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José Andrés’ New Las Vegas Restaurant to Open in September

José Andrés’ New Las Vegas Restaurant to Open in September

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‘Bazaar Meat’ will be located in the new SLS Las Vegas

José Andrés won the James Beard Award for Most Outstanding Chef in 2011.

When the new SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino opens this September, it will boast some serious culinary credentials. Earlier this week, SLS Hotels updated their website to formally introduce Bazaar Meat, Spanish-American culinary master José Andrés’ new restaurant. The announcement calls the James Beard Award-winner’s project a “wild and wonderful celebration of the carnivorous, in all its forms.”

Andrés had previously discussed his plan for Bazaar Meat in a November Los Angeles Times article, calling his vision for the restaurant “meat-centric,” with a variety of steak, lamb, and pork dishes. Like his other SLS Bazaar restaurants, located in Miami and Los Angeles, Bazaar Meat will feature tapas and an open room that emphasizes a social dining experience.

Bazaar Meat will also feature inventive cocktails and an interior by renowned French designer Philippe Stark. SLS Las Vegas’ restaurant lineup is already slated to include Katsuya by Stark, by master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi, and Cleo, by Mediterranean chef Danny Elmaleh.

Adam D’Arpino is the Restaurants Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow him on Twitter @AdamDArpino.

New Hotels Being Built

2023 The Drew/Fontainebleu

  • Location 2777 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Number of Rooms 4,000
  • Casino Size TBA
  • Check-In Time TBA
  • Check-Out Time TBA
  • Promo Coupon Code N/A
  • Top Nightclub: TBA
  • Top Shows: TBA
  • Top Pool Party: TBA
  • Top Restaurants: TBA

After a series of sales and economic fluctuations, the towering blue resort once known as the Fontainebleu is back in the hands of the original owners. No word on what Koch Industries and Jeffrey Soffer plan to do with the property, but it probably won’t be renamed The Drew after all. However, it seems Marriott will still be involved with two brands: Edition and JW Marriott. Meanwhile, the unfinished hotel, which originally was supposed to open in 2008 before the recession, remains the biggest eyesore on the Strip. At 735 feet, it’s the tallest building in Vegas if you don’t count the Strat.

2021 Resorts World

  • Location 3000 S. Las Vegas Blvd
  • Number of Rooms 3,400
  • Casino Size 150,000 sq ft
  • Check-In Time TBA
  • Check-Out Time TBA
  • In-Room Internet Access TBA
  • Promo Coupon Code N/A
  • Top Resorts World Nightclub: Zouk
  • Top Resorts World Show: Katy Perry
  • Best Resorts World Bars: RedTail, Gatsby’s
  • Top Resorts World Pool Party: AYU Dayclub
  • Best Resorts World Restaurants: Famous Foods Street Eats

Resorts World is finally inching toward completion. The $4 billion project by Malaysian developer Genting is set to open in mid-2021 as the first new Strip resort built from the ground up in more than a decade. The two 59-story hotel towers are already making an impression with their eye-popping digital video exterior. When complete, the property will boast a 5,000-seat theater, Zouk nightclub, AYU Dayclub and RedTail sports bar. The pool complex will be spectacular with an infinity pool overlooking the Strip. Rooms will be divided among Hilton, Conrad and Crockfords as in-house brands with the latter the most luxurious. A bold new shopping plaza remains under construction alongside Las Vegas Boulevard.

The Best Casino Dining in The World (part 1)

Big jackpots, all-night clubs, and flashy shows aren’t the only draw at the luxury casinos. From Las Vegas to Monaco or San Juan, master chefs have opened and operated restaurants in casinos around the world.

The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

With dishes like Asian duck tacos, chef José Andrés creates new Las Vegas spot – China Poblano. Andrés also serves traditional Spanish tapas and paella that is cooked over a large wood-burning grill at Jaleo (also in the hotel). The hotel have several great restaurants such as Scott Conant’s Scarpetta, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill, and David Myers’s Comme Ça.

Bellagio, Las Vegas

There are real Picassos hanging throughout the Picasso restaurant, overlooking the widely-known Bellagio fountain. Master chef Julian Serrano takes inspiration from the Spanish and French regions where the legendary painter once lived for dishes such as pan-seared scallops with potato mousse line. The hotel-casino is also home to chef-restaurateur Michael Mina’s eponymous seafood.

