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Cinnamon-Plum Fool

Cinnamon-Plum Fool

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  • 1 3/4 pounds red or black plums (about 6 large), pitted, cut into 1/2-inch cubes, divided
  • 10 tablespoons sugar, divided
  • 1/4 teaspoon (scant) ground cinnamon
  • 1 cup chilled heavy whipping cream
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Recipe Preparation

  • Puree 2 1/4 cups plums and 3 tablespoons sugar in processor until smooth, 1 to 2 minutes (bits of plum skin will remain). Strain fruit into medium bowl, pressing on solids to extract puree; discard solids. Combine remaining diced plums, 3/4 cup puree, and cinnamon in large bowl; toss thoroughly to coat. Set aside remaining plum puree.

  • Beat cream, remaining 7 tablespoons sugar, and vanilla in another large bowl until stiff peaks form. Fold whipped cream into diced plum mixture.

  • Spoon some plum puree into eight 1-cup goblets. Top each with some plum-cream mixture. Drizzle each lightly with more plum puree; top with remaining plum-cream mixture and any remaining plum puree.

Recipe by The Bon Appétit Test Kitchen

Nutritional Content

One serving contains the following: Calories (kcal) 262.7 %Calories from Fat 51.6 Fat (g) 15.1 Saturated Fat (g) 9.2 Cholesterol (mg) 54.8 Carbohydrates (g) 32.5 Dietary Fiber (g) 1.3 Total Sugars (g) 30.0 Net Carbs (g) 31.2 Protein (g) 1.5 Sodium (mg) 15.5Reviews Section

Cinnamon-Plum Fool - Recipes

Looks tasty! I have been thinking about canning. We have all these jars in the basement ready to use, but have no idea what to do with them )

i just started canning two weeks ago - can you say addicting?!

check out BHG's large canning mag that's out now. LOTS of awesome info to get started. i just did 18 half pints of corn salsa on sunday. (photos + details on my blog)

I canned for the first time last summer when I made pickles from my over-abundance of cucumbers. I can't wait to can more this year.

For anyone that want to learn how to can, the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is an excellent resource (you can usually find it at any store selling canning supplies).

Haha, I actually just canned some cinnamon plum jam a couple of weeks ago and just did some vanilla peach yesterday. I love canning, and the best sound in the world? The "Ping" of the lid :)

Love the article I made my first batch of plum jam 7 years ago, over the last few years I've been branching out to strawberry, onion (which I made today and rapidly disappears) jam as favorites, tomato relish is also a new addition.

We don't have ball in australia our equivalent is fowlers vacola and is an institution. Sally Wise is leading a resurgence. Do a google she has a great blog wight recipes for different preserves and what to do with them.

Onion jam is great with cheese, red meat and no sooner than I have made a batch as friends appear from nowhere keen for a bottle. Have a go, it's an economical.

You need 10 slice red onions (I cut them into halves first), 6 cups of brown sugar, either 6 tbspn mustard or a handful of mustard seeds, 1 1/2 cups cider vinegar.

To make, soften onions over high heat, add remaining ingredients, bring to the boil. Simmer until reduced by half, about 2 hours. Pour into heated jars, seal with clear plastic cover and when cool a lid. No need to water bath (unless you really want to).

Let us know how you go with your first solo attempt. Public holida here.. So I had my own canning day, in addition to onion jam also made some yummy tomato relish. Hoping to also make strawberry jam later in the week.


Preheat the oven to 375℉ (190℃).

In a food processor, add the almonds, flour, brown sugar and butter. Process until the almonds are finely ground and the mixture is well mixed. Stir in the egg until well blended. Set aside.

Place one phyllo pastry onto a cutting board or working surface. Coat with some cooking spray or brush with some melted butter. Lay the second sheet over, and brush with more butter or coat with more cooking spray.

Repeat the same steps until all the phyllo sheets have been stacked together.

Spread the almond mixture evenly on the pastry, leaving about 1-inch border. Arrange the plum slices over the almond mixture. Roll the edges over to form an open package. Drizzle with maple syrup or sprinkle with sugar over the tart.

Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until the pastries are golden and start to become brown. Serve warm or at room temperature with maple syrup if desired.

July 4th Recipe Roundup

I ‘ll be honest with you all, I did absolutely nothing this weekend. Not. One. THING. And oh boy it was lovely. I bopped around the house, I re-watched Stranger Things in preparation for this week, and I only wore real clothes for about 2 hours across both days combined. I sat on the porch with a glass of wine and a Martha Stewart magazine and felt RELAXED. And then, for the cherry on top of the laziest weekend, I realized that this is a literal 3 day week followed closely by a 4 day weekend. But not just any 4 day weekend, July 4th weekend!! It’s the most important barbecue weekend of the year, are you ready.

That is a perfect segue into this post, what to make for your barbecue. If you listen to me, I’m not saying that you definitely will be the most popular person at the party, but I’m also not NOT saying that, you know? A good barbecue has gotta have a good snack spread, a cocktail (or mocktail), those classic BBQ foods like burgers + dogs, and my favorite part, DESSERT. Because this is Sweet D, I’m bringing my favorite desserts to recommend, but because I’m also an equal opportunist, I have a few other dishes as well.

Before we dive in, here are 5 things to be happy about today:
ONE. A new cookbook giving you fresh inspiration. (Today’s is this one and I’m already obsessed.)
TWO. Latte art.
THREE. Me time.
FOUR. Climbing atop an observation tower.
FIVE. Cozy bed jackets.

Tomato Burrata Salad.

So I know this was also included in my Memorial Day recipe roundup, but it’s making a return appearance for a REASON. It can be prepped in 10 minutes, better yet, it can be done in advance because the tomatoes only taste better sitting in the olive oil dressing. It looks so fancy and photogenic with those beautiful burrata balls broken over the top, and highlights the best fresh flavors of summer.

Blueberry Slab Pie.

This is another repeat classic, because nothing says barbecue like pie, and nothing makes it easier to serve pie to a crowd than one that can be cut into squares and feeds 20 people. Plus, if you’re feeling particularly creative, there could definitely be some kind of American Flag sitch in the pie crust, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Tart Cherry Clafoutis.

Still one of my favorite desserts to date, a clafoutis is a custardy baked dessert that holds your fruit of choice in beautiful little jammy pockets, and honestly it was enough to make me tear up. In this most special tart cherry season, this dish highlights and compliments their brightness perfectly into one slice and serve dessert.

Classic Focaccia.

If you’ve seen the Netflix series Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat., you will recognize this recipe as the one Samin Nosrat makes in Italy, which I fell in love with almost instantaneously. It’s simple and perfect and so satisfying. It can be easily customized with herbs or vegetables, but it makes for excellent finger food. I don’t know about you but if I went to a party and this was on the food table, I would cry tears of joy.

Cinnamon Plum Apricot Pie.

This pie was an unusual one, with perfect sweetness from the apricots and plums, and warmth from the cinnamon. I had combined the two fruits since I was short on the season’s apricots, but since it’s early enough in the summer, an all apricot pie would be just beautiful. And I haven’t even gotten to the best part of this dessert, which is the vanilla pouring custard that goes on top in great pools. Basically what I’m saying is you need this pie rn.

Blueberry Buttermilk Cake.

Ah, the Blueberry Buttermilk Cake. Not the flashiest of desserts, but one of the underestimated heroes for sure. Those jammy blueberries and that crunchy cinnamon sugar lid are just perfection, and it’s a perfect vehicle for a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Lemon Meringue Pie.

