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Dessert cake with chocolate and raspberry jelly

Dessert cake with chocolate and raspberry jelly

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In a thick-bottomed pot, put the butter, chopped chocolate and ground sugar. Put the pot on low heat and let the ingredients melt. When the mixture is homogeneous, turn off the heat. After it has cooled, add the yolks, one at a time, and mix well. Add the flour over the chocolate cream, stirring gently.

Mix the egg whites well with a pinch of salt until they turn into a glossy meringue. Incorporate the egg whites into the chocolate composition with movements from bottom to top.

Pour the dough into a tray (35 x 25 cm) lined with baking paper and place it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C, for 30-35 minutes, until it passes the toothpick test. Take the cake out on a grill and leave it to cool.

Put the raspberries in a pot together with the sugar and 50 ml of water and boil it for 5 minutes until it softens well. Put the raspberries in a thick sieve and press it with a spoon until all the liquid drains.

Put the gelatin hydrated in 40 ml of cold water. Melt it on a steam bath, then mix it with the raspberry syrup.

Chop the white chocolate and melt it on a steam bath. Let it cool a bit and add it over the mascarpone and mix well.

Put the gelatin hydrated in 40 ml of cold water.

Mix the liquid cream and incorporate it into the white chocolate cream with movements from the bottom up. Add the pre-melted gelatin to the steam bath and cool. Homogenize easily.

Cut the countertop into 2 pieces measuring 17 x 25cm. Place a countertop on a plate / chopper, pour half of the chocolate cream on top, make a small border on the edge (of the cream) and pour half of the raspberry jelly. Place the second top, pour the rest of the cream, and pour the remaining jelly on top. Leave to cool for at least 2-3 hours and then serve.

Pudding cake in two colors - New dessert, festive and easy to prepare

If you like light and simple desserts, as well as the taste of pudding, you will surely enjoy this recipe that will satisfy the eye and the taste buds. The preparation is easy and you will surprise your family or guests with a new and tasty dessert.

In a bowl, mix all the ingredients listed in the recipe for making the stick, except the flour.

We recommend adding soaked butter, it is easier to work with.

When you have a well-mixed composition, add flour in portions.

Make a soft dough, wrap it in cling film and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Cook a pudding by adding milk, sugar and pudding powder and divide it in two halves.

Mix chocolate and nutella in a steam bath. Mix this combination with half of the cream.

Roll half of the dough in a pan greased with oil and lined with flour. The dough should also reach the edges, so that the filling does not flow.

Using a fork, lightly pierce the dough.

Take two bags of pastry and fill them with light and dark cream. Then cut a corner and place them alternately next to each other on the countertop in the tray.

Then cover the cream layer with the other rolled half of the dough.

Gently prick the dough again with a fork, always dipping the tips of the fork in the flour repeatedly so that it does not stick to the dough.

Bake the dessert in a preheated oven at 180 ° C until the surface turns golden.

Then remove and pour over it with the melted icing (put the chocolate on a steam bath and mix it with the whipped cream until it melts).

The kitchen of our house

It's time for the raspberries to ripen! Yupii! Great reason for joy for me, because I am a big admirer of these fruits, since kindergarten.
I have very fond memories of the summer days, just before the start of the big holidays, when I was lazily spending the last days of kindergarten, in its yard, where there was a big raspberry bush. And that bush had something magical in it, besides the small fragrant fruits, of course the raspberries were somehow planted in a circle and if you struggled a little you could enter their middle, where the educators could not see you and thus you could eat raspberries to saturation, with a big bonus, without anyone bothering you (it was at that time a current in which children, in kindergarten, were considered good only if they sat on my chairs). In the meantime, the raspberries were cut, the kindergarten was demolished, but in the summer I remember those days, with a glass full of raspberries.
Matei shares my passion for raspberries, Alexandra, as usual, is more reluctant, but even she acknowledged that today's raspberry cake is very good. So, take a short walk through the market and you will surely come across a good grandmother who will sell you a glass of raspberries for the fastest and most fragrant raspberry cake, adapted from the French recipe, Clafoutis.

200g flour 000
100g old
a pinch of salt
4 husband eggs
50g butter
120ml milk
vanilla essence
200g raspberries

The sifted flour is mixed, in a bowl, with the sugar and salt. On top add eggs, melted butter and partially cooled, followed by milk and essence.
Mix everything for 3 minutes.

The composition (the consistency of a pancake dough, a little harder) is poured into a pan greased with butter and lined.
Spread the raspberries on top, taking care not to touch the walls of the trays, because, during baking, those pieces will stick to the tray.
Bake the cake in the preheated oven for 30 minutes on medium heat.

Cheesecake with blackberry jelly and thyme

I don't think a month of the year passes without even making a cheesecake. Whether baked, by the glass, or a cold cheesecake, the cheesecake remains one of my favorite desserts. And the truth is, the more often you do it, the better. Experimenting, practicing, tasting we can reach the best version of this dessert so publicized. And for this cheesecake with blackberry jelly and thyme I can say that we have reached near perfection. A tender crust with walnut flavor, a light and delicate cream cheese with coconut milk. Above we can find a wonderful blackberry jelly flavored with thyme. Delicious!

