered sick?

Jan 24, 2016 @ 18:57:46

This sounds like the deranged behaviour of a culture that worships false gods and idols and engages in all manner of satanic practices. Its pure evil. Is it not enough that they have been blessed with food that they still see the need to be so unecessarilly cruel to the animals they eat? Burning and skinning animals alive? Sorry but thats just unacceptable. There is no comparison between boiling a lobter alive and boiling a dog alive. That is just plain sadism and should be severely punished. And eating dead foetus? It can’t be true, no way. I’ll never buy Chinese products again. Disgusting.

Jun 23, 2016 @ 06:43:16

WTH, are you kidding me? Again, where the heck did you get your resources from? Another biased dude who hates Asian cultures?

You. missed one category: in the Philippines, dogs are confined in a cage or tied to a post and then exposed to fire. This continues until the dog dies and is cooked. There’s another one where the dog is stuffed with rice and then… but II’ll have to research the disgusting details. Somehow I’ve forgotten them.

I forgot to mention this one: Another way of preparing it is starving the poor animal, then feeding it with
rice until its belly bulge, full, before a swift kill, followed by the
roasting method. After roasting, the undigested rice inside the dog’s stomach will
be steamed naturally. Soon after, the coal-blistered animal’s belly is cut,
open, and the rice will be eaten as a festive meal. It is said to be the greatest
delicacy in the old days.

Feb 10, 2016 @ 01:24:27

This just turned me into a vegiterian! Yuck, eating meat is so cruel.

Feb 21, 2016 @ 00:10:39

Ash Stymest
Mar 09, 2016 @ 04:27:10

Some of these comments are fucking sick. This is torture. You know monkeys that are eaten alive are our goddamn ancestors right. They know what’s going on. They feel the pain both emotional and physical. Chickens and goats that are burned alive CAN feel pain as well. It doesn’t matter if they have the same emotional range as humans, it is not up to ypu to decide who is worthy of life ir not.
And we don’t even need meat to survive!! Eating meat is actually unhealthy. Look it the fuck up if you don’t belive me.
I was taught to be kind to those who are not as fortunate as me. That goes for all people and animals. If you are an actual human being then you’ll see how terrible this is. Total respect to the all people how are fighting for animal rights. Hopefully one day these sociopathic acts will be outlawed, or everyone will just become vegans/vegetarians.

Mar 31, 2016 @ 15:07:59

Clearly u need to do more research .
The only thing I can vouch that is true is the shrimp one. I suggest stop looking at things from an ignorant perspective, every culture is different learn to respect it. clearly u r benchmarking everything according to your cultur.

Apr 04, 2016 @ 20:15:20

These practices are sickening, and the people that think they are acceptable are the worst kind of monsters. The Chinese culture is barbaric at best, and yet we are allowing them to take over almost every aspect of marketing in the US…That’s a whole level of stupid I do not understand. Their products are defective, substandard junk and there are very little regulations or quality standards put in place. You never know what you’re eating or getting and what is in it that will poison you.

Jun 23, 2016 @ 06:40:29

I don’t think all of this is true. @author who so kindly described how Asians prepare their, cough cough delicacies, You said that some of this info was taken from various articles, how do we know that that is true? I’m Asian, more specifically, Chinese. First of all, I really don’t think people would actually do that to prepare the animal for cooking. And, where did you get your resources from? Wikipedia? Cuz not all of your data is true. @Mithy, I’m pretty sure your description there of Chinese culture is, drumroll please, incorrect. Do some damned research about different cultures, just because they aren’t like yours, doesn’t mean that you have to say that they are ‘so barbaric, and cruel’.