There are few things in this world that I love more than lemon desserts. Lemon bars, lemony cheesecake, and best of all, lemon meringue pie. For those who weren’t around last May, I made this pie and was so excited to try my new kitchen torch, only to realize that I am a fool and the butane had to be purchased separately. I actually have yet to try again with a torched meringue, but it feels like this week is the time. I mean, just LOOK at that layer of lemon curd. Omg.

Cornmeal Peach Cobbler.

My god I love this cobbler so much. Bubbly peach filling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, don’t you think? But WAIT, you don’t know true happiness until you combine it with cornmeal biscuits. They’re incredibly low maintenance drop biscuits that get golden and crisp, perfect for soaking up the cinnamon-y peach goodness.

Cheesecake Pudding Pie.

Looking for a cheesecake without the 8 hour chilling time of an actual cheesecake? Well, look no further. I don’t even know that there’s anything else that I need to say here, do you? CHEESECAKE. PUDDING. PIE. The end.

Sweet Corn Layer Cake with Blueberry Jam Buttercream.

Unpopular opinion that will soon be popular opinion, skip corn on the cob and instead serve your corn in the CAKE. But not just any cake, one topped with a rich, fruity buttercream and stacked into 2 perfect layers. Take the unconventional approach and impress everyone you know!

Brussels sprouts, pecan & parmesan salad

Following the Thanksgiving pie-fest this is what we’ve eaten a lot of. Really easy, fresh with a bit of a crunch (in a good way).

Yup. You guessed it the recipe is over on my What’s for Dinner? column. Do yourself a favor and make a few of this before the Christmas binge begins.

Coconut and Key Lime Pie

It’s getting hot in the kitchen check out my latest post on What’s For Dinner? on Barista Kids – Cool, refreshing coconut and Key Lime Pie. Inspired by a fabulous weekend in Montauk where I ate zesty, refreshing iced Key lime pie.

The coconut and ginger crust make it more tropical than your average Key Lime raising the delicious quotient. You might find yourself dreaming of giant coconut pies.


Louis Jadot 2009 “Combes aux Jacques” Beaujolais-Villages, France ($19.99 at BC Liquor Stores)

It’s Thanksgiving time, which means for many turkey is top of mind. To be honest, it’s easy to over-analyze pairing wine with turkey. When it comes to taste and flavours, the turkey itself is quite neutral, a blank canvas surrounded by a plated palette of fixings! It’s the side dishes that really direct the wine match. Candied yams and other rich flavours warrant a wine with crisp acidity to cut through the dishes’ heaviness. Earthy flavours such as Brussels sprouts can handle earthy reds. The sweet-and-tart tang of cranberry sauce can be tamed with off-dry sparkling wine. Generally speaking, keep the wine fruit forward and steer clear of heavy oak to maximize the fixings match. For reds, I’m always drawn to Gamay as a versatile turkey wine, and Beaujolais represents the grape well with its ample fruit and bright acidity. Jadot’s Combes aux Jacques shows fantastic raspberry and cherry aromas and a punchy intensity in the mouth. A lighter red wine with impeccable balance, it’s a great all around option for the Thanksgiving table.

Leave it to the folks at Chopps American Bar & Grill to wow with their boozy doughnut treats, infused with tequila and topped with a margarita glaze. They’ll also be serving up a quartet of rimmed refreshments of course, including the Black Diamond Margarita (the glass is dipped in black lava salt), Smoked Pineapple Chipotle Margarita (a spicy stunner), and sweeter options like the Strawberry Fields and Mango Mania Margaritas. Pair your pick with any option from their taco trio of braised shortrib tempura-fried fish or chicken with corn, black bean salsa, chili-lime rice, and chimichurri.