200 gr digestive biscuits

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon dried thyme

Preparation time: 30 minutes Baking time: 40 minutes No servings: 12

Cheesecake. We grind the walnuts finely in the robot, we add the biscuits over them and we grind them a little more. Melt the butter over low heat then add it over the mixture of biscuits and nuts and mix well.

Blackberry jelly. Finely chop the dried thyme. We wash the blackberries and put them in a pan over medium heat. Add water, sugar and thyme. Mix well and simmer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, pass the blackberries through a blender and put them on the fire again. Let it boil for another 5-10 minutes, until the liquid drops and a paste remains.

Pour the jelly over the cheesecake and let it cool again for 3-4 hours, until it hardens well enough. We portion it with a hot knife. Each slice of this cheesecake with blackberry jelly and thyme will give you a wonderful taste and a superb contrast of colors. Enjoy!

Individual cakes

Because white chocolate can also be a very sweet product in its own right, we chose to combine it with a layer of sour currant jelly and a damp cocoa top.

Exotic items in a local dessert with the taste of a homemade cake.

Raspberry jelly, diplomat insert with lime flavor, raspberry mousse, perfect match.

Sitting on a crispy cookie sheet, the thick layer of coconut cream has the select company of a pineapple jelly with basil.

The well-known cheesecake, presented in a new form, which gives off a subtle smell of orange and lavender.

Three layers all with cocoa! Visually, chocolate dominates, but the first piece tasted will confirm the presence of praline.

Complex aromas, chosen tastes, sugar-free pleasures. An elegant combination of chocolate, mint, crunchy biscuits and maple syrup.

In order to pamper yourself and not feel guilty, we created a sugar-free cake, sweetened with maple syrup.

Sweet and sour, with crisp accents.

Creamy combination of two types of chocolate, nicely placed in a fresh eclair shell.

Lots of vanilla cream. Even more natural whipped cream.

It is often the subject of quarrels when it comes to eclairs, on the grounds that it would be the best.

Watch out for caramelized hazelnuts. If they are finished, it means that you have eaten the eclair!

It will attract many people to the camp of chocolate lovers.

Because there are people who love tiramisu, but don't get along with coffee.

A dessert that can take you to heaven and back.

Rich in natural whipped cream, fine and delicate, just as it should be.

The first teaspoon is a kind of landing on a soft bed with rose petals.

Crispy cones filled with fresh Sicilian taste.

I camouflaged the carrot on the counter to be soft and fluffy and to be the perfect companion for the orange peel cream.

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You won't believe it, but I committed it twice in three days. (that I had taken 1 l of sour cream and opened it said that it was consumed quickly). Very-very good. I make it in the shape of a cake and serve it with a teaspoon.
Come on, I'll post a picture of her on my blog as well

I have done it many, many times. Both in the shape of a garden and in the shape of a square, of a heart. In any form you do it, the result is the same: DELICIOUS!

And I do it quite often! She's super good, I drove my friends crazy with them.
But something still doesn't work out for me. when you cut it, my glaze cracks and it doesn't seem to stick with the cream, sliding in all directions. And the cream seems a bit soft to me. Do you have any ideea?

Lady, you can try to make the icing a little creamier, that is, for 100g of chocolate, put 50g of butter and 50ml of liquid cream. You can give up water.
For the cream, you can make a proportion of 300ml cream and 100ml milk, then it will definitely be more sticky. )

In my recipes, I have a cake that looks like this but is called Black Tooth. But it's not with whipped cream on top or ole creams, but with beaten egg whites and cioco icing. It's an old recipe, inherited from my mother :)

Bianca, I've heard of the recipe you're talking about, but it's different. It only looks like. :))

The housewives are talking about sour cream around this cake. I don't see the ingredient. Do I have to put on my glasses? :) Or can whipped cream be replaced with sour cream? Yes. I think so. If so, is sour cream common?
Sorry, I'm not very good.

Mommy, the liquid cream I'm talking about, is actually sweet cream for whipped cream. :)
It can also be made with normal cream, it is very good. I made this cake many times and tested it in all variants. :))
The same can be done with vegetable liquid cream, there are no baths. The result is the same: delicious! )

Ahaa! Well, then let's do it with sour cream, because we want the children to be healthy.

This cake is wonderful. It's really the best I've tried so far. And how easy it is! I did it for a big family reunion :). All the relatives were delighted. And I say not just out of complacency.
I noticed something, Miha, please tell me, doesn't the cream come out fluffier if you whip the liquid cream before adding milk and cream?

Mommy, I'm so glad she was successful, although as good as she is I would have been surprised if she didn't. :)
I didn't try the whipped cream beforehand, but it's a good idea. I don't see why it wouldn't be good.