Atlantis, Bahamas

Under the direction of master chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, the kitchen at Café Martinique offers delicious updates of retro dishes such as lobster thermidor and coq au vin. It is also impressive with the wine list of 31 Champagnes. Café Martinique even made a cameo in the James Bond film Thunderball in the 1960s.

Monte Carlo Resort, Monaco

Monte Carlo Resort is a huge resort including two deluxe hotels, five casinos, two palaces, and more than 30 bars and restaurants. Inside the stunning Hôtel de Paris is the superstar chef’s flagship restaurant Le Louis XV-Alain Ducasse, which serves Mediterranean-influenced dishes such as marjoram-studded sea bass and baby lamb roasted in a fireplace with Espelette pepper.

Condado Plaza Hotel & Hotel, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Wilo Benet, a famous Puerto Rican chef, describes his cooking as a global mix cuisine, combining traditional Puerto Rican ingredients with Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, French, Spanish, and Arab influences. Recently, he moved his flagship restaurant, Pikayo, from a museum to inside the Condado Plaza Hotel & Hotel.

New Las Vegas restaurants give you the world

Remember when it seemed preposterous that a French three-star chef would sign on for a restaurant in Las Vegas? And it turned out that not one but four highly decorated French chefs eventually launched Vegas outposts?

Even in these rocky economic times, Vegas is sprouting new restaurants. As long as visitors keep rolling their bags up to hotel reception desks, Vegas keeps building. Latest entry? The Cosmopolitan, and in its wake a starry collection of restaurants from well-known chefs and restaurateurs. Yet the Cosmo’s collection of restaurants seems more about dazzling diners with good food than jaw-dropping design and opulent details.

Welcome to the new Las Vegas, with restaurants that cater not only to tourists but also to the half a million or so residents of the sprawling desert city. In Vegas, a good restaurant no longer amazes: The city is full of them.

On a recent four-day trip to update my Vegas files, I focused on the Cosmopolitan. Even so, I couldn’t take in every single restaurant at the multimillion-dollar hotel and casino. I checked around. I wrote a list, whittled it down and made some reservations. In all, I made it to five of the Cosmopolitan’s 13 restaurants, skipping Comme Ça and Scarpetta because we have those in L.A. Here’s what I thought:

After the long drive through the desert, I met friends for dinner at D.O.C.G., an Italian wine bar from Scarpetta’s Scott Conant. The name refers to Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita, the highest classification of quality for Italian wines. Behind the long bar, wine names are used as a graphic element, each spelled out in a different typeface.

The wide-mouthed wood-burning oven at the back means pizza. Yes! It’s Neapolitan style, the crust blistered from the searing heat, the supple dough smeared with a terrific tomato sauce. No surprise, that. Conant’s salsa di pomodoro is famous and goes onto a $24 plate of spaghetti at Scarpetta. Our pizza margherita is seriously good, with pools of molten bufala mozzarella.

Order some of the excellent mixed cured meats too. I just wish the prosciutto and speck were cut a tad thinner. Assagini (tastes) are a good deal at four for $13, including generous nibbles of pickled cipollini, artichokes and sorrel, fennel and orange or cauliflower and mint.

Leave it to the New York chef to propose some interesting regional pasta dishes. I loved the duck ragù served with hand-rolled pici, though I couldn’t find much evidence of black truffle. And the pasta is overcooked — a little gummy. Same thing with the other pasta dishes we ordered. I would expect better from Conant. Meanwhile, I’ll stick with the terrific pizza and a bottle of Barbera. The good news is that you can get a pie — mushrooms with fontina and pancetta, soppressata with red pepper and fresh ricotta — all day long.

Lunch the next day is at China Poblano, José Andrés’ Chinese-Mexican hybrid. The décor is wild — a neon “open” sign for each cuisine at either end of the façade, a dim sum station with stacked bamboo steamers, Mexican masks on the walls, bicycle wheels and red lanterns on the ceiling. Above our table is a giant three-dimensional head onto which Chinese and Mexican faces and landscapes are projected. Fun.

Made-to-order guacamole is served with fragrant freshly made tortillas and is not as spicy as ordered. “When Pigs Fly,” steamed buns filled with hand-minced Chinese barbecue pork, make a great starter or snack. The Caesar salad is a good one — even better, one of finely julienned hearts of palm in a thrilling tamarind dressing.