Cinnamon-Plum Fool - Recipes

Quick breads
Pretty good. I've had some good cornbread in my day. and this just tastes a little too flour-y..or something. I added a few pickled jalapeños and some jalapeño juice..but it just needs..something.It looks pretty though (nice and fluffy). (AC)
Added the corn kernels like suggested and also added one diced red jalapeno and one diced green jalapeno. It was very, very good! (sb)
Great. Its the only vegan cornbread I've made that stood up to my mom's. (nmpixie)
My little sister is the cornbread aficionado, and she approved. However, I thought it was kind of crummy. Literally. Dry and crummy. In the past I've used a vegweb recipe and I think I prefer that. It wasn't bad though. (KMK)
good--not fabulous or anything, but then, it's just cornbread. I must say that it rose beautifully. I think I would've liked it to be a little moister but mine wasn't crumbly at all. (veggydog)
I've made this a bunch of times and it always comes out good. I like how nice and fluffy it turns out. I used this recipe to make cornmeal pancakes and they were a tad crumbly but still tasted awesome. (icephrosty)
This is a great cornbread recipe! I saw that some people were finding it dry and crumbly. but it hasn't been a problem for me. I especially enjoyed it with some cranberry-jalapeno jam. (krisinv)
I don't find this to be particularly impressive or delicious. It's a bit dry and crumbly, and I agree that all I'm getting out of it is flour taste. I made it once and moved on to another cornbread recipe. Meh. (veganrun)
better than the corn muffins, but not fantastic. I've been spoiled by the cornbread mix from TJ's. oh well. I think the difference is that this recipe is lower in fat. (fb)
Brown bread
(with raisins) It smelled really good and looked cool (I used a round pan), but the jury is still out on the taste. we're breaking into it a little later! (icephrosty)
Cranberry nut bread
Did not work out for me. It seemed like the batter was way too dry, and it came out super dense. Also, the recipe makes a ton of batter but claims to only make one loaf (?). The taste was fine though. I baked it in a paper ring pan, though, so maybe that affected the texture and rising. (fb)
Fig date bread
I made it awhile ago, and it's delicious! I'm not sure I'm the biggest fan of dried figs (LOVE dates, though), but the bread smelled really good while baking & was very moist. If I remember correctly, there is not a lot of sugar, either, since the dried fruits are so naturally sweet. (Jessacita)
Irish soda bread
Pretty good, but as it says, try to consume it within one day. (fb)
Pretty meh. It didn't take as long to bake as stated..and it might have even baked too long. The top was getting too done. It did some weird things while baking..and the flavor is like bland cake. It's probably my least favorite recipe from JOVB so far. (AC)
this turns out really well for me. It is moist and delicious. Perfect spread with EB fresh out of the oven, it also works well for dipping into olive oil as well. I make it with bread flour so I have to add a little extra water when I am kneading it, but it tastes better than with all purpose. (wassernixe)
Mediterranean olive bread
Not my taste, but a girlfriend of mine loved it! (laurenlovesgoodies)
Awesome I'm eating some right now, though it's supposed to go with our southwest chicken noodle soup. (mdv)
Using OJ concentrate and a handful of malt-sweetened chocolate chips and they were great. I got 7 small pancakes (using 1/4 c. measure for each) out of the recipe. (mdv)
Good pancakes! I used all whole wheat pastry flour, safflower oil, and 2 tbs Florida crystals in with the wet ingredients (I only had enough syrup for the finished pancakes). I thought they were quite fluffy and light. I used some extra ripe bananas for the top (1 banana for each of us), and I think it was the banana that made it all extra sweet. Next time I'll try the liquid sweetener in the batter very easy batter to make. (AC)
No oil, agave for the liquid sweetener, and a 50/50 mix of buckwheat and whole wheat pastry flours. I had to add some extra milk (1/2 c?) but otherwise it was great. (mdv)
Used half ww and half ap flour. They were really good, nice and fluffy. For syrup I made a half order of the blueberry mixture from the blueberry oatmeal bars on Delicious. Next time I think I'll add cinnamon to the pancakes and make an apple syrup. (mirrya)
I used WW pastry flour, canola oil, and agave, and added huckleberries and pecans! So good. Great with the brown sugar syrup. (AC)
I usually use the same recipe for pancakes, but tried this out. They're pretty good - sweeter than I'm used to (I don't even need syrup), and are guaranteed fluffy by the generous amount of baking powder in them. (fb)
These were awesome and the best vegan recipe I've tried so far. It got two thumbs up from my whole family. I can't wait to try these with fresh strawberries, yum! (abrimmer)
Pumpkin spice bread
Too dense & not a lot of flavor. (Jessacita)
This recipe was lacking, bland. Won’t make again. (purpledancer)
Moist with wonderful hints of cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. I like that the spices didn't overwhelm the pumpkin flavor. It rose well too.Easy to make and fat-free, I later realized after reading the top of the page. I halved the recipe and it made six lovely muffins and one mini-loaf. Just remember to bake for only 30 minutes instead of 55-60 min for the bigger bread loaf. Also, I added 1 teaspoon of vanilla and drizzled the muffin tops with the Maple Glaze (on p. 52), adding a little rum extract to the glaze. I saw the poor reviews of this recipe earlier. But I would make it again. It makes a delicious breakfast muffin. Pretty too if you drizzle the muffins with a little glaze. (Saskia)
it was ok, I substituted the regular flour with pastry whole wheat and added the chopped walnuts, as suggested. The flavor is ok, but it is a bit dense and mushy, maybe due to me using the pastry whole wheat flour. still. it is pretty tasty! (katzenfreund)
Waffles I
Probably the BEST waffles I've ever had! I was going to make them the other morning, and even mixed the ground flax and water..but remembered we didn't have any EB. So, I threw away the flax! But this morning I decided I wanted to make them anyway, and used the recommended 6 tbs, but used safflower oil instead of EB. I'm guessing the flavor might be even better with the buttery spread! The only other sub. I did was WW pastry flour instead of white. I made sure to spray my waffle iron each time because I could tell they were close to sticking. I never really ate Eggos as a kid, but my husband said these were as good or better (I guess he really liked Eggos). These are so crispy on the outside, but melt in the mouth (light as air). Yum! (AC)
So amazing. They are so light and tasty..I used EB this time, Ener-G egg instead of flax, and whole wheat pastry flour. So, so good. (AC)
This was my first attempt at making homemade waffles, and they turned out really well. (willwolf)
I've used both oil and EB. and I think they were better with the EB (although..they were still really good w/oil). I used flax the same time I used oil. and the EB/Ener-G waffles trump the oil/flax waffles. so I dunno what made the biggest difference (probably just combination). I think Ener-G is easier to work with, and whipped flax kinda grosses me out. The recipe seems to be pretty versatile. I do spray my maker after every waffle..but I sensed 0 stickage. (AC)
So, I've been making the Waffles I recipe for about a month now, around once per week. These have become our preferred go-to waffle thus far. My boyfriend loves them. The only change I've made so far is using part whole wheat pastry flour and part unbleached all-purpose flour. I've been using the flax egg and haven't bothered with the Ener-G. Thanks for recommending this recipe, Allychristine! (willwolf)
Delicious! However, they stuck like mad to my waffle iron, and I'm not sure why. I even sprayed it really well with nonstick spray, but most of the waffles had to be removed from the iron in chunks. Maybe it's because I added blueberries? I also used only about 3 Tbsp. of Earth Balance (instead of the 6 that are called for). Anyway, they looked terrible, but tasted amazing! Crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. I also like that they weren't too sweet. I would definitely halve the recipe next time, as it made about 10-12 waffles, and I was only feeding my boyfriend & myself. (I don't have a Belgian waffle iron, and maybe that's what the recipe meant when it said that it yielded 4-6 waffles? I should have known better based on the amounts of ingredients, but oh well. Now I know!) (Jessacita)
For anyone who hasn't made the Waffles I yet (WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?!), do it now. It's my favorite recipe of the book, and they are always perfect. Crispy, tasty, perfect. I always use ww pastry flour, and usually EB (oil works fine, it's just not quite as flavorful), and I've done all flax, all Ener-g, and a mixture. I think the best waffles, ever. (AC)
This was the first waffle recipe I ever made and it's still my go-to for plain old waffles. Not once have I had a sticking problem. (icephrosty)
Delicious! This was my first successful attempt at waffles. first try on my new iron! I followed the recipe exactly. The first waffle stuck to both the top and bottom and split in half. The rest came out perfectly, even though I forgot to spray oil before one of them. They turned out very light and fluffy, but crispy on the outside. I used a belgian waffle iron and got 5 waffles. I just put 4 of them in the freezer. I'm really excited to have homemade waffles in the freezer, ready to go. (lotus)
these are the best waffles i've ever had, hands down. easy to make and tasty (bp)
great! I think I like the Chelsea Waffles from Vegan Brunch a little better, but Waffles I didn't disappoint. I attempted them once a couple years ago but cut way back on the Earth Balance & had a major sticking problem. This time I stuck to the recipe & they were really delicious. (jessacita)
I was a little disappointed by these at first since most of the reviews for this are really good, but they grew on me. They're not the best I've ever had, but they made good, big fluffy waffles that maple syrup and blackberries made even better. (berryraw)
They're light, crispy and delicious! I like the slight nutty taste from the flax seeds. Speaking of flax seeds, I screwed up one time when all I had was pre-ground flax, so I ended up adding too much. The waffles were super sticky and were hard to peel off the waffle iron. So as long as you're diligent about properly measuring ingredients, these come out great! (kristinv)
Waffles II
very tasty & easy. i used raw sunflower seeds instead of cashews. i also added some pumpkin pie spice and a touch more sugar. i got 5 waffles out of it and i really enjoyed having a flour, oil & baking powder free waffle. they cooked up perfectly and have a nice texture from the mix of cornmeal & oats. (ppc)
Zucchini bread
This turned out wonderful. I added the raisisns and walnuts and baked for 70 min. I am going to have wiht my breakfast tomorrow. (pattys53)
I made this into muffins for my package exchange buddies. We loved them, and I think they did too! From what I "hear" they did great in transit. I made 22 muffins. These were really great, and I topped them with cocoa powder. (AC)
Really really good. I had never had zucchini bread before, and this was a treat! It's like carrot cake without all the extra business (nuts/coconut/raisins/etc), and of course the carrots. I think the zucchini really helps it stay moist - it was still just as good almost a week later! Plus, it doesn't taste like zucchini. (fb)
Really delicious! i used cornstarch/water as the egg replacer, and did half oil/half peach applesauce and it turned out perfect. i will definitely make this a ton. (ppc)
Delicious. I also used the half oil/half applesauce substitute and drizzled the maple glaze to dress it up a bit. The result was a sweet, moist and flavorful bread that was devoured by my omnivorous friends. It's great with coffee for breakfast, and also as a dessert bread. I will be making this again. (saskia)
used cucumbers instead, otherwise followed it exactly. cucumbers are more watery than zucchini so we peeled, shredded and then let them drain in a collander for about an hour or so. it turned out delicious! you can definitely taste the cucumber & it really goes well with the rest of the flavors in the bread. i would definitely make this again - id strongly suggest it to anyone who has a bunch of extra cucumbers. (ppc)
I halved the recipe, used flax seed and all purpose flour, didn't add nuts or raisins, and baked for 68 minutes. I brought it to a potluck at work and it was devoured. Got many compliments and one person asked for the recipe. (veggydog)