Sofia P
Apr 04, 2016 @ 22:52:07

I live in Japan. They do not eat dog or cat, and do not generally eat animals while still alive…EXCEPT certain seafoods. It is called “Ikizukuri”. Most children don’t know about it, but all adults do, because they are pretty common things to eat at adult parties. I am especially disgusted by the live sashimi, where they slice up the fish and remove the entrails, but never sever the neck. Then they skewer the living fish and arrange the flesh over the body, so that as it shivers on the plate it watches people eat it. Another one is a specialty in Yobiko, in Kyushu, but is served nationwide. They fish squid and put them in tanks. The diner asks for a squid, and the squid is skinned alive, and then its tentacles and body are sliced finely so that they are still all connected. When the squid comes to the table, and as it is eaten, it displays beautiful colors and moves. Squid communicate through their skin with symbolic colors and changes in texture. Can’t people tell that they are literally screaming in pain? No, no they have no friggin’ clue. I’m sure if fish could scream, it would be a lot less popular here in Japan. They tend to think that fish have no feelings. There was a time in history when they were not allowed to eat anything with four legs, and that included chickens (for sone reason), because of Buddhism, so I think that may be why. Also, Japanese people tend to be pretty kind, so I really think they just haven’t ever really thought about it!
When children ask me what food I don’t like, I enjoy telling them about Ikizukuri, and showing them with a funny skit about how I eat my friend(who is still alive). They really enjoy it and also learn that Ikizukuri is not cool. The kids are so sensitive and realize the pain that animals feel is real.
However, I have also had SO many STUPID Japanese adults tell me, ” What, you don’t like fresh fish?” Or, “Oh, you don’t like sashimi?” Get real, people. It’s not DEAD YET! Two minutes ago is very different from still moving!! I like fresh, not alive! One night I went around the table, and broke the necks of I think it was 16 fish who were suffering, shivering on their plates. People kind of looked at me like the strange foreigner, but no one stopped me. What I think is so Ironic, in both cultures, is that in Buddhism, there are supposedly 8 Hells. In one of them, one of the worst, the demons eat people alive. HELLO PEOPLE! I guess they want to create Hell on Earth?
Part of changing cultures is changing mentality, and showing people what they want to see, but in a way that shows your opinion. We are not going to kill all Chinese, and signing a petition on Care2 is not going to change a damn thing. These were some of the, understandable, but asenine suggestions. Why? Because the only way we are going to change anything, is through education, and not the way we would teach, but through the way they would learn. What they care about.
Finally, I would like to bring up, especially to the Americans, that living in Japan, I have only seen kind treatment of cattle and other farm animals. In the US (I am from California) I used to have to go by HORRIBLE places where the cattle were kept by the hundreds in tiny pens, knee-deep in a soup of their own urine and crap. I saw huge trucks filled with Thanksgiving turkeys, on freezing cold November nights being transported, craning their necks out and hollowed eyes full of terror. No, Americans, and people of the world, do not look upon other cultures as those which are evil. Do even just a bit of research, and you will find evil in your own back yard.
And if you don’t like that evil, then stamp it out. You are not impotent. You have a voice. You have Saturdays and Sundays.
You can do something if you have the initiative and the momentum.
Gathering together a group of people to protest outside a dismal facility, and inviting the press, should not be so difficult. Going to city council meetings and expressing your plans or opinions is not impossible. But it needs to begin with a movement. And maybe that movement is you.

Apr 15, 2016 @ 00:46:29

Go Vegan…..
all killing is cruel and eating the flesh of tortured raped dead animals is totally unnecessary for a sane and healthy society
Animal Protein Meat and Dairy Cause Cancer

Please Stop Coming at Us Over Those Carrot Hot Dogs

So here's the thing: When former food editor Katherine Sacks first asked if Iɽ like to try the carrot "hot dogs" she was working on for her weeknight vegetarian column, I was a little skeptical. Once I tried them, however, I became a true believer and sent the recipe to my vegetarian sister-in-law. She also started out skeptical.

Granted, the ingredients do add up a bit strangely: Maple syrup with soy sauce? And canned adobo? But when the carrots are briefly braised in this seemingly incongruous triumvirate, the result is nothing short of eye-opening. The maple infuses the carrots with earthy sweetness, while soy adds a deeply savory essence and the adobo brings smoky heat. A turn on the grill marks them with wonderful char and gives the carrots some textural complexity. And, in fact, the method isn't so dissimilar from our preferred way to cook beef or pork hot dogs (i.e. boil then grill).

I Didn’t Know I Loved Sausage Until I Tried This Veggie Alternative

When I got together with my family later that summer, I made the carrot dogs for my sister-in-law (tossing a few onto the grill for myself instead of the traditional hot dogs we were making for the rest of the fam) but skipped the slaw and corn nuts and instead topped them with our usual dog condiments: Mustard, relish, sauerkraut, etc.

