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6 Sinful Cakes From the Culinary Content Network

6 Sinful Cakes From the Culinary Content Network

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Whatever your occasion, take a cue from these great blogs on how to have a sweet finale

Have a slice of these great cakes.

A very wise woman once said, "A party without cake is really just a meeting" — that wise woman was none other than the late, great, wonderful Julia Child. Words from Child should never be ignored, especially in this case.

There are many reasons to cut a cake throughout the year — birthdays, holidays, promotions, weddings, and the list goes on. While a classic yellow cake will always do the trick, we’re a little more imaginative than that.

We have great cake accessories on hand already, like awesome birthday candles and stunning cake cutters, but now we’re talking the goods — the baked goods.

In this week’s Culinary Content Network roundup, we spotlight some decadent, whimsical, and utterly delicious-looking cakes from some of our favorite blogs.

Whether you’re adding one of these to your dessert table, baking one for a special someone, or bringing one as a hostess gift, everyone will be impressed by your baking skills with these great slices.

10 Best Catfish Recipes We've Ever Seen

You can never go wrong with a catfish meal on the table. Here are the 10 best catfish recipes online.

Use My Recipes’ spicy cornmeal breading to keep your catfish crisp, even when it’s baked.

If you love crab cakes, then try All Recipes’ catfish cakes recipe. And they’re cheaper to make!

Give your catfish that traditional fried flavor without the hassle. Go to All Recipes for instructions!

Give your catfish some flavor with Eating Well’s tomatillo salsa recipe.

Add a little crunch to your catfish with Eating Well’s Cajun pecan-crusted dish.

Bring the Neely’s famed Memphis-style catfish home no matter where you live with the help of the Food Network.

All Recipes’ livens up the usual catfish dish with finely chopped onions, garlic salt and honey dijon mustard.

Take a culinary trip to Tuscany with All Recipes’ catfish tuscany dish.

Savor over Food Network’s succulent pan-seared catfish recipe spiced with red pepper lime sauce.

Indulge in a Vietnamese version of your favorite fish with Pham Fatale’s braised catfish recipe.

Our 21 Most Popular Recipes on Instagram

The most-viewed posts on our social media accounts tell the story of what our readers cooked this past year.

Social media isn’t all gooey cheese and molten cookies. To be clear, there’s no shortage of either of those things on the NYT Cooking Instagram account (or on this list), but our most-viewed posts tell a fuller story about how our readers have been cooking this past year. The recipes they have loved range from achievable one-pot dinners to aspirational layer cakes, and, rarely but thrillingly, include some viral runaway hits.

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