Cakes and cupcakes
Apple cake
Turned out ok (my fault). The recipe is for a regular sized bundt pan, but all I have are mini bundt pans. I figured it's be ok, just cut back the bake time. Well, I should have been paying more attention (doing too many things at once) and checked them sooner because they got overcooked. They are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They're supposed to be dense too, so that didn't help. The are edible though and they taste good! One thing is that they are rather greasy. My hands get oily from handling them. The recipe calls for 1 1/4 c oil, which seems like an awful lot. But, I always follow baking recipes exactly the first time. Then again, I don't know if the extra greasiness is due to overcooking. Oh well. (iluvtomatoes)
Blueberry cake
12 of my family members gobbled it up! (I made a double batch.) I'm not sure why it's not called Blueberry Coffee Cake, because that's what it is--with a streusel topping & all. But at any rate, it is totally delicious! I cut the fat in half by using one mashed banana instead of some of the oil. It added a nice touch of sweetness (since I always cut back on the sugar, too I can't follow a recipe exactly for the life of me), and also made the cake really moist! My boyfriend & I are just about to make another pan for him to take to his co-workers tomorrow.They're always commenting on how good his lunches look & how varied his food choices are compared to their boring turkey sandwiches! Anyway, this is a fabulous coffee cake & will be my go-to recipe for this type of dish in the future. (Jessacita)
Aaaanyway. For this cake, I took a small banana, mashed it up, and placed it in the bottom of the 1/2 c. measuring cup. (Normally it would be a 1/4 c., but remember that I doubled the recipe.) That took up at least half of the measuring cup, and I just poured canola oil in until the cup was full, which wasn't very much. You can definitely taste the banana, but I really like that. And the recipe actually calls for Earth Balance, but I try to sub oils when I can because they're cheaper & more natural. As for sugar, I cut that almost in half (since there's sugar in the crumb topping, too), but I always add a couple extra tablespoons just to make sure it won't be too bland. So for instance, if you were making just a single batch of this, it calls for 1/2 c. of sugar in the cake. Instead, I used 1/4 c., plus 2 tablespoons. So, a little over 1/3 c., I guess. Undecided Does this make sense? This might have worked so well because of how sweet bananas are. Otherwise it might be too bland & not sweet enough. (Jessacita)
No weird flavor. pretty good, but cinnamon coffee cake is still better. (fb)
Blueberry orange bundt cake
I followed the directions closely except I did not have orange extract and used vanilla instead. For the optional orange zest I used the zest from only one orange. I baked it in a bundt pan and the only thing I did wrong was take it out a couple of minutes too soon. The tester came out clean and I was afraid the cake would overbake and dry out on the fluted bottom side, so I took it out after 45 minutes even though the top didn't look quite finished. It needed another couple of minutes and I regretted my decision because the top (now the bottom) was undercooked. I iced it with a confectioner's sugar, fresh orange juice, orange zest concoction. My family loved it. That baby is not even 24 hours old and there's only one serving left. The consistency of the cake is more muffin-y like you get with oil based cakes. It was fast and easy to make. And a major plus--the batter is delicious! (jkl)
I made this without the blueberries or orange extract (but I added the orange zest). Very fluffy, very moist, pleasantly sweet, did not last very long.(fb)
Carrot cake
Didn't rise too well, and weird flavor. may have been my fault (fb)
This is another yummy recipe! We gave this recipe to the baker for the groom's cake. She couldn't find the tofutti for the "Cream Cheese" frosting, so she served it with "buttercream" frosting. and it was great! (kristinv)
Chocolate cake
Ok. but a bit dry and crumbly (I did use a little less oil than called for -1/4 instead of 1/3 that might be to blame). I've had quite a few great vegan chocolate cakes though. (AC)
Made it into mini-cupcakes, and it was nicely fluffy. I like this cookbook because she really has her measurements down, and things actually rise. (nmpixie)
it was pretty good. I would've liked it moister, but the chocolate icing made up for everything. (wassernixe)
Decided to make them as cupcakes since I was craving them. and now, after eating one, its a little blah imo. HOWEVER, I think its my fault for making too many substitutions: instead of all-purpose flour, I used whole wheat, instead of oil I used applesauce and I also cut it down to 2/4 c. sugar. They taste really bad! The texture is too tough (from the whole wheat) and there is no sweetness at all. I don't have any shortening to make frosting, so dusted them with powdered sugar. not much better. I frosted one with Nutella, and that helped, but not much. (iowachick)
This is my favorite cake to make, PERIOD. I usually do the Mexican-chocolate variation and serve it with a "buttercream" frosting. This was the recipe I gave to the baker for my wedding cake. A bunch of omni people at the wedding loved it and commented on how moist and yummy it was. (kristinv)
I made this cake yesterday for my hubby's birthday. It was a HUGE hit! It was moist and just perfect. The only thing I did differently was add 1/4 t. almond extract along with the vanilla. I like to do that with my chocolate cakes. This will be my go to cake from now on. (abrimmer)
Chocolate cheesecake
I wound up using 21 instead of 24 oz of cream cheese (needed the 3 oz for another recipe), and it came out with the perfect balance of flavors in my opinion. However, it sank after I took it out of the oven, so it wasn't too pretty. I'm not sure what the solution is to that one - oven temp or baking time? (fb)
Chocolate cream cheese cupcakes may actually qualify as muffins, and the cream cheese filling is the BEST. I'd make that stuff just to use it on everything else. (fb)
Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes
Amazing!! The icing came out almost like a chocolate PB ganache. I'd like to try using it for truffles! (icephrosty)
Definitely very muffiny, light on chocolate, still pretty good. (fb)
Cinnamon coffee cake
yay! (fb)
Excellent, not to sweet but just good enough to eat as a snack. (owalkerjillo)
AWESOME! I'd say its the best coffee cake I've ever made. Its very moist and spicy. I love it. I will say my husband thought it was too moist and should have been more crumbly. But I'm thrilled. (nmpixie)
I substituted the cinnamon entirely for cardamom as per a suggestion at the bottom of the page. I used olive oil on accident, instead of canola/vegetable oil, but this recipe really didn't work for me. I wanted to like it, but I just couldn't. I ended up throwing it out. I won't be making this recipe again. (sb)
delicious, very moist and tender. it would look really pretty with a powdered sugar/soymilk glaze drizzled on it (not that it needs any more sweetness). (ppc)
I loved that the brown sugar crumble top is just like a remember it on those little Hostess coffee cakes that I used to love. Anyone remember those? I used the melted Earth Balance for the crumble and added a little cardamom to the cake,in addition to the cinnamon and ginger, per the suggestion in the recipe. Very good. Next time I think I will try to make them in cupcake tins so they're like those little Hostess cakes, but better! (Saskia)
My family REALLY enjoyed this and qualified it as a "keeper." I used the 2 teaspoons of cinnamon where an option was given for 1 or 2. I think that's for the batter. I didn't have any ginger, so used nutmeg instead. My hubby said it was really nice with a buttery texture. I didn't tell him there is no butter in it at all, lol! One thing I think I'll change for next time is omit the salt in the crumb topping. I don't think it needs it. It really is a lovely little coffee cake and I'll definitely be making it again. (abrimmer)
German apple cake
Other recent success I've had with this cookbook. I love the brown sugar/cinnamon/ginger topping on this cake which is not too sweet either(and can be made fat-free if you like too, although I have never tried this suggestion in the book). This cake also freezes well, reheats quickly when you zap it in the microwave. (Saskia)
Delish!! I made a second one for my parents. I assume they liked it. I just made it in a pie plate, because I don't have a springform. (nmpixie)
Like. It's kind of like cake + pie filling. And it's pretty! I've never had German apple cake before, so I was expecting the crust/cake part to be more shortbread-y, but this was cakier. Which is fine, so long as that's what you expect. And of course, what type of apple you use makes a difference I used pink lady (that's what I had) and it was a bit mealy, but I've also used braeburn, which comes out quite well. (fb)
Lemon cheesecake
I made it for Easter dessert. It came out delicious. It's very easy to make because the biggest part is store bought Tofutti cream cheese. My family loved it. I topped it with blackberries that I cooked with a little sugar to make them syrupy. (biodancer)
awesome! Devoured by a bunch of omnis who were amazed it didn't taste like tofu. The only modifications I made were that I didn't use lemon zest and I cut the sugar down to 3/4 c, which was plenty sweet. I chopped up some strawberries and cooked them up with a little agave nectar and spooned it over the cheesecake. Delicious! The only downside to this is that you need 24oz of vegan cream cheese, which can make for a pricey cheesecake. But hey, we all have to indulge ourselves once in a while, right? (iluvtomatoes)
I have actually made this cheesecake with 16 oz. of Tofutti (2 tubs), and then 8 oz. Mori-Nu tofu instead of using the third tub of cream cheese. It's just as delicious, and you can't taste the tofu at all!! Cuts some of the cost down this way. (jessacita)
Light lemon bundt cake
I've tried MULTIPLE lemon and vanilla cakes, and have not been pleased with any of them (for various reasons), but this was great! I made the Lemon Sauce also, and it was fabulous. Patrick thought it was a little strong (and I used 1 larger lemon instead of 2), but I thought it was perfect. Tomorrow I will taste the cake on its own, but I thought it tasted great, and it had the perfect texture (something that's really been lacking in non-chocolate cakes). I'm so pleased! (AC)
I've actually made it twice now, and both times it came out perfect. The Lemon Sauce really does add to the lemon flavor of the cake, but it's delicious & moist without it if you don't feel like bothering. I added frozen blueberries both times, and everyone who's tried it loved it! I brought it to two parties, and people kept saying, "This is vegan?" It's SO good! (Jessacita)
The cake turned out really good. I cut up some strawberrries to go on top. I love the taste of lemon and strawberries together. (pattys53)
still my favorite, especially with blueberries added & drenched with the Lemon Sauce. I made it this past weekend & almost ate the whole thing myself. (jessacita)
I have made the Light Lemon Bundt Cake two times now. I know this is a recipe beloved by vegweb members and even before making it the second time I checked the Millenium Cookbook out of the library to see how the JOVB recipe might have differed from the one it was based on. The first time I made it I used regular lemons and the second time I used Meyer lemons. The flavor definitely improves the days after it is baked. However, my family objects to the texture. Both times they have called it "gummy" even though the cake was not undercooked. Three days later, I still have a third of a cake left over. (jkl)
Not so great. The flavor was fine (it wasn't very strong because I didn't have lemon extract, but that one's on me), but the texture was kind of weird. kind of gummy like jkl mentioned. Usually I don't fuss too much over texture, but it made a difference here. On the other hand, while this was baking it smelled like french toast to me (i guess it's the maple syrup?) so that partly made up for it. (fb)
I haven't quite made up my mind on this one. I baked it following the directions, but it seems a little dense. I checked for doneness and the toothpick came out clean, but maybe I should have baked it a bit longer. It's not lemony enough on its own for me, so I think it will definitely benefit from the lemon sauce or maybe fresh fruit or other topping. Anyway, it's a pretty cake and slices well. I will give this cake one more chance. I think I'll use all lemon extract this time though. (abrimmer)
It's reallllllly good if you add blueberries to it. And yes, the lemon sauce adds a lot of flavor! (jessacita)
Pumpkin cheesecake