I had a hard time choosing which of the many noodle dishes to order. Wild mushrooms with huitlacoche (corn fungus) and knife-shaved noodles, or dan dan mian, hand-cut noodles with a spicy pork sauce? I went with the latter. Noodles have a wonderful firm texture, delicious in a fiery, pork-laden sauce.

Tacos are small, two to an order, with a mix of traditional and eccentric fillings. My picks: the gutsy beef tongue taco in salsa pasilla or the marvelous cochinita pibil. Not to mention silencio — duck tongue with rambutan fruit — and “viva China,” filled with soft beef tendon, kumamoto oysters and scallions.

Andrés gets right out there on the edge — and he pulls it off.

Years ago, I’d eaten at the high-end New York Greek restaurant Estiatorio Milos. It’s at the Cosmopolitan too, and if you love seafood, save up for this one. The look is elegant Greek taverna with stone pillars, white tablecloths, giant urns, reproductions of ancient Cycladic sculptures and classic lanterns swaying from the ceiling.

Once we were seated, something caught my eye — live eels in a tall glass cylinder at the far end of the room. How could I have missed the gigantic display of whole fish on ice behind them? I go to inspect. A langoustine languidly waves its tentacles next to an array of bright-eyed whole fish, with market price noted.

The wine list features more Greek wines than I’ve ever seen in one place, but hardly anything under $60 and no information about wines other than name and vintage. I should have done some research. But I did score on one point: ordering avgolemono, the classic Greek lemon soup, ahead of time. It’s wonderful, with just the right balance of lemon in rich chicken broth loaded with rice and chunks of chicken.

Avgotaraho, the Greek version of bottarga, is sliced and served on a gentle garlic purée on little toasts. I’d choose this over caviar anytime. Grilled octopus is some of the best I’ve had, charred and sweet, garnished with capers, a little oregano and fine Greek olive oil from owner Costas Spiliadis’ sister’s estate.

For a main course, it must be a whole grilled fish, ours a tsipoura (gilthead sea bream) for two. It comes perfectly cooked, boned, with just capers and a lemon wedge. Nothing could be simpler, but every bite is satisfying. With it, we get wild dandelion greens and fried potatoes with oregano. Dessert is walnut baklava with handmade filo. Wow.

Another day, I go back for lunch, which may be the biggest bargain in Vegas right now: three courses for $20.11.

Next up: Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill for dinner. The New York transplant is packed with fans. Everywhere you look, a sushi chef is cutting fish. You can eat in the lounge or at booths and semi-private tables in the back. I could use some sushi right now. Opening the menu, prices are a shock. An order of housemade pickles is $19.50. And our waiter touts the day’s fried rice, Alaskan king crab with summer truffles at $45. No, thank you.

We’re just finishing hijiki (seaweed salad) when our fried chicken and oxtail fried rice arrive. “You want the appetizers first?” the runner asks when we wonder what’s going on. Kanpachi sashimi with dots of yuzu pepper doesn’t seem freshly cut, and the fish has no taste. We’d asked for sushi nigiri after everything else, but here it comes — with the rest of the appetizers. Frankly, the sushi is sorry looking, more like something you’d get in a strip mall sushi joint.

By 8 p.m., they’re out of half a dozen items. They do have their signature fried chicken, though, which is crisp and juicy. But what’s with the idea of dipping it in a gelatinous honey sauce?

Blue Ribbon’s sushi is for beginners or those who don’t have a clue. The New York restaurant dates from 1995, when sushi there was still something of a novelty. But in 2011, they have to do better than this.

Every night when I walked by Jaleo, Andrés’ tapas restaurant, it was bursting at the seams and felt like a wild and wonderful party. The bar turns out some stellar cocktails.

Try the Negroni made with tomato water. At the paella station in the middle, a chef adds lobster after lobster to a wide pan over a wood fire. This is the real deal, and he keeps it up all night long.

Jaleo celebrates rustic Spanish cuisine with the best embutidos (cured meats) available in this country — gorgeous jamón ibérico de bellota, a well-edited selection of Spanish cheeses and an array of lusty small plates. Start with pan con tomate, rafts of bread rubbed with tomato and topped with a single fat anchovy. Wonderful deep-fried empanadas, filled with a salt cod cream, come drizzled with honey. (This kitchen really knows how to fry.)

