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5 Luxurious Coffee Experiences in Hong Kong

5 Luxurious Coffee Experiences in Hong Kong

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Everyone has their go-to coffee place - the place around the corner you swing by every morning for a latte on your way to work. Maybe it's brewed by a half-awake barista at a local shop. Wherever and however you take your coffee beans, you can always find a reason to treat your inner barista to something special.

Maybe you’ve stayed up late watching one too many Netflix episodes, or you just need a change of pace today. (Our favorite reason is the weekend, closely followed by Treat Yo Self Day.) Whatever the excuse, find a reason to try these five indulgent coffee shops in Hong Kong.

Elephant Grounds

Craving a sweet treat? Head over to Elephant Grounds in Sheung Wan, where each weekend invites the possibility of a massive ice cream sandwich. The latest? Prickly pear ice cream between white chocolate chip cookies topped with chocolate tuile and sliced pistachios. As if the top-notch espresso blend wasn’t enough.

The Cupping Room

The Cupping Room offers the best coffee in the city - literally. Two-time winner of the Hong Kong Barista Championship, Dawn Chan Kwun Ho, makes his home here, serving up singularly exceptional java to appreciative caffeine junkies everywhere. There are locations in Wan Chai, Central, and Sheung Wan.

Knockbox Coffee

This specialty shop in Mong Kok offers unlimited specialty tastings Friday nights from 6 -10 p.m. Join the community and chat about coffee, or try a cup of organic cascara, a tea made from coffee cherries. Not only is cascara light and refreshing, it’s also a unique way of recycling leftover coffee pulp.

Studio Caffeine

Studio Caffeine, minutes from the Jordan Mass Transit Railway (MTR), is dedicated not only to providing top-tier coffee beverages to its patrons, but also a quality education. Regular workshops on their specialty coffee help bring a new appreciation to each well-brewed cup. And, beyond the standard espresso, coffee, and tea options, you can choose how you want to treat yourself - a liqueur coffee or the single-origin specialty coffee tasting set ($68).

Zai Fe

East meets West in this European cafe with Hong Kong style. The venue focuses on local organic ingredients wherever possible, bringing flavor infusions like sesame, peppered orange, or butterscotch to your coffee without syrups or additives. Or skip the (truly excellent) coffee and head straight for the rhubarb mojito - no explanation needed.