Strawberry cupcakes
Topped them with the Chocolate frosting and they were just ok. I could barely taste the strawberries in the cupcakes, especially with the frosting. The frosting is super sweet (duh, it's frosting) and the sweetness I think drowns out the flavor of the cupcakes. And I even halved the frosting recipe and it was still more than enough. If I make these again, instead of pureeing the strawberries, I might puree half and cut up the other half to see of that enhances the flavor. I'll leave the frosting off too. I'm not a huge frosting fan but just wanted to try it out this time. Maybe I'll do a ganache instead. (iluvtomatoes)
Used fresh strawberries, mashed with a potato masher (and I had to estimate 8 oz), but the batter was dry. I added maybe a little more than a quarter cup water to get it like thick cake batter. maybe pureeing the strawberries would have provided more liquid. The batter was a pleasant pink and tasty, and I decided to check the muffins 8 minutes before their done time (so at 22 min) and I thought I burnt them because they were all brown! But the pigment from the strawberries just seems to have turned brown. so even though I used refined flour to get them to turn out "right," they look healthy. Even though there's a little blurb below the recipe about the difference between cupcakes and muffins, I'd consider these more as muffins. I meant to use my extra rosewater as the extra liquid but then forgot. would have gone well! (fb)
Delicious! idk what the other reviewers are talking about. i only had frozen strawberries on hand, so i thawed 'em out, threw them in my blender, and yadda yadda followed the recipe exactly. they're moist, light, and everyone in the house loves them. i didn't feel like breaking out VCTOW so i follow the buttercream recipe in the book, only i did half shortening/half vegan butter. didn't overpower the strawberries at all.yummy yummy! (thetattooedbaker)
Vanilla cupcakes
They were AWFUL, dense, spongy, bad flavor. It seriously pissed me off! I don’t think I did anything wrong with this recipe. This is very frustrating I really want to make a good yellow cake. (purpledancer)

No bake chocolate peanut butter pie
It was my no-bake adaptation to the smlove pie from v-con. I topped it with the peanut butter caramel from the smlove recipe and put some sliced bananas on top of that. I didn't let it chill for long enough so it was very pudding like but it was awesome.. and then the leftovers were even better after they got to chill in the fridge to set up.. the texture of the pie got very truffle-y. It was very rich and had a melt-in-your-mouth quality. i would consider using the filling to make truffles for sure. even my super meat-loving roommate who is always saying that vegan desserts can never be as good/flakey/decadent/creamy/etc as 'traditional' desserts said that i won this round and then he finished off the last piece. (ppc)
I've made this before and liked it, but thought it had a little too much tofu tang for a dessert. When I saw the chocolate tofu in my grocery store I decided to try it in this recipe. It upped the recipe from good to absolutely decadent. Warning- it's extremely rich. Also the texture was good after 2 hours in the fridge, but it was perfect the next day. Anyway, if you love rich chocolate desserts, definitely make this and use chocolate tofu instead of regular tofu. (bellybellygood)
No bake chocolate pudding tart