We want to order everything and practically do: escalivada (grilled sweet red peppers, eggplant and onions), butifarra (pork sausage) with wild mushrooms, a classic potato and onion tortilla. We nibble on a platter of grilled lamb ribs with a superlative romesco sauce. We order paella with the ribs of the black-footed pig that’s used for Spain’s famous jamón. Each grain of rice is suffused with flavor.

Happiness is a table with friends at this rollicking Spanish restaurant. Be prepared to shout: Everyone is having too much fun to be subdued. Maybe it’s those carafes of sangria, I don’t know. However much you eat, you must order dessert, specifically the crema catalana, an ethereal custard with the faintest hint of lemon.

In one short stay at the Cosmopolitan, I’ve visited China, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Japan and Spain, culinarily speaking. I would say that’s cosmopolitan, no?

SAHARA Las Vegas Announces Updated Hours for Culinary Destinations and Amenities

LAS VEGAS (Feb. 25, 2021) – Located at the start of the legendary Las Vegas Strip, SAHARA Las Vegas, which is currently undergoing a more than $150 million renovation, offers guests the ultimate variety of top culinary destinations and amenities. Updated hours include:


Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

A groundbreaking culinary experience, Bazaar Meat by José Andrés is the James Beard award-winning chef’s wild and wonderful celebration of the carnivorous. Enjoy nuanced, playful cuisine and cocktails for which The Bazaar by José Andrés has become known, in a strikingly seductive setting.
· Friday through Sunday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. through February 28 · Thursday through Sunday: 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. beginning March 4 · On Sunday, April 4, Bazaar Meat will be open from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. for Easter Brunch and will not be open for dinner service


The stylish CASBAR Lounge features craft cocktails and inviting seating areas perfect for assessing the action from the casino floor along with a selection of reds, whites, bubbles and brews.
· 24 Hours Daily

Northside Café & Chinese Kitchen

Northside Café & Chinese Kitchen serves home-style cooking, authentic Chinese cuisine and hospitality seven days a week in a casual, vibrant setting. Centrally located between the hotel lobby and casino floor, Northside Café & Chinese Kitchen offers breakfast, lunch and dinner.
· Daily: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Italian for “to grab,” Prendi offers delicious, freshly-made food for the convenience-conscious crowd. The menu items are carefully prepared in-house with high-quality ingredients. Treat yourself to our mouthwatering focaccia bar – a Prendi specialty! Or choose your treat from a variety of gelatos and sorbets.
· Friday and Saturday: 4 p.m. – 4 a.m.

Starbucks offers handcrafted beverages, premium teas, fine pastries, and other delectable treats. At locations around the world, artfully roasted high-quality arabica coffee is brewed with care and served one cup at a time.
· Sunday through Thursday: 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.

· Friday and Saturday: 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The Tangier

The Tangier features a world-class selection of more than 150 brown spirits from six continents including bourbon, scotch and cognac. Taking guests back in time, the unique menu at The Tangier features a variety of classic cocktails as well as newly curated specialty cocktails.
· Friday and Saturday: 2 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Uno Más Street Tacos + Spirits

Uno Más provides a fast-casual dining experience with vibrant flavors wrapped in a colorful, fun, high-energy environment. The menu features authentic, traditional Mexican dishes developed with a modern twist including small, shareable bites, a variety of street tacos served in hand-crafted homemade tortillas made fresh daily and a wide beverage selection that includes a margaritas, Mezcals, sangrias, Mexican beers and sodas.
· Friday: 5 p.m. – 11 p.m.

· Saturday and Sunday: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

· Daily: 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. beginning March 15


Alexandria Fitness Center

Guests looking to stay balanced and tension-free can enjoy access to the SAHARA Las Vegas Fitness Studio. A room key is required for access.
· Thursday through Sunday: 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Located on the second floor of the exquisite Alexandria Tower, Amina Spa offers signature treatments that will leave guests feeling refreshed and ready to hit The Strip again. Select a method of relaxation from massages to anti-aging facials that rejuvenate from head to toe.
· Thursday through Sunday: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Alexandria Pool

With its rooftop views offering a scenic panoramic sight of the Las Vegas mountains and Downtown Las Vegas, at the Alexandria Pool, you’ll see a side of Vegas you’ve never seen before! Food and beverage service will be available beginning March 4, as well as daybed and cabana rentals, which can be reserved by calling (702) 761-7582 or online.
· Daily: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. through March 3 (weather permitting) · Daily: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. beginning March 4 (subject to seasonal change based on daylight and weather)

Situated in the heart of SAHARA Las Vegas, this poolside lounge offers a haven for sun worshippers. This resort-style, open-air rooftop pool offers an environment of glamour, comfort and fun! Food and beverage service will be available beginning March 11, as well as daybed and cabana rentals, which can be reserved by calling (702) 761-7582 or online.
· Daily: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. beginning March 11 (subject to seasonal change based on daylight and weather)

Conveniently located near the lobby, this store is for those seeking everything from a toothbrush to a salty snack, logo souvenirs and so much more.
· Daily: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m.


