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Omelet with leeks and cheese

Omelet with leeks and cheese

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Wash the leeks and cut them into rounds.

Put 1 tablespoon of oil in the pan, place a few slices of leeks and sauté them lightly.

Break 2 eggs, add salt and pepper to taste, beat eggs with a fork and pour the mixture into the pan over the sauteed leeks.

Let the omelette fry on one side, turn it over so that it doesn't break on the other side, fry for another minute, then place 2 slices of sliced ​​cheese and roll the omelette like a pancake.

We repeat for the second portion and we will turn the remaining leek into a salad by adding salt, pepper, dried dill, a few drops of oil and a few drops of vinegar.

Good appetite!

Simona's World

One night I was talking on Skype with my sister about my niece's monkey. about the future baby (she is 5 months pregnant - tomorrow we will find out the sex). and of course about recipes! And I asked her to give me a recipe with spinach (because I just didn't want to miss this month's "Sweet Romania" challenge). and a discussion started for about 3 hours ... in which I chose the recipe, and she translated it for me, like just no. I know Italian so as not to get lost (and the peak has been confirmed!). I quickly wrote some of the recipes, and I will decide. The decision didn't last long, because the next day I came to this omelette, but because I was missing some of the ingredients, I improvised, and what came out. worth repeating.


Looks very good.
I kiss you dearly!

An omelet beauty! I like spinach!

Wow, how good it looks! And she's also healthy with spinach :) Kisses!

@Mihaela, she's also very good !! Pup with love!
@Teo, I wouldn't have thought it was such a good spinach omelette .. Like I said, it has to be repeated !! Many kisses
@Danutza, good and healthy! Many kisses

I want a slice of omelette too!

Long live your granddaughter and the one who comes to be healthy and strong. I like the recipe very well looks. The contest is successful!

I gathered a lot of spinach from work, we really like spinach :)
I like what you prepared, it's yummy!

thanks for the recipe! it's perfect for the challenge :) I kiss you

@Paradis, unfortunately there is no more left .. But I'll make another one! Kiss
@Alice, thank you very much! I found out, we'll have another girl! :) I'm glad you like the recipe .. this omelet is very good! Many kisses
@Ramona Alina, I also picked some spinach from the country. but I chipped it :) Kisses
@Andreea Elena, I'm glad you like it. I wanted something. otherwise, but at the same time and easy to prepare! Kiss with pleasure

I saw that spinach was the star this month, but unfortunately I missed it! I like it too .. keep a portion for me too) Kisses

@Antonina, I also reached the last hundred meters .. But I gladly offer you a portion! Many kisses
@Cristina, thank you !! Kiss

Very good, I'm a spinach fan! I like your omelet, super tasty. I'm waiting for you on my blog) Kisses

@Poliana, I'm glad you like my omelet! Thank you for visiting, I will come to you immediately!
Many kisses


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Today I suggest you cook turkey stewed with vegetables.


turkey meat & # 8211 350 gr
cherri tomatoes & # 8211 250 gr or 2 normal tomatoes
path & # 8211 450 gr
leeks, garlic, rosemary
salt pepper

We wash the turkey meat, we clean it from the skin, we dry it with a kitchen napkin and we cut it into pieces of approximately 5 & # 2155 cm.

We put it on the fire in a frying pan with a few tablespoons of oil.

While the meat is browning, prepare the vegetables.

Cut the cumin into slices about the thickness of a finger, split the cherry tomatoes in two (if we use ordinary tomatoes, cut them in 4), cut the leeks into rounds.
When the meat is well browned, put the cumin on it, salt and cover with a lid.

In 5-8 minutes add the leeks, tomatoes, rosemary needles, press ground black pepper. In another 5 minutes, add the crushed garlic to all the ingredients in the pan, simmer for another minute and serve. Good appetite!