Peach pie
I decided to make this when I saw that the first crop of SC peaches was at the hfs. It was really good and didn't take very long. I used 10 small-medium sized peaches and did not peel them. I used sucanat for the sweetener and used a little less than the full cup called for. the peaches were sweet enough on their own. CPG is right that it's better the day it's baked (still warm), but it was definitely good from the fridge for several more days. (lotus)
delish!! (bp)
Pear tart
So tasty - I made this last night with a mix of pears (because that's what was on hand) and a pre-made graham cracker crust because I was feeling lazy. It's delicious - sweet, but the cream cheese custard balances that out. It was really good warmed up a little this morning. I will definitely make this again with a better (homemade) crust and more pears or less cream cheese (personal preference). (vegandeath)
Pumpkin pie
The pumpkin filling set well and set quickly. Definitely an omni-friendly recipe. To me, there could have been a little more spice, but this filling tasted very traditional. I will also say that it is the first pumpkin pie with tofu that didn't taste anything like tofu when it was finished. (MDV)
Strawberry pie with chocolate chunks
Fabulous! I made this for a party and it was a huge hit! I love that this recipe doesn't have any added sugar. It's definitely sweet enough with the dates. The only thing I modified was the chocolate. I grated it instead of using chunks. so it was more like a dusting on top. (lotus)
It was delicious! Not overly sweet, and I loved that there was no added sugar. The only sweetener used were a few dates with the strawberries, and 3/4 c. dates in the crust. This really allowed the flavor of the strawberries to shine! Everyone loved this pie! It is gorgeous, too. (jessacita)
Chocolate chip cookies
(With walnuts) were amazing, and my boyfriend & his VERY omni roommate thought so, too. (Jessacita)
Outstanding. Actually they were too good. I got a bellyache and bad dreams after eating too many of them before I went to sleep last night.(Saskia)
Awesome. Probably the best I've ever made. (Schmiggle)
(no nuts) yay! (fb)
This is the second time the chocolate chip cookies have flopped. They spread too much and are greasy and overly sweet. I'll stick with the vegweb recipes! (mdv)
(pecans) Pretty good. I thought they were good right out of the oven, but Patrick doesn't think they have as much flavor as others. and that they are too cakey. Mine definitely did not look like the ones on the cover. I used 1/2 applesauce and ww pastry flour. They weren't my favorite, but still good. (AC)
The cookies came out totally flat. I think this was my fault, because the dough was really warm (my house was way hot). I should have just put the dough in the fridge. (purpledancer)
just like the recipe and they were amazing! Certainly not at all healthy, but so, so good. Probably the best chocolate chip cookies I've had or made, vegan or not. Josh agreed. (kb)
They were a little greasy (and I'm not one to shy away from oil/margarine/sugar/junk). I think my favorites are still the Chocolate Chip Cookies-Like They Should Be from good ol' VegWeb. (VC)
(with walnuts) the best cookies I've ever made. These were amazing and my entire non vegan family loved them! (wassernixe)
This is my go-to cookie recipe when feeding omnis. They are SOOO yummy and gooey right out of the oven, but they firm up nicely when you let them cool. (kristinv)
These taste like I remember my mom's tasting, yummy and fattening. J and I really like them but they taste very "buttery". Glad I cut the recipe in half because we feel fat just eating one of these delicious bad boys. (berryraw)
These were okay. Cakey. not very sweet. Just okay. I like the ones from VCIYVJ more. I subbed half of the margarine with PB, which made them kind of tasty. (dannibazaar)
I usually substitute 3/4 cup of canola oil for the margarine, and people have told me they are the best cookies they've ever had. I'll admit it--they're delicious. (andini)
Chocolate chip mint cookies
Amazing! Absolutely to die for. I like to add about 1 teaspoon of peppermint extract, a little bit more would still be yummy & not overpowering. (weelittlebuddy)
Awesome 5 Stars. (purpledancer)
I didn't make these sooner because I didn't realize these were double chocolate cookies. Pretty good! A bit fragile though, even after cooling. (fb)
Very good. I like making these without the mint though. Sometimes I sub some of the margarine with pb. That tastes really good. (dannibazaar)
Chocolate crinkles
They are very cute! I had one really warm..and it was pretty good, so I'm guessing that they will be much better when cooled. It seems that regular chocolate chip cookies are the only vegan baked goods that are really good right out of the oven (from my experience). But, I like these! I've also found that the times where she has said '3 cookie sheets'..I've only needed one..and I got like 23 cookies out of this recipe instead of 3 dozen, which is fine. I guess I just don't like tiny little cookies. then I would just eat more! Oh, and they only have 1/4 cup EB, so I didn't really think it was necessary to try and substitute. (AC)
so good. The powdered sugar coating makes them prettier but isn't necessary. (fb)
These were yummy. Maybe because I made teaspoon size balls, but I got more that 3 dozen out of the dough. I didn't care for these much straight out of the oven, but I loved them after I packed them up in reusable containers in the fridge for a few hours. Also, I found that the powder sugar amount was too much for me I had about half leftover. (wassernixe)
Gingerbread cookies
They were great, enjoyed and eaten up by my omnivorous friends who commented on the great blend of spices in the cookies and the wonderful lemony/almond flavor in the icing. I did have to add more lemon juice to the icing to get it to just the right texture. I used the tip on the bottom of the page to test the icing. It worked and my icing hardened to a sweet thin layer. Just right. (Saskia)
yay! (fb)
Mexican wedding cookies
Those cookies are awesome! They were a childhood favorite of mine, and this veganized recipe is exactly like the ones we used to make! I even replaced half the "butter" with unsweetened applesauce, and they still turned out perfectly. Very buttery, slightly sweet, and the perfect amount of almond-y goodness! (Jessacita)
Grand! You may need to add some liquid to make the balls, but they taste fabulous! I did a couple in cocoa+powdered sugar. just to see how they would be. We like the regular ones-just powdered sugar-the best. Pretty simple, and very good! (AC)
Yes, those are delicious! I made some at Christmas time, but replaced half the "butter" with applesauce. They were still super-rich, held together nicely & had great flavor! That's been a family favorite for as long as I can remember, and my mom & I make them every year (we call them "Russian Tea Cakes"). Last year was the first time I made them vegan, and my mom said they were the best ever! (Jessacita)
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Delicious. I did a half recipe, but used the full amount of cinnamon & nutmeg. I also used canola oil instead of EB, and lessened the amount by using a few Tbsp. of unsweetened applesauce. YUM! (Jessacita)
So so so so tasty. next time i'll add more spice though. (fb)
I followed Jesscitas suggestions and also instead of oat bran i used Bob's Red Mill 10 grain hot ceral mix. it has oat bran & other grains and it gave them a good crunch. Very yummy! (ppc)
subbed Ener-G for the flax (was out of flax seeds) and omitted the oat bran (also out of these!). I used dried cranberries and dark and white chocolate chips for the raisins. They are so pretty (with red and white for Valentine's Day) and taste great. (mdv)
These turned out really well, I loved them. My dad thought they were a little too sweet since he prefers saltier oatmeal raisin cookies. (wassernixe)
If you like a straight-up, traditional oatmeal raisin cookie this is your recipe. These cookies, made with rolled oats and oat bran, are sweetened with brown sugar and lightly spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. I like a slightly crunchy oatmeal cookie so I left them in the oven a little longer than the 12-15 minutes. Perfect crunchy golden brown outside and cookie bottoms. I also made half the recipe with chocolate chips(1/2 cup) and walnuts(1/4 cup) instead of raisins and they were delicious. I followed the recipe closely, using Earth Balance, no subs. The next time I bake these I would like to try JessaCita's suggestion halving the recipe with full nutmeg and cinnamon and applesauce substitutions. Without the modifications, though, this recipe does just fine on its own and is sure to please vegans and non-vegan cookie lovers out there. (saskia)
Just adding to the list of positive reviews. I made the recipe exactly as written except for swapping out half AP flour with WWPF. My husband and older two kids liked them. I thought they were just a little too sweet and might cut down on the extra 1/4 cup granulated sugar next time. Also, I thought they could have used a bit more of the spices, just a teensy bit more. BTW, this recipe makes a huge amount of cookies--it is almost a double batch of a regular recipe. (jkl)
Peanut butter cookies
Awesome. (Schmiggle)
The original recipe was a little too crumbly after mixing it up.. i added a little bit more soymilk - just enough to get it to hold together a bit more and i bunch of cinnamon - they were awesome!! really chewy and the cinnamon really added alot to them.. even my friend who told me she usually doesnt even like pb cookies ate 3 of them cus she liked the cinnamony flavor so much. the next time i made them i think i added a bit too much soymilk and they turned out a little more cakey.. not as dense and chewy - but still good. i liked them more the first time i made them though. (ppc)
I made these last month and they were really good, perhaps the best Peanut Butter Cookies I have ever made. The dough is kind of dry and crumbly, so I just packed little balls together with my hands, and flatten the balls a little on the cookie tray with the bottom of my spatula. (Saskia)
Soooo good. I followed the recipe exactly except that I used half WW and half AP flour. I wouldn't change a thing. Perfect texture. This was my second attempt at making pb cookies in my 3 yrs of being vegan and the first time they came out too oily, so I'm really excited these came out so well. I'm in peanutty heaven. (iluvtomatoes)
Very tasty! I might have liked the dough more than the cookies. but they are still very good. The dough was a bit crumbly, but that was fine. I'm sure these are MEGA they're not something I will make very often at all, but still nice to have. I didn't really have any issues. I added chocolate chips to the top of most of them. but that seemed to take away from the cookie (for once). I used whole wheat pastry flour. (AC)
These were so so, but I messed up the amount of flour so it was hard to get them to do what I wanted them to do. They were much yummier the second day and they got eaten up my family then. (wassernixe)