SAHARA HERS offers chic apparel and accessories for the sophisticated shopper who desires red carpet-worthy brands.
· Thursday: 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.

· Friday through Sunday: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Since welcoming back resort guests, SAHARA Las Vegas has followed a comprehensive outline of health and safety protocols under the resort’s SAHARA Cares program. Under this program, a number of contactless solutions were developed to assist with social distancing measures. Guests are encouraged to reserve cabanas, daybeds and even live table games for their party so that they can curate their own unique boutique experience.

2015 and Beyond

As the U.S. hotel industry rebounds, planners have been having a more and more difficult time securing the dates, rates and amenities they want. Now that the economy is bouncing back, you don’t always see the hotels and meeting space you need, but Butler has found, “The Vegas pattern works well (for us) because our team doesn’t have to travel on the weekends. For us, our size can be a challenge because our programs are so large, and it can be very difficult to get the dates that we seek for various events. Therefore, for our largest programs, we’re looking in the 2026-2028 time frame.”

Las Vegas offers a welcome change of pace in that regard. “For us more recently, the value equation has changed a bit, but from a travel perspective Las Vegas rooms are reasonable compared to major destinations in North America,” says Thrall.

“I agree that it’s a cost-effective option, and the reason is that if you don’t have the budget to entertain in the evening, attendees can go to restaurants and shows,” says Dalton. “It’s more cost-effective because you don’t have to entertain them at night. And people want that.”

However, this domestic sweet spot won’t remain an easy solution for planners forever, and some are already starting to feel a pinch on availability. “Frankly selecting on availability and rate, we’ve seen certainly in the last two to three years that the pendulum has swung,” says Thrall. “Business in Vegas is strong, and it’s increasingly difficult to find availability on The Strip.”

With increased market pressure, prices will likely begin to rise soon, but local planners, like Dalton, have found that having more energy and events in the city actually can make Las Vegas events even more budget-friendly.

“I prefer to bring in the entertainment, because it’s better to negotiate the bar and food at the venue, but I figure out who is entertaining at another corporate event and tag on to that,” says explains. “I go through a large DMC and ask, for instance, ‘who’s at the consumer electronics show that happens right before us and what would it cost us to hold them over two nights to entertain at our event?’ Because there are so many back-to-back events, you can figure it out.”

Butler has found that the biggest change coming down the pipeline isn’t in any individual or even group of properties, but in the destination’s approach to visitors, especially meeting business. “It’s operating in a similar fashion to how our events have transpired in Orlando,” she says. “They’re coming together as a community and starting to understand how to market the city as whole.”

You might soon find, too, that meetings that happen in Las Vegas stay in Las Vegas.

Joël Robuchon in MGM Grand

Says Al Mancini, "If there's one word to describe Joël Robuchon's namesake restaurant in MGM Grand, it's 'exquisite.'"

"Perhaps no kitchen in Las Vegas is as respected and as honored," Al wrote in Vegas Seven. "This is undoubtedly the most elegant restaurant in town. at a level of luxury you won't find anywhere else in Vegas, or perhaps the entire U.S. But thankfully, the staff is friendly and welcoming," he notes.

Chef Robuchon's restaurant empire spans the world, but he visits his Vegas showplace at least four times a year to help design new seasonal menus. In 2017, Robuchon appointed Frenchman Christophe De Lellis, then 28, as executive chef and Japan-raised, Paris-trained Kentaro Komoda, then 31, as De Lellis' right-hand man, the chef de cuisine. "Independently, each boasts an impressive résumé, and together they make an unparalleled team,: Al wrote in his Vegas Seven story about the passing of the torch.