Isn't flour put on the counter at all?

Cristina, the countertop is without flour. Only with Crem Ole, which also has some starch in the composition. The countertop does not come out very high and fluffy, as is an ordinary countertop.

It's a deity, my husband ate half a tray at a time and never gets tired. It came out extraordinary. Thanks for the recipe.

Cristina, I'm glad you liked it. Husband had little to do with the cake, eh? :)) Good luck!
It is really a very good cake and especially very easy to make.

I found this recipe on the blog PAPA BUN by Mihaela so I come directly to the source and thank you for the great recipe. It's really very good, fluffy and very easy to make! I did it last night too and I'm waiting for you on my blog to see how it turned out! I am very proud of her: P!

Ehehe. Petronla. I would like to be the original source of the recipe. ))

Very good cake, I really haven't made it in a long time.

Thank you for answering me and for visiting my blog! And especially since you are from Iasi like me, and I really miss the Iasi of memories (even if I'm a freshman - my blog has no month - I wanted to call it & quotO a nostalgic outing & quot or a & quotIeseanca around the world & quot)


Method of preparation:
For this cake, I did not exactly follow the classic recipe but as I created it it turned out absolutely delicious.
So, from the old cake or pandispan we can prepare trifle cake, a layered English dessert, which contains the top layer of the cake, which I syruped with half of the rum syrup.

Decorate the edges of the pot with strawberry slices.

I added half of the strawberry pudding cream.

Then I leveled the cream with a spatula.

A new layer of cake followed, which I syruped with the rest of the rum essence syrup.

I poured melted chocolate, and carefully leveled the entire surface.

I then put the rest of the pudding and caramel sauce.
I continued with a new layer of strawberry slices on the edge of the bowl.

At the end I put whipped cream.

I decorated with fruits: strawberries and raspberries, and I gave the cake a cold.

As you can see, you have the opportunity to turn pandispan or cozonac that no one eats into a chic and delicious dessert.
Great appetite!

You are what you eat

For those who love chocolate and coffee alike, there is no better recipe than a cake that combines the two pleasures.

For me, the most perfect cake that combines the two is Cake with chocolate and butter cream with coffee.
The sheets are very fine, made from a mixture of eggs, chocolate, coffee, sugar and almond flavor and the fine coffee-flavored butter cream and chocolate ganache make it really special.

4 eggs
2 tablespoons hard black coffee
1 teaspoon almond essence
140 g dark chocolate
75 g brown sugar

Chocolate ganache:
175 g chocolate
175 ml liquid cream
75 g chocolate spread with hazelnuts
2 yolks
2 tablespoons caster sugar

Butter and coffee cream:
200 g butter
170 g powdered sugar
3 tablespoons hard black coffee

100 g dark chocolate
50 g butter
2 tablespoons whipped cream
optionally cream and popcorn from sugar paste

To start, make a strong coffee from 100 ml of water and 2 teaspoons of ness or coffee.

Prepare the countertop like this:
In a bowl, beat the egg yolks with the almond essence and the coffee well and when it is homogenous, add the melted chocolate and mix well.

Separately mix the egg whites with sugar and when you have obtained a firm foam you start to incorporate a spoon in the egg cream. From this dough, bake 3 worktops in a row in a tray with a diameter of 18 cm lined with baking paper. You have to be careful when overturning the countertops not to break because they are very tender.

Prepare the chocolate ganache like this: In a bowl, melt the chocolate with 75 ml of liquid cream and chocolate cream with hazelnuts (I used Nutella).


An original method of making jelly

Some people don't like raspberry jam very much because of the seeds.
But how to get rid of the unique aroma of this fruit?
Without seeds, in addition to syrup, jelly can be made (which I prefer to jam, being very fine, fragrant and useful for decorating cakes, savarins, etc.).
The classic recipe is similar to syrup: boil raspberries with a little water, strain the juice and mix with sugar, then boil until bound.
Out of the desire to make more flavorful jams - and to get quality, you don't have to cook too much - but also so as not to bother too much by sifting the fruit, I found the solution: I passed the fresh raspberries through the tomato separator (that which attaches to the meat machine) twice. The result was a fresh juice and I didn't have to add any more water, as in the fruit boiling recipe.

I mixed the juice with the sugar (1kg sugar / 1 l of fruit juice), I let it dissolve, stirring occasionally in the bowl. Then I put it on the fire, letting it boil to the desired consistency (test it like jam, so as not to boil too much). Pour into jars while hot.

Dark chocolate cake

An excellent dessert, delicious, effective, with simple ingredients but which become great.

Is a & # 8222prajiturica & # 8221 with chocolate, which is also wonderful breakfast next to a cup of milk.

We will do this chocolate cake without further ado & # 8222lungim & # 8221 discussion with the description because it is too terrific, and guests which were& # 8221 rejoiced & # 8221 of her, they asked me recipe.