Very good. I was worried these would be dry and crumbly (I've had pb cookies do that before), but they were just soft enough and had a rich but not overpowering flavor. (fb)
They turned out great. I added a little soymilk to make the dough wetter since it seemed too dry. In the end they were moist and not dry or crumbly. (bellybellygood)
These are the best peanut butter cookies I've ever made. They turned out so buttery tasting (as they should, with 1/2 a cup of EB!). I read the recipe wrong and added 1/2 cup of milk. As soon as I realized the mistake, I tried to scoop some out, but it had already mixed with the brown sugar a bit, so there was still more than the 3tbsp the recipe called for. I added a little more flour to counter that, until the dough was the right consistency. They were still too soft after 12 minutes in the oven, but at 15 minutes, they were perfect. I took them when I visited some friends and they loved them as well. (lotus)
Pine nut anise cookies
They taste good. They turn out hard, like a tea cookie. The recipe says to space them three inches apart. That's wrong, you can pack them on a cookie sheet. They don't spread at all. (hh)
I love those! I've been making them from the Millenium Cookbook for years. (mdv)
Sugar cookies
yay! (fb)
I used whole wheat pastry flour, smart balance light, and a cornstarch egg and they turned out perfect when i baked them for around 10 minutes. Also, to make things easier on myself i rolled the dough out directly onto the parchment paper, cut out my shapes and then pulled away the excess. that way they didnt get mangled during a transfer. the spread only a little bit so you can cut them pretty close together. (ppc)
The dough was more crumbly, not smooth, when I blended it. After it chilled in the refrigerator, I rolled it out on a lightly floured surface. I had to pack the dough together well with my hands, and even then, it rolled out with cracks in it that I had to press out wiith my fingers. It did taste good though. (Saskia)
It was just too damn dry. Still, I cut out cookies and put then in the oven. They taste good, but not great. Kind of hard when you bite it into them. I prefer a sugar cookie, crispy on the outside, and soft when you bite into it. I hate to give a negative review for a book I love so much, but I won't be making these again. (Saskia)
Yes, this recipe was a disaster for me! It was really dry & crumbly. I'm not sure why this happened, and I don't think I did anything wrong! I followed the recipe exactly, and it was a mess. The dough just kept flaking & crumbling everywhere, and I couldn't get it to roll out no matter how hard I tried. I tried adding more liquid to salvage it, but had to throw it away. Blech! (Jessacita)
I've tried this recipe twice, and both times wound up with a bazillion crumbles and no cohesive dough. I follow the directions to the T, but I'm giving up on it. Boo. (nmpixie)
Brownies and bars
Chocolate brownies
Just okay, but my parents are IN LOVE with them! I followed the recipe exactly, except I added a bit of mint extract to the batter. My parents give them a 10/10, but I'd say maybe 6. I do like that they're fairly low-fat (no oil or Earth Balance or anything just applesauce!), but they almost seemed not sweet enough. But there was 1.5 c. sugar in them! I'm not sure how I would change them for next time, but I definitely like the fudgy consistency! Maybe I'm just too harsh of a critic with my own food? EDIT (on 12/21): I would like to amend my rating of the brownies as a 6. I made them again & they're delicious, and the last batch was really good after sitting overnight & cooling down a little. I think what I didn't like most from that first batch was the mint extract I added it was just this cheap mint crap--not quality peppermint--so it tasted kind of like toothpaste. These really are delicious! I'd give them an 8.5! (Jessacita)
:/ Once I started mixing the wet and dry together, I realized there was no oil in the recipe. I'm not a huge fan of the fat free kind of texture/taste (bouncy and not very chocolatey, despite the amount of chocolate in it), so I wasn't very impressed. And I went and used my black cocoa on them too. (fb)
I was not at all impressed by the brownies, either. I have since found an AMAZING vegan brownie recipe, and it puts these to absolute shame! I think this is the only recipe I have been disappointed in. (Jessacita)
Very fudgy. Most other brownie recipes I've tried end up too cakey and totally fall apart so these was good. I did find them too sweet though so next time I will probably cut back on the sugar a bit. Otherwise, these were very easy to make and the texture is wonderful. Oh, and did I mention they are LOADED with chocolate. Yummmmm (iluvetomatoes)
Thought they were delicious! instead of using a cup of chocolate chips i used a half cup of chopped up dark chocolate bar and a half cup of ghiridelli ground chocolate (w/ cocoa). i only baked them for 35 minutes instead of the recommended 40 so i could end up with fudgier brownies. they were great still a little warm from the oven but i think they are even better today - super fudgy. they are pretty thick in a 8x8 pan, so if i ever wanted to put a topping on them (mint or cappuccino with a ganache) i think they'd be perfect in a 9x13 with a lowered cooking time. and i would never have guessed they had no oil (and either would the other people that i gave them to). (ppc)
They are amazing! When I first tasted one (still warm from the oven)..I was thinking. 'meh' tasted too apple saucy, and just..ok. I left one for my husband while I went to class, and he said they are the BEST brownies he has EVER had..and this says a lot b/c brownies are his favorite..and he's had lots of 'em! Oh, he just said "those words don't do my pleasure justice." I had one cooled..and they are fabulous! I followed the recipe except for using whole wheat pastry flour instead of AP. (AC)
I really like these brownies warmed just a tad. It makes the chocolate chips all nice and melty. I nuke them for about 10 seconds or so.And yeah, these brownies rock! I love how super fudgy they are. My omni coworkers devoured them too. I definitely have to make these again soon since my mouth is offically watering just from thinking about them. (iluvtomatoes)
They are wonderful. I really love the fudgy-ness. (KMK)
I thought they were horrible. They were not fudgie,instead I thought they were gummy. yuk, yuk ,yuk. (pattys53)
They are 100% flavorless when you take them out at first. But they have awesome fudgy texture, and when they cool, they are much better. I am not sure if I like them better than the plain "Brownies" recipe here on VW though. They both have their merits. I do think the JOVB brownies are missing a certain. je ne sais quoi. An extract or more sweetener or something. I might fiddle with them. (KMK)
Another vote of praise for the brownies here! they are definitely better after the cooling down period though. also, they bake up pretty thick in an 8x8 pan, so the last time i made them i baked them for 20 minutes in a 9x13 and then put a layer of mint frosting on top and a chocolate ganachey layer on top of that.. they were the perfect thickness. (ppc)
This recipe produced thick, sweet, sinfully rich fudgey brownies. Not too goopy. Not to cakey either. I will be making these again. (Saskia)
I'm disappointed. I don't know why I thought that fat free brownies would be a good idea. They have that fat free stickiness like Entenmann's brownies. And they're kinda spongy. And they're too thick when baked in the recommended pan. Edible, but hardly worth the calories. (veggydog)
I was really hoping that I would like these, but I was really disappointed. The edges of mine were so tough it made them practically uneatable. Plus they were gummy and just kind of gross. even after letting them cool down a little. Blah. (dannibazaar)
These didn't do it for me. I still haven't found a vegan brownie recipe I've liked. I thought this one might have done it, but I'm still looking. (andini)
Date bars
I think the ratio of date filling to oat bar was way off. Maybe doubling the date portion would help, because as written, there is very little date in these date bars. I didn't follow the recipe exactly because I used 1/2 cup vegan butter and 1/2 cup coconut cream instead of 3/4 cup vegan butter and 1/4 cup oil. I don't think that was the problem with these bars though. I'd just recommend doubling the dates and using a big pan so they aren't so thick. Otherwise they're okay. (algae)
Lemon bars
Holy sugar. these are tasty! (laurenlovesgoodies)
Ridiculously good!! Soooooooo much better than the Time Warp ones i made off of this site. They actually have a thick gooey layer of filling you can sink your teeth into, nothing skimpy! I used the juice of 2 lemons but it only ended up being a little more than 1/2 cup (youre supposed to have 3/4) and i just added water to make up the difference ( i remember the time warp ones being overly tart so i didnt feel the need to do the full 3/4 as juice). But WOW! they are so lemony and perfectly sweet, and the crust is great. I was deciding between these ones and the vcon ones but all you need for these are a 1/2 cup of silken tofu while vcon asks for agar, arrowroot powder & tumeric. none of which i have in my cupboards. So glad I picked these though - soooo delicious!! (ppc)
They firmed up pretty well, but I only got 9 (SMALL) squares, not 16!. To get 16, they must be .016653 cm square. (mdvegan)
These are awesome - easily my favorite recipe in the book. I have a lemon tree, so I'm always looking for good (and easy) lemon recipes. I try to make them a little tarter each time, and they alway come out great. When I'm feeling lazy I just use a pre-made pie crust - not quite as good, but a quick and easy lemon pie. (vegandeath)
these turned out deliciously creamy and lemony. I used the whole block of tofu though, because I knew I'd never use the other half otherwise. I added extra flour and cornstarch to offset that, and I had to bake it for longer. (wassernixe)
SPRAY THE PAN WITH NONSTICK SPRAY!! I totally spaced on this and didn't, even though the recipe said to, and it permaglued to my pyrex. Still tasty, you kind of just have to take a fork to the tray. Also, after 20 minutes it was still completely liquid in the middle but was solid at the 30 minute mark. (rabidchild)
Peanut butter chocolate bars
Eh. probably wont make them again anytime soon. I think its the crushed rice cereal that make 'em icky for me. Just chocolate with pb = heaven (nothing else needed). (laurenlovesgoodies)
O.K., my family LOVES these! I decided to make them into little bite-sized "cookies" though insead and subbed 1/4 c regular pb for Peanut Butter Comanies chocolate pb. I spread the chocolate ganache on half of them and left the other half plain. They kind of remind me of peanut butter fudge. Next year, I think I may shape them into Easter eggs and then dip them all in chocolate! My hubby just kept stuffing them in his mouth and mumbling, "Mmm, and a garbled "Oh yeah!" lol! These are a keeper for us! (abrimmer)
Pineapple walnut bars