What Al thinks you should eat in this ultimate shrine to French flavor and flair: soft-boiled egg with smoked salmon and caviar truffle langoustine ravioli guinea hen layered with foie gras roasted duck and seared foie gras with sweet and sour cherries the bread cart and the chocolate trolley. Get tempted by the restaurant's site and by Al Mancini's video with Joel himself.

Three Hot New Boutique Hotels In Las Vegas

We hardly need a reason to visit Las Vegas Sin City has long been one of our top destinations for scouting the very best in shopping, dining, nightlife and spa trends. But until recently, luxury hotel lovers seeking boutique experiences have been limited to just a few names. But in 2014, that should change, as boutique brands and new players enter Las Vegas in a big way. Forbes Travel Guide has the scoop on three new hot spots you’ll want to consider for your next visit.

The Cromwell
Caesars Entertainment seamlessly marries food and hospitality once again, bringing its second boutique hotel to the Strip with the May 21 opening of The Cromwell. The former Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall & Saloon has been transformed into a glamorous property with a decidedly epicurean bent — Giada De Laurentiis makes The Cromwell the home of her first-ever restaurant, Giada.

We can’t wait for:

  • 188 Parisian-style rooms with unique touches such as hardwood floors and chic purple accents.
  • The 65,000-square-foot Victor Drai-managed indoor/outdoor nightclub, Drai’s Beach Club Nightclub, located on the hotel’s roof.
  • On-site gambling. Nine gold and red chandeliers featured in the gaming area were original fixtures from the hotel’s original namesake, Barbary Coast. , of course. It promises an exhibition kitchen, fresh pastas and an antipasti bar.

Opening just in time for summer temperatures to dip from “absurdly hot” to “still reminds me of summer even though it’s September,” Morgans Hotel Group gets its first Las Vegas property with Delano Las Vegas this fall. A planned September 1 debut will complete an $80 million transformation of the THEhotel at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

We can’t wait for:

  • The oversized all-suite accommodations (starting at 725 square feet, among the largest on the Strip), each with an extra half bath.
  • Dining with a view in the 64th-floor restaurant from Alain Ducasse, Rivea, opening this winter, replacing miX.
  • Zenning out at the boutique BATHHOUSE Spa and partying at the upcoming private Delano Beach Club.
  • The gorgeous décor, inspired by the Mojave Desert.

Cue the music, because nightlife brand SBE is blasting onto the Vegas scene with the August 23 introduction of SLS Las Vegas, located in the former Sahara Hotel and Casino. If you like to play and sleep in the same space, this 1,622-room hotel is definitely for you.

Sixth Stop: Amorino for Affogato

Stuffed at this point, Kathryn urged us to make room for two unique dessert stops. The first was a cool treat at the flagship store of Amorino, one of the best European gelato brands.

Originating in Paris, Amorino was created by two friends with an Italian childhood. Their goal was to make the highest quality gelato as naturally as possible with no artificial colors or flavorings.

Their first store opened in 2002 in Paris and having lived in France, we were already quite familiar with the chain. While the store is known for their unique flower shaped, gelato designed as “roses”, our stop was for affogato with a choice of gelato .

We had never heard of affogato, an Italian coffee-based dessert. This dessert takes a scoop of gelato “drowned” in a shot of hot espresso.

To start, everyone on the tour got to sample different gelato flavors in pursuit of their favorite flavor to have with their hot espresso. After trying several flavors from the extensive options available at Amorino, we both settled on the classic stracciatella gelato , vanilla with fine chocolate shavings.

We really enjoyed the affogato and the combination of hot and cold with a smooth finish.

Create your perfect affagato with hot espresso, stracciatella gelato and whipped cream

Chef Andres’ Bazaar Meat keeping it simple

When a star chef of Jose Andres&rsquo stripe drops a hint that he&rsquos working on a “surprise,” the culinary world takes note. The suspense ended with the opening of SLS last weekend.

When a star chef of Jose Andres&rsquo stripe drops a hint that he&rsquos working on a &ldquosurprise,&rdquo the culinary world takes note.

Fellow chefs and curious foodies, hungry for more details, reacted with emails and phone calls after my June 2013 interview with Andres.

The assumption was that it had something to do with his restaurant project at the SLS Las Vegas.

The suspense ended with the opening of SLS last weekend. In a city known for high stakes and big steaks, Andres was creating the world&rsquos ultimate meat emporium.

He&rsquos calling his bold new Las Vegas venture, Bazaar Meat, &ldquomy big bet.&rdquo

His long relationship with SLS gave him an opportunity &ldquoto do my take on what a meat place is,&rdquo he said.

