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Stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers

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We wash the peppers, we cut the lids, we take out the seeds, we also wash the inside, after which we drain them on absorbent paper.

Finely chop the two onions and fry them in oil, add the grated carrot, the minced meat and the rice washed in 3 waters. Add a little water and let it cook for another 2 minutes. When the composition has cooled, add the canned tomatoes, egg, greens, season with salt, pepper, delicacy and fill the peppers. We use tomato slices as lids. We place them in a pot. Separately boil a kettle with water over which we add 2 tablespoons of broth, 2 tablespoons of oil and 1/2 tablespoon of delicacy. When it boils, take it off the heat and pour it into the pepper pot. The water should be about 1/4 of the height of the peppers. Put a lid on the pot and let it boil over low heat. Serve warm with sour cream.

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