Recipe Low Carb

We are back in force because it's been a long time since we posted anything. This does not mean that I have not cooked or that I have not eaten & # 8230 on the contrary and I really cook a lot, including the forbidden ones. We will gather them, pose them, eat them and we will present them in the near future. Although I do not encourage forbidden eating, we will start with a series of recipes that should be cooked only occasionally. Like this pie. Of course we are forbidden flour but we can just as well eat only the composition without surrounding it with carbohydrates. But if that's how he steals our cravings at home, that's how we present it. It is absolutely delicious and you must try it when you feel like it with or without the dangerous dough. So I'm not going to tell you how I made the dough because it doesn't matter in this story (it can be of any kind or even bought) but I'm going to tell you about the miracle leek from nea Marin's diplomat.

& # 8211 4 pieces of leeks, including the green part

& # 8211 an onion (yes yes, leek onions go well)

So simple as hello: heat the onion and pepper in butter. Add a ton of chopped leeks and let it simmer and soften and lower. I think the whole process took about 10-15 minutes. Salt, pepper and add a nutmeg for an exceptional note. Then add the sour cream, leave it on the fire for about 5 minutes until it evaporates from the liquids and juices, then add the cheese. Mix well so that the cheese does not stick to the bottom of the pan. And that's enough. Seriously, it can be eaten like this without any other addition, but I wanted to be more cunning and to use a dough made for completely different purposes (that is, it was a dough made from salt). If you make it with dough, grease the dough with a little yolk and sprinkle on top with poppy seeds and / or sunflower seeds and / or sesame seeds.

However, carbs are enough with and without dough: a lot of leeks, a lot of onions, some peppers there too, we also add sour cream and cheese. What's more, a lot of gentlemen. However, for safety, we count about this: 30 from leeks, 10 from onions, 10 from peppers and another 10 from dairy. So about 60 on all the food and because it was all with dough, I add about 10 per serving. There were about 8 servings, so we put it for safety at 20 grams so we don't steal ourselves.

Recipe Low Carb

With today's posts (which are actually gone, it's evening) we were completely French. Although it contains one of the forbidden things in the low-carb diet (ie a strip of dough), this recipe is wonderful, delicious and amazing. I think I was convinced how much I could like it. It can be made without leeks, and with other vegetables and simple and anyway you want. What is certain is that it must be tried. I guarantee you that a slice of this quiche cannot have more than 10-15 carbs because this dough I used was also extremely thin.

& # 8211 a sheet of pie dough

& # 8211 some butter / margarine to grease the pan in which we cook

I washed and cut the leek into pieces and hardened it in a tablespoon of oil until it softened a bit.

In a large bowl I broke all 6 eggs and mixed them like an omelet. I added the ham cut smaller, bigger, all the cream, all the cheese and not all the salt and not all the pepper (just as needed). And a huge maclavais formed.

I took a piece of tray that I greased with butter. I spread the pie sheet and poured all the maclavais over it. The oven was preheated over high heat (250 degrees, let's say) and I put the maclavais in the oven until the egg coagulated. About half an hour. Simple, right? Because there is nothing to do but take out and serve. I added it to the serving and a quick red cabbage salad & # 8211 was a great combination.

Carbs: As far as I can remember, that dough had about 80 carbs. There is something else from leeks, but I pass it directly to 15 grams of carbs, not to mention that much.

Omelet with leeks and cheese - Recipes

Preparation time: 50 min.

Ingredient: 400 g leeks, 2 cloves garlic, 10 tablespoons olive oil, 8 smaller eggs, 75 g grated cheese, 200 g sour cream, pepper, 10 g butter, 800 g cauliflower, salt, 100 g onions (chives), 1 / 2 basil bundles, 200 g tomatoes, 2 tablespoons flavored vinegar.
Home delivery! Great to buy the ingredients for this recipe!