&ldquoI didn&rsquot want to call it a steakhouse because I think it&rsquos going to be a little bit more than sirloins and T-bones,&rdquo Andres said during a red carpet interview on SLS&rsquos opening night.

The idea, he said, is to meld &ldquomy background of Spanish restaurants, my heritage, my culture&rdquo into what he calls &ldquoa place where everybody is going to find what they like.&rdquo

He&rsquos convinced that among the nearly 40 million people who visit Las Vegas there&rsquos an appetite for old-world delicacies such as roast suckling pig and baby lamb as daily signature offerings, not just a weekly special.

The menu will feature &ldquoan amazing display of animals,&rdquo he said.

&ldquoWe are not going to have meats that are aged 60 days we are going to have meats that are 9 years old,&rdquo he said.

&ldquoI am going to show you not only what the grill can do but also what an oven can do. I have different types of cooking ovens to produce meats and vegetables, and you&rsquore going to see this in the flavors.&rdquo

What you won&rsquot find is barbecue, he said.

&ldquoWe&rsquore going to stop putting on weird sauces. We&rsquore going to stop adding barbecue to everything and spices to everything. We&rsquore going to believe in the purity of the meat.&rdquo

&ldquoSo the big challenge here for me,&rdquo he said, &ldquois are people going to enjoy the plain quality of the meat where only a little bit of sea salt and a little bit of water in the bottom to keep them moist?

&ldquoThat&rsquos my big bet, where less is more and I hope people will understand it and enjoy because I&rsquom not going for the ketchup barbecue sauce and other stuff. I&rsquom going for the quality and purity of a great grill meat.&rdquo

The latest cases of the Vegas boomerang involve former KLAS-TV, Channel 8 weatherman Tedd Florendo and entertainment community figures LJ Harness and Mark Giovi.

Florendo, who moved to Philadelphia a year ago after nine years at Channel 8, is returning next month to replace Darren Miller, who is leaving by his own choice.

Harness, who spearheaded the formation of The Vegas Underground open mic night, is back in town after a three-month absence to care for his parents in Sarasota, Fla. He&rsquos back at Cadillac of Las Vegas as marketing and promotions director.

Giovi, one of the founding members of the Las Vegas Tenors and the host, left Las Vegas a year ago after a 10-year stay to headline at a high-end New York City club. Florendo spent a year at a top Philadelphia station as weekend meteorologist and weekday reporter.

Former KXNT morning host Kerri Kasem has started a petition to grant her father Casey Kasem&rsquos wish to be buried at Forest Lawn in Los Angeles. Kasem&rsquos children have been in a legal battle since their father died June 15 and his widow, Jean Kasem, loaded the radio icon into an SUV, drove to Las Vegas and then flew to Washington state, where Casey spent his final days in the home of one of Jean&rsquos childhood friends before dying in a hospital. She removed his body from a funeral home there and shipped his remains to Canada. Recently, she moved his body to Norway, with plans to bury him there. Kerri&rsquos online petition at has resulted in 18,000 signatures. …

The Mirage headliner Terry Fator will be appearing throughout tonight&rsquos MDA Telethon on KTNV-TV, Channel 13. He will be airing some of the telethon&rsquos most memorable past clips.

Hip hop artist and television personality Flavor Flav, partying at Beacher&rsquos Madhouse (MGM Grand) on Friday, with an OK! camera crew. The group enjoyed the vaudeville-inspired spectacle, including performances by a mini Kanye West and mini Miley Cyrus. … Olympic swimming medalist Ryan Lochte, with fellow swimmers and Olympic medalists Cullen Jones and Ed Moses at STK (Cosmopolitan) on Friday. They later partied at Tao (The Venetian). … At SLS on Friday: celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, dining at Bazaar Meat with friends and DJ Tiesto dining at Katsuya. Hilton joined Chippendales onstage on Friday to take part in National Bow Tie Day. … Comedy legend Jerry Lewis, honored for his decades of service to the MDA of Australia during a presentation Friday at The Smith Center for the Performing Arts by Australia&rsquos ambassador to the United States, Kim Beazley.

&ldquoOver the weekend in California &mdash a big one, a 6.0 earthquake. It was so powerful that Lindsey Lohan was driving on the right side of the road.&rdquo &mdash David Letterman