Raspberry oatmeal bars
outstanding. Actually they were too good. I got a bellyache and bad dreams after eating too many of them before I went to sleep last night. (Saskia)
If you just got the cookbook, and are not sure what to try, I'd say to bake the raspberry oatmeal bars. They're so easy to make and are one of my favorite recipes in the book so far. Also, greatly enjoyed by those I mailed them to for Christmas who have repeatedly told me they loved them and want the recipe. (Saskia)
I made these tonight & they were delicious! Cheesy Though I did make some changes:-Cut the sugar down to 1/3 c., -Subbed half the butter for applesauce, -Added cinnamon, ginger, allspice & nutmeg to the oatmeal dough part, -Used half white & half whole wheat flour, -Mixed a little raspberry jam (I didn't have much) with some cinnamon plum tea jam that I have for the preserves part, and YUM! (Jessacita)
Did anybody else have trouble getting the margarine to mix in? She tells you to do it with your hands, which was just a disaster. I kept thinking, wouldn't this be easier with oil? She seems to use margarine (or "non-dairy butter" as she insists on calling it) instead of oil in most things. I might have to experiment. Anyway, they turned out just fine. Like y'all said, I'd go ahead and make them as directed for a party or something, but I think I'd use whole wheat flour and less sugar to make snacks for myself. (veggydog)
Used cherry preserves instead.. so I guess I actually made Cherry Oatmeal Bars. They couldn't have been easier, and they were really good. (ppc)
I lost track of how many times I've made them for myself, family and friends, who request more. I just had one right now. They are so easy to make and soooo good. (Saskia)
So easy & so very good. (purpledancer)
Mine were blackberry. They are the most toddler friendly dessert ever. It took me about 10 min. from start to finish, and she helped with all the steps. Easy, quick, and no weird ingredients, I definitely recommend them. (nmpixie)
Made mine with strawberry preserves. They were really good, but messy to eat (crumbly). My co-workers loved them. I made a double batch. Every time I went to bite into one, though, I kept expecting to find a nutty flavor (yes, I was aware that I didn't actually put any nuts in). Next time I might grind up some nuts to add in place of some of the oats to cut down on my confusion. (VC)
Pretty good, but not as good as the blueberry oatbars at starbucks. cheaper, though!(fb)
Do not make the raspberry oatmeal bars and think you're cool, and replace the earth balance with peanut butter. IT. DOES. NOT. WORK. (nmpixie)
Definitely use Earth Balance. You can sub 2 or 3 tablespoons with applesauce if you like but they could get goopy and lose thier firm crust if you replace all EB with applesauce. Also, zapping the raspberry preserves in a bowl in the microwave for 5-10 seconds makes it easier to spread. (Saskia)

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