Method of preparation: Peel the leek stalks from the outer leaves, cut in half, wash and then cut thin strips only the white and light green parts. The peeled garlic is finely chopped and half of it is cooked in 2 tablespoons of oil together with the leeks, about 1-2 minutes, after which it is left to cool.
Beat eggs with 60 g grated cheese and sour cream, pepper and incorporate the leeks. Grease a 30x20 cm pudding form with butter, pour the composition into it, sprinkle with the remaining cheese and put the omelette for 30-35 minutes in the oven heated to 180 degrees C.
Peel a squash, grate it and boil it in salted water for 2-3 minutes, place it under a stream of cold water and let it cool in a strainer.
Peel an onion and finely chop it, choose the basil leaves and cut them into strips, and peel the peeled tomatoes and cut them into cubes. Mix the tomatoes with the remaining garlic, onion, basil, vinegar and the rest of the oil and season with salt and pepper. Incorporate the cauliflower bunches into the tomato sauce, which is then served with the omelette.

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Salad fillets with leeks and cheese

Salad fillets with leeks and cheese from: fillets, leeks, butter, cheese, onions, garlic, parsley, flour.


  • 4 fillets of pikeperch
  • 2 leeks
  • 100 g butter
  • 150 g of cheese
  • 1 onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 bunch parsley
  • flour

Method of preparation:

Sprinkle the fish with salt and pepper, then pass through the flour, then fry in butter over low heat until browned on both sides. Remove from absorbent wipes.

In the remaining oil, fry the sliced ​​leeks, with the chopped onion, until they soften a little. Place the fish on top and sprinkle the cheese on the large grater and mix with the finely chopped parsley and crushed garlic.

Season with salt and pepper, cover the pan with a lid and simmer for another 4-5 minutes.


I propose another quick recipe. From the beaten eggs we will make a kind of pancakes, which we will fill with fresh vegetable salad & # 8211 is the light version and you can follow it if you like the silhouette. And if you don't care about diets, you can opt for any kind of salad with mayonnaise (potatoes + corn + surimi, for example).


for the omelet:
5 eggs
oil & # 8211 1 tbsp
salt, ground black pepper

for the filling:
lettuce leaves
salt, oil

Beat 5 eggs with a pinch of salt.

We take a little of the beaten egg and pour it into the pan in which we heated a tablespoon of oil (we put oil only at the beginning, if we have the non-stick pan the following pancakes will not stick to the bottom), we turn the pan to distribute the beaten egg evenly. -30 seconds and turn the pancake on the other side with a shovel.

Do the same until I finish the mixture (I got 6 pancakes).
We make vegetable salad.

Distribute 2-3 tablespoons of salad on each sheet.

We fold the pancake in half.

Servim. I topped it with a piece of gorgonzola cheese with mascarpone.
Enjoy your meal!

Pancakes stuffed with cheese, leeks and pressed ham

Pancakes stuffed with cheese, leeks and pressed ham from: eggs, milk, mineral water, oil, salt, flour, mozzarella, ham, leek, breadcrumbs, butter and sour cream.


for the composition of pancakes:

  • 2-3 eggs
  • 250 ml of warm milk
  • 250 ml of mineral water
  • 100 ml oil
  • a pinch of salt
  • 400 g flour

for the filling:

  • 300 g cheese or mozzarella
  • 300 g pressed ham or bacon
  • 2 leeks
  • 100 g breadcrumbs
  • 50 g butter
  • 100 ml sour cream

Method of preparation:

Break the eggs, put them in a bowl and beat well with a pinch of salt. Pour the oil little by little and then add the milk, flour and thin the dough with mineral water. Fry the pancakes a little thicker and leave on a plate at room temperature. Separately, grate the cheese and fry the leeks in a little oil.

Over leeks, add 2-3 tablespoons of breadcrumbs. Fill the pancakes with the bacon and leeks and roll very carefully so that they do not break. Line a tray with butter and place the pancakes so that they look like a honeycomb. Add the grated cheese mixed with cream and put in the preheated oven.