One bite and she believed, too. At that same cookout, my grandmother's husband—not a vegetarian—ate the rest of the carrot hot dogs even though he wasn't factored in to the number of people we were making them for and they were supposed to last at least another day. They're that good. Seeing a pattern here? All it took to convert carrot hot dog-skeptics was just a bite of the actual carrot hot dog.

Alas, whenever we share recipe on social media, we cannot include a fresh-off-the-grill bite with each click. So the skepticism leads the easily offended inhabitants of the internet to fill the Epicurious channels with words of incredulous rage. They can't believe that we're trying to masquerade plant-based food as their beloved tube steaks. (Another spoiler: we're not—the word "carrot" is right in the recipe title!)

"Are you serious? A carrot between two pieces of white bread? You are losing your minds now. That sounds positively nauseating," says Facebook Helen, who's wrong anyway, ⟊use it's on a bun.

Facebook Edward writes: "The worst thing isn't even that the whole carrot dog concept is utterly ridiculous. Why bother to follow a food site if they really don't give a crap about real food?" Excuse me, Edward, but plenty of "real" recipes have a bit of a metaphorical bent. Do you expect Baked Alaska to contain bits of lichen and permafrost?

"Really! Why mess with my favorite food? Not right! More than my eyes are rolling," was Facebook Jennie's lament, which, what does that even mean? Is Jennie doing body rolls about a carrot hot dog? Rolling down the river? Rolling in the deep? We could have had it all, Jennie!

As for Facebook John, "I mean they look pretty and all, but sofa king stupid." Which is probably autocorrect, but LOL.

It's a FAKE! Everybody hide!

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Katherine Sacks

In fact, the first time this recipe was posted on Facebook, it garnered 106 comments the first time in video form: 334 comments. And sure, some of those were positive. But the majority were the equivalent of "Nope!", with the most adamant of the lot threatening that should carrot hot dogs become the world's only form of sustenance, they would choose starvation. Bye, I guess?

Others worried that should they make carrot hot dogs for their spouse, theyɽ be met with shame, degradation, and assured infidelity.

I have some personal experience with these same impassioned meat-or-nothing fanatics. When I wrote about our favorite store-bought hot dogs (don't worry! they're beef!) I received some of the most hateful messages I've ever gotten from another adult. One reader wrote in to tell me that if Iɽ never tried some random hot dog brand—which didn't even appear when I searched for it on Google—from his hometown, I had no f***ing idea what I was talking about. Sorry your hometown's not on the hot dog map, rando!

Most inexplicably, at least seven different commenters reacted with something to the effect of: "Why are you calling it a hot dog? It should be a hot carrot." Newsflash Facebook Mary, beef hot dogs are also not dogs. Should we call them "hot beef" instead? I once went to the Iowa State Fair and there was a stand selling "Hot Beef Sundaes." I admit, I didn't think that was super-appealing, but I didn't storm the tent with cries of "ABOMINATION!"

Don't let anyone tell you that these aren't real matchsticks.

An internet search defines "hot dog" as a person who shows off, especially a skier or surfer who performs stunts or tricks, which is irrelevant here, but I find it hilarious. Even better, "hot dog" is defined as an exclamation "used to express delight or enthusiastic approval," as in "Hot dog! I've finally found something I can do that you can't." Also irrelevant.

What is relevant? The definition of hot dog as food: "A frankfurter, especially one served hot in a long, soft roll and topped with various condiments."

Okay, so Katherine's carrot hot dog is missing the frankfurter. The thing is, so is your hot dog (probably). Traditional German frankfurters are made from pork, but the most popular brands of hot dogs in America are all made from beef. So there. The carrot dog still has the smoky flavor, the bun, and the toppings—that last arguably being the most important part of a hot dog, anyway.

If your issue is with the carrot itself, listen, I hate baby carrots as much as the next sane person. I also understand the sadness that is a mushy, overcooked carrot.

Grilled carrots, though: they're delightful. On a bun? They're delightful and filling.

Berry once admitted she&aposs never ordered a pizza for delivery. Of course, when everything you cook is one million times better than anything you can order, why would you?

On an episode of Britain&aposs Best Home Cook, Berry shocked some fans when she insinuated that pies don&apost need a bottom crust, saying she preferred a chicken and bacon pie with just a top bit of pastry. Even her co-judges questioned that stance, along with Twitter. However, a quick glance at the dictionary would seem